15 Woodworking Projects for Kids to Try at Home

Woodworking Projects for Kids – Undoubtedly, woodworking is such a great activity for your children. It does not only allow them to construct tangible things with their own hands but also builds confidence. That’s why I compiled some fun woodworking projects for kids.

You can introduce the wood projects to your loved ones no matter how old they are. If you have preschoolers or toddlers, they should engage in simple and easy projects. Complicated designs are suitable for teens.

Without further ado, here are woodworking ideas that will bring out your children’s inner artists and strengthen the family bond. Check these out!

EASY Woodworking Projects for Kids

1. Flags of the United States of America

Flags of the United States of America - carbide3dcom
Flags of the United States of America – carbide3d.com

Do you want to celebrate the Fourth of July uniquely? Make the American flags out of wooden pieces with your teenage kids. They serve as amazing wall ornaments and inject the patriotic atmosphere into the home.

Pallet wood strips, paint, jigsaw, polyurethane finish, sander, and star stamps are all they take. You have to fasten the strips together. The finisher helps the paint last longer.

The sizes of American flags depend on your family’s needs. In this example, there are four flags in medium and large sizes. Their solid look surely fits in well with any living quarters.

2. Wooden Frames for Wall Art

Frames for Wall Art - mydesignrulescom
Frames for Wall Art – mydesignrules.com

This woodworking project is easy and rewarding at once. Each of the frames is constructed using four wooden shims. If you favor a simpler design, cut the wood with your jigsaw.

Moreover, you must decide the sizes of the frames. Then, you need to prepare metal fasteners, basic clamp, and wood glue. Therefore, you can join the shims together.

The wooden framed animal prints stand out against the black backdrop. For sure, your son will be so happy having those woodworking items in his bedroom.

3. Stunning Wind Chimes

Stunning Wind Chimes - wonderfuldiycom
Stunning Wind Chimes – wonderfuldiy.com

As you can see, the window chimes seem so eye-catching. They instantly titivate your home’s entrance too. Not to mention, you and your family can hear a relaxing sound when the chimes rattle against each other.

You can ask your kids to do this DIY project. To create the wind chimes, puncture the holes in the thick wooden pieces. Be sure they are sturdy enough to carry other elements.

Furthermore, the wind chimes employ some thin black ropes, bells, and hooks. You could find them on Amazon. Lastly, let your kids draw the flowers onto the wooden wind chimes.

4. Colored Pencil Holder

Colored Pencil Holder - decoratoristcom
Colored Pencil Holder – decoratorist.com

Are you searching for simple woodworking projects for preschoolers? Give this idea a chance. Before you start making the holder with them, you should buy a wooden log for the pencil holder’s body and the drill machine.

The hole obviously must align with pencil’s diameter. Once you finish the project, you could put the colored pencil holder on their study desk.

Certainly, the holder encourages them to play with colored pencils. Other than that, they will learn about the organization of their stuff. You won’t see a cluttered bedroom anymore.

5. Muted Address Sign

Muted Address Sign - pinterestcom
Muted Address Sign – pinterest.com

This is one of the easy small wood projects for your little ones. First, buy the address numbers on eBay. You can get them from the local home improvement stores as well.

Cut a piece of wood using the jigsaw. Probably, your children are interested to do the cutting job. Worry not. Just supervise them when they handle the tool.

Paint the sign muted gray. After that, attach the address numbers to the board with wood glue. Hang the sign on the exterior wall. It contrasts impressively with the cream backdrop. A vintage wall sconce emphasizes the sign during the night.

6. Rustic Circular Shelves

Rustic Circular Shelves - pinterestcom
Rustic Circular Shelves – pinterest.com

When it comes to plans for woodworking projects for kids, you never go wrong with circular shelves. They are not just easy to make, but also look so appealing. Besides, they don’t cost you a fortune.

All the things you need are glue, circle wood frames, and panels. Allow your children to secure the panels to the backgrounds. The unfinished wood frames add a clean aesthetic to the room.

Here, the circular shelves keep the walls from becoming too sterile. They also accommodate greenery in a vase, jar candle, miniature house frame, and decorative item.

7. Colorful Building Blocks

Colorful Building Blocks - pinterestcom
Colorful Building Blocks – pinterest.com

Are you in search of simple woodwork projects for school kids? You’ve come to the right place. You can create the building blocks with them. The blocks really boost their brain development.

Moreover, the blocks can spark your children’s creativity and teach them to be problem solvers. Additionally, those pieces improve fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

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In the picture above, the wooden blocks come in triangles, squares, and rectangles. They are dipped in the bold rainbow hues. Therefore, your kids are able to identify the colors. I believe the blocks become your children’s favorite.

8. Dreamy Play Tent

Dreamy Play Tent - diyscom
Dreamy Play Tent – diys.com

This play tent is ideal for outdoor camping in the backyard. It can also be used for family hangouts and beach picnics. In the indoor areas, play tent works as a cozy reading nook.

To build the tent, prepare long wood panels, unfinished wooden pallets, dowel rod, floral fabric, and white lace. Paint the panels white. Let your kids cover their play tent with the lace and fabric.

Illuminate the wooden play tent with strings of lights. They lend the tent fairy tale vibes and whimsical elegance at the same time. Obviously, your kids will enjoy camping under the soft glow.

9. Hand Painted Wood Coasters

Hand Painted Wood Coasters - flickrcom
Hand Painted Wood Coasters – flickr.com

I seriously can’t resist the loveliness of these wood coasters. They are made out of live edge wood slices. In no time, they exude nature’s rawness and rustic charm. Not to mention, the coasters channel your inner lumberjack.

Since the project is not complicated, you can do it with small kids. Make sure the coasters are large enough to be bases of the water glasses.

Draw the fruits on live edge coasters. Here, they resemble the slices of orange, lemon, kiwi, watermelon, and apples. There are also white and sign coasters. Aren’t they cute?

10. Bunny Home Decor from Popsicle Sticks

Bunny Home Decor from Popsicle Sticks - makeanddocrewcom
Bunny Home Decor from Popsicle Sticks – makeanddocrew.com

This is one of the most interesting kindergarten woodworking projects. The bunny ornament is constructed using Popsicle sticks from Amazon. It brings the Easter vibes to the nursery or kid’s bedroom.

Glue the Popsicle sticks together. White glue definitely works for this woodcraft. To achieve desired thickness, pile the sticks on top of each other. You can paint the inner part of the bunny-decor pastel pink for a girly look.

Place the wooden bunny on a wall-mounted shelf. Use potted and flowers in a vase to accompany the DIY Easter bunny.

11. Stilts for a Beginner

Stilts for a Beginner - hips.hearstappscom
Stilts for a Beginner – hips.hearstapps.com

Your kids are not afraid of heights. Why do not you create beginner wooden stilts? Those stilts should be neither too long nor short. Measure your children from their elbows to their feet when they are standing on the stilts.

Cut the wooden panels using your jigsaw. In addition, the ends of the poles must be flat to ensure their stability. Your kids can put their feet on the footholds.

Moreover, the stilts look rustic since they are composed of raw wooden panels. Undeniably, they blend with the outside surrounding. So much fun for the kids is guaranteed.

12. DIY Soccer Goal

DIY Soccer Goal - pinterestcom
DIY Soccer Goal – pinterest.com

Unlike the other soccer goals, this one is made out of wood. To do the project with your children, you must have three long wooden posts.

Moreover, you need to prepare three shorter wooden boards. Make sure you nail those pieces of wood securely. Then, add netting to the soccer goal.

This sturdy soccer goal has a rectangle shape from the front. However, on the sides, it looks like a 3D triangle. Now, your kids can start practicing kicks and goals in the backyard.

13. Wooden Bird Feeder

Wooden Bird Feeder - pinterestcom
Wooden Bird Feeder – pinterest.com

If your kids love bird, give this idea a shot. The bird feeder is composed of unfinished wooden boards. I recommend you to cut the boards using a miter saw. An angled roof allows the birds to have a shelter.

Meanwhile, the open-concept bird feeder lets your feathered friends enter and exit easily. You could hang the bird feeder from the tree with a natural jute rope.

14. Raw Wood Playhouse

Raw Wood Playhouse - shortpixelai
Raw Wood Playhouse – shortpixel.ai

Bigger kids can do this project. The playhouse requires them to handle power tools, wooden pallets, nails, and screws.

Every playhouse needs a roof, walls, and floors. To make those parts, line the pallets of wood to each other. After that, use nail to fasten them together.

Your kids are able to relax and read their favorite books in the playhouse. Moreover, this DIY project helps develop their creativity.

15. Popsicle Stick Boat

Popsicle Stick Boat - guidepatternscom
Popsicle Stick Boat – guidepatterns.com

Are you thinking about summer activity? Build a boat out of Popsicle sticks with your kids. The sticks are available in craft stores. As a parent, you could offer guidance and a little help.

Take a cue from the picture above. Popsicle sticks have been turned into the parts of a boat such as bottom, hull, keel, and bow. The wooden glue makes the sticks stay together. It’s so simple, right?

In the era of advanced technology where children spend too much time on their smartphones, those woodworking projects for kids are wonderful. The projects support their creativity and create meaningful family moments.

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