Zero Water Filter Review: How Zero Can Be Hero

Zero Water Filter Review – If you are interested in Zerowater products, you need to read the zero water filter review. So, we’re going to cover that up just for you. You will be proved with complete information about Zerowater products and what it does.

The water filter is an important device you need to have in your house. It will provide you with good water for good health. Because, water can be contaminated with minerals, dirt, chemicals, and other impurities. It would make the water taste and smell bad.

Those contaminants can be dangerous to your health which can also cause serious illness. The water filter can help you purify the water through filtering process, making it safe to drink with a good taste.

Zerowater is one of the most recommended brands when it comes to a water filter. The Zero water product has a patented 5-stage filter which is way better compared to the most water filter on the market that only has a 2-stage filter. You can’t get the quality filter from another brand.

Why Choosing Zero Water Filter

Zerowater a bunch of water filter product that is not like an ordinary filter. If you want to be unsure about this quality water filter, here are 5 reasons why the Zerowater filter is special.

  • 000 Total Dissolved Solid (TDS)

The total dissolved solids will be in 000 amount which means zero, or nothing. By using Zero water filter, there will be no more dissolved solids left in your drinking water.

  • 5-Stage Filtration

This filtration system is already patented in the name of Zerowater brand. In stage 1, the water will go through the coarse filter screen that filters out sediment and fine particles. Stage 2, it will pass the distributor that can maximize contact time.

In stage 3, there will be a multi-layer system that used activated carbon and oxidation. The next stage, the comprehensive ION EXCHANGE process will run. In Stage 5, the water will pass the non-woven membrane to get rid of the fine particles.

  • Purest Tasting Water

On average tap water, the TDS is 220 PPM. With the 5-stage filtration, the result will be 000. Compared to the 2-stage filter that can leave 990 PPM in the water.

  • Certified by NSF

The ZeroWater products are independently certified by NFS to reduce lead and other metals. You can see the detailed form of certifications right on the website.

  • It removes all the TDS

All the Total Dissolve Solids are removed, including PVC, Lead, Pharmaceuticals, Uranium, Flouride, Arsenic, Phenol., Chloramine, Cryptosporidium, Bacteria, Chromium 6, Bacteria, and many other dangerous contaminants.

You don’t have to worry about the harmful contaminants since it’s filtered great. The oxygen that is contained in your water won’t be removed by Zerowater water filter because it’s good for your health to consume oxygen inside the fresh water.

Zero Water Filter Review: Pitcher or Dispenser Products

All of the released products of Zerowater are available on its main websites and local websites. In this section, there will be a zero water filter review you can pay attention to be added to your consideration. Zerowater is well-known for its Pitcher and Dispenser product. So, let’s take a look.

1. Zero Water 6-Cup Space Saver Water Filter Pitcher

You enjoy pure-tasting water with this pitcher which is packed with latest pitcher technology in just minutes. This 6-cup space saver pitcher features an ergonomic, space-saving design which is perfect to be kept inside the mini-fridges. If you like the lightweight pitcher, it’s a good option.

The dimension of this pitcher is 10.5 in length, 4.87 in weight, and 9.50 in height. It has a capacity of 6-cup. So, it would be used for a small group of people. In the package, you will get the 6-cup pitcher, Pamphlet, water filter for ion exchange process, and coupons for future purchases.

There’s  TDS (total dissolved solids) meter you can find inside the package. That would give you a chance to measure the TDS in the water in digital measurement. The price for this pitcher is $19.99.

2. Zero Water 7-Cup Ready-Pour Water Filter Pitcher

This water filter pitcher has a special featured called ”Ready-Pour Technology”. It allows you to dispense purified water as the reservoir continues to filter. It has a 7-cup capacity which is better than the space saver one. The price is $21.99

It comes with four choices of color, blue & white, Blue, Blue & white clear, and Blue white with Lid. With this zero water jug, you can have cleaner, purer tasting water. The water quality meter is included in the package. This lab grade digital meter will show the exact TDS left.

3. Zero Water 8-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

The premium 5-stage filtration is on all water filter products from ZeroWater. It would remove 99.6% of Dissolved solids including lead which is pretty impressive. This water jug can handle up 8 cups in one filtration.

This 8-Cup Water Filter Pitcher features a Quick Fill spout in order to get you easy to fill your cup with filtered water. Just press the spout to let the water out, just like a mini dispenser. You can buy this pitcher with $29.99 price tag.

4. Zero Water 8-Cup Round Water Filter Pitcher

Even though the capacity is the same as the previous product, this round water filter pitcher features a more sleek design than the previous 8-cup pitcher. With the weight of 2.2lbs, this pitcher comes with a comfort-grip handle that makes you get the perfect handling with ease.

This round pitcher costs the same as the ordinary 8-cup pitcher before. Zerowater provides you with a more sleek-designed pitcher. The quality of the product is still as great as other products.

5. Zero Water 10-Cup Round Ready-Pour Water Filter Pitcher

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With the capacity of 10 cups, this water filter pitcher also features a Ready-Pour Technology which is similar to the 7-cup pitcher. This is the bigger and more expensive option of water filter pitcher that has Ready-Pour technology.

The 80oz. Capacity is very pleasing to a larger family. It doesn’t feature a “Quick Fill Spout” though, but the Ready-Pour feature is already pleasing. You can dispense the filtered water as it continues to filter. The price is at $32.99 with a free shipping promo for a limited time.

6. Zero Water 10-Cup Quick Fill Water Filter Pitcher

Even though the capacity is similar, the design and features are different. This is the 10-Cup option of a pitcher with a “Quick Fill Spout”. The weight is 3.75lbs with an 11.63 x 5.93 x 11-inch product dimensions.

It features a comfort grip that makes you easy to hold it when it’s being refilled. With the “Quick Fill” spout, you don’t have to lift the jug and pour it into the glass. You can just let it sit on the countertop, press the lower button and let the water comes out, just like a water dispenser.

7. Zero Water 10-Cup Ready Pour Water & Quick Fill Filter Pitcher

With a higher price, you can get the combination of both ready-pour and quick fill features in one water filter pitcher. The capacity is still the same as the previous 10-cup pitcher. As we know, ready-pour technology is a great feature to get continuously filtered water.

Then, there’s a quick-fill spout that gets you easy to fill your glass just like a water dispenser. The price you are offered is $32.99 with a free shipping promo for a limited time.

8. Zero Water 12-Cup Ready-Pour Water Filter Pitcher

This is the ready-pour & Quick Fill feature combination pitcher that has a higher capacity of 96oz. You can fill up to 12 cups or glasses with this water filter pitcher. It comes with Ready-Pour technology and Quick fill spout are still becoming the highlight of this water filter jigger.

You can buy it now for $37.99 with a free-shipping included. So, you don’t have to worry about extra money for the shipping fee. Still, the water quality meter is given free and included in the package. It would help you to digitally measure the TDS in your drinking water.

9. Zero Water 20-Cup Water Filter Jug

Even though it’s in a compact design, it has a large capacity that can fill up to 20 cups or glasses. It can be a good option for your water dispenser to supply your everyday water needs.

Once again, the unique technology from Zerowater brand plays an important role in providing fresh water. You can get this product for only $32.99.

10. Zero Water 23-Cup Water Filter Dispenser

With the weight of 4lbs, this ZD-018 water filter dispenser is ready to fill up to 23 cups or glasses of purified water. This water filter jug can be purchased with a reduced price to $37.99 with no shipping fee.

11. Zero Water 30-Cup Ready-Pour Dispenser

The ready-pour technology is once again becoming the highlight of the water filter product. With the capacity of 240oz., this dispenser can fill up to 30 cups or glasses with $39.99 price tag. This price has a shipping fee included.

12. Zero Water 40-Cup Glass Water Filter Dispenser

This elegant glass water filter dispenser is perfect for your countertop. It’s in fact designed to match with the countertop use. It has a large capacity even though it’s got a compact design. The capacity of 320oz is ready to fill water to 40 cups and glass.

The price of this glass water filter dispenser is quite reasonable. You can get it for $74.99 with no shipping fee.

13. Zero Water Water Cooler Filtration System

This water cooler filtration system can hold up to 10 gallons of water. It’s ideal to be used for a house with large families and small business or offices. It would give enough supply of filtered water for all of the people in the building.

In this package, you only get the water filtration system. If you are interested in the water cooler, you may need to buy it separately. This system costs about $69.99 which is reasonable based on what it can give.

How Long the Water Filter Will Last

Well, that’s according to your tap water quality and daily use. The quality of unfiltered tap water can be different everywhere. With Zerowater product, you can remove 18,000 milligrams of dissolved solids. The result will be the purest taste water ever.

Why You Should Buy Zero Water Water Filters

Obviously, ZeroWater filters are not for everyone. It’s designed for you who want to consume water which is completely free from dangerous contaminants. You have to choose the pitcher based on your needs and budget.

If you save a bit of your money, you may need to go with the most affordable one, the 10-Cup pitcher. But, it can only handle a few people for one filtration. If the question is “Should I Buy ZeroWater filters?” The answer will be yes if your budget is matched.

The Warranty of Zero Water Filters

For the pitchers, jugs, and dispensers, ZeroWater has covered it with a limited warranty. You will get a free manufacturing defect for 90 days of use which is counted from the day you buy the unit. During this period, if you discover a defect, it will be replaced by Zerowater man for free.

The Zero Water TDS Meter actually gets a warranty too. It’s included in the 90 days period. During this period, if the TDS meter is damaged or broken, it will be replaced with a new one. You can just call the customer service contact center.

But, the damage should be caused by any manufacturing defects. If it’s broken because of something incidental or consequential, Zerowater won’t replace it for free. You will get the specific legal rights from this warranty.


This is not an ordinary water filter. A Zero Water filter review is needed to get to know more about this water filter product. The quality will still be in question if you don’t have a chance to taste the water by yourself. So, it would be perfect to contact the salesman and have a taste of the water.

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