15 Woodworking Projects That Sell Easily

Woodworking Projects that Sell – There are many kinds of woodworking projects that sell. It could be a profitable business because these days everyone wants it in his or her house.

For people who have a passion for woodworking, having some of their creations sold is like an achievement. It’s like taking the passion to the next level.

The woodworking items like bookcases, birdhouses, tables, desks, dresses, and wine holders are saleable. It’s about time to put the woodworking skills you have to some good use and of course good money.

Without further ado, here are some of the top-selling woodworking items you can seek inspiration from:

Simple Woodworking Projects that Sell

1. Pipe Leg Coffee Table

Pipe Leg Coffee Table - pinterestcom
Pipe Leg Coffee Table – pinterest.com

Pipes are not only used for your plumbing system. With some metal pipes and wooden planks, you can build your coffee table. It offers both rustic and industrial pieces of furniture. It can make a good focal point in the middle of your country house living room.

This kind of table would also work great in other places like a farm, or even a backyard pub. This eclectic item looks fantastic to be incorporated in a minimalistic living room since it has quite thin legs. It can give a simplistic architectural feeling inside the room.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing Rok-Bak Chair

Aesthetically Pleasing Rok-Bak Chair - wallpapercavecom
Aesthetically Pleasing Rok-Bak Chair – wallpapercave.com

This woodworking project is one of the most trending ones lately. These pieces of furniture are economic and ergonomic. It’s perfect for your outdoor area and it works like no other. The low and leaning seat allows you to relax even more in enjoying the fresh air of the outdoor.

Building this chair is quite tricky. If you’re experienced enough in such woodworking projects, you may pull this off easily. For amateur, you may need a tad bit of experimentation to get it right. Just think of it as a jigsaw puzzle that has to be joined properly. You’ll be fine.

3. Underbed Storage Box

Storage Drawers under the Bed - shopifycom
Storage Drawers under the Bed – shopify.com

Making furniture pieces of a room more efficient is necessary especially when dealing with small ones. You have to maximize the storage potential that a room has. For the bedroom, there’s always a space under the bed. You have to make use of that space.

These rustic wooden storage drawers can make money since it’s very functional as storage. It’s designed to be fit in right under the bed. Having these furniture pieces is like killing two birds with one stone. That’s what people want in their bedrooms.

4. Wooden Tray for Farmhouse Style Serving

Wooden Tray for Farmhouse Style Serving - minnkanecom
Wooden Tray for Farmhouse Style Serving – minnkane.com

This farmhouse style tray is a simple project you can get inspired. If you are new to woodworking projects, you can start making the simplest one like this farmhouse tray.

Wooden trays are a perfect accessory for a household. It’s a combination of aesthetics and functionality. With this, people will serve snacks and meals to themselves or their guests in a stylish way. It could also be a good idea for gifts to friends or family.

To make the wooden tray more attractive, you can add a few decorative touches. With a good price tag, you might be able to sell it at ease.

5. Modern Wood Wall Clock

Modern Wood Wall Clock - contemporistcom
Modern Wood Wall Clock – contemporist.com

It’s one of the simple wooden accessories that sell. Check out this modern wall clock. It’s made of light wood that’s shaped just like a wall clock. The minimalist touch on its design makes it an attractive addition to spruce up the wall.

People can choose to hang it or to lean it to the wall. Any treatment will work with this wood clock. This simple project needs some final changes to make it special. If you like it this way, you can keep the minimalist design.

You might sell this item fast because it mostly has an affordable price. It offers more than just a clock that shows time.

6. DIY Wood Pallets Wine Rack

DIY Wood Pallets Wine Rack - hgtvcom
DIY Wood Pallets Wine Rack – hgtv.com

You can sell this woodworking project to wine lovers who’d like to show off their collection of wine over the home bar. It’s a simple yet functional wine rack to maximize the wall space inside the bar.

This project is quick and affordable. You just need some wood pallets that you can buy at cheap prices. You can get it free from the neighbors. This wine rack is packed with holders for both glasses and bottles. It gives an instant interest to the wall of your minibar, kitchen or patio.

7. Wooden Box Shelves

Wooden Box Shelves - townofskiatookcom
Wooden Box Shelves – townofskiatook.com
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Looking at this box shelf, you might think that it’s a single shelf. Well, it’s not. This whole box shelf was built by joining many individual boxes together. You may want to start to build the wooden boxes pieces by pieces.

This woodworking project is so versatile and easy to make, as easy as making wooden boxes. You can build it in various sizes and depths according to your need for your wall decor. This shelf is suitable for any room such as a laundry room.

8. Wooden Storage Chest

Wooden Storage Chest - suncityvillascom
Wooden Storage Chest – suncityvillas.com

It’s not a box, it’s more like a chest. People can use this to store many things to get rid of the clutter problem. It’s a functional piece to create if you have more time to do the project.

To build this chest, you need two pieces of hardwood 8×96 and a piece of 1/4inch plywood. For a high-quality result, you should choose the rough Oak for the main material. Dealing with this kind of wood box, everything needs to be precise.

9. Rustic Wooden Painted Flags

Rustic Wooden Painted Flags - pinterestcom
Rustic Wooden Painted Flags – pinterest.com

To show off the pride of costumer’s states, you can have this as your inspiration for woodworking projects. It’s one kind of creative art to dress up the interior wall. It’s a great decor for a special day. The distressed look of the paint is quite popular online. It’s selling great on a marketplace like Etsy.

The flags are painted on simple wood canvases that have natural texture of lumber. That allows you to build many canvases first and let the customer decide what flag they want to have. Some flags with intricate designs could be priced higher than the much simple ones.

10. Wall Wooden Organizer for Entryway

Wall Wooden Organizer for Entryway - eastcoastrapistcom
Wall Wooden Organizer for Entryway – eastcoastrapist.com

The entryway should be defined as a functional space that welcomes any guest. An entryway organizer is like a must-have item to have. It would be very helpful to organize some homeowner and guest’s belongings such as keys, coats, letters, and so on.

This organizer is available on Etsy. You can take it as your inspiration to do a woodworking project. It’s simple and easy to build. It features some useful stuff like coat hooks, shelves, and some others. The combination of metals, hooks, and woods are just well-executed.

11. Wall Decor Scrabble Tile

Wall Decor Scrabble Tile - whimsyandwoodcom
Wall Decor Scrabble Tile – whimsyandwood.com

Do you like to play Scrabbles? If you do, you might pull this off easy. It’s so simple to make. However, the process of making it includes painting. Some letters can be a great wall decor to represent the feeling of a homeowner.

They can even make personalized wall decor by arranging letters of their name. Just imagine the wall as a large scrabble board game.

12. Wooden Organizer for Kitchen Utensil

Wooden Organizer for Kitchen Utensil - twittercom
Wooden Organizer for Kitchen Utensil – twitter.com

Check out this attractive utensil organizer. It’s built with a few wood materials. It’s great storage for the silverware to get it always ready for the mealtime. Deciding on the color paint is quite crucial. It needs to be bold and attractive to get people interested.

You need to build this organizer with various sizes. You might get a great profit with this project because the materials are affordable and easy to get.

13. Colorful Flower Pot Wall Rack

Colorful Flower Pot Wall Rack - aliexpresscom
Colorful Flower Pot Wall Rack – aliexpress.com

Many people are into decorating with natural pieces like home plants and flowers. Many wooden wall racks are quite easy to make. Wooden wall pieces are the favorite DIY woodworking projects. However, there’s always a market for this.

The colorful paint is the key to sell these pieces. Many costumers would love to buy it online instead of building it on their own. It’s just more practical. Therefore, you must sell it to those kinds of people.

14. Wooden House Number Planter

Wooden House Number Planter - pinterestcom
Wooden House Number Planter – pinterest.com

A house number is something that other people might not think of. It’s one of the ways to individualize someone’s house. A combination of house number and a planter is just what people need. They want a two-in-one piece to dress up their house front.

You can even sell the product without the numbers and let the customer add their numbers.

15. Cooking Utensils Made of Wood

Cooking Utensils Made of Wood - shopifycom
Cooking Utensils Made of Wood – shopify.com

If you’re experienced enough to make some special wooden items like these utensils. This would be a nice one to try. This wooden-utensils set sells well on many stores like Amazon, Etsy, Home Depot, Wayfair, and more.

These utensils are essential for the kitchen. Many households will need this to get the kitchen flow going well in style.


You can get some more inspirations in making wooden pieces to sell. Do a little bit of research before deciding where you want to sell your products. The list above is guaranteed to be woodworking projects that sell.

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