Top 10 Whole House Water Filter Reviews [ULTIMATE REVIEWS]

Whole House Water Filter Reviews – There are a bunch of whole house water filter reviews you can rely on out there. Those will be very useful to get you to know more about the water filter you are about to choose to be installed in your house.

A whole house water filter is the perfect system for your house to clean all the water coming your home before it’s distributed to the entire house plumbings. The unfiltered water is also known as hard water which is pretty harmful to your health.

The water filter system will turn the hard water to be soft water which is cleaner, and healthier to be used for the whole family. Choosing the whole house water filter system is the best thing you can do to filter every water that enters your house.

What to Expect From Whole House Water Filter

For you who are looking for a water filter system, the whole house water filter might be a good choice for since you want high-quality water for the whole family. This kind of filtration system offers some great features. So, here are what you can expect from this system.

  • Cleaner and Safer Water

There’s uncertainty about what water may pick up on the way to the people’s house when it leaves a treatment plant. Moreover, it depends on the area of the house. It can be more risky for particular contaminants mixed in the water supply.

So, that hard water that goes into your house might contain Flouride, lead, chlorine, aluminum, disinfection byproducts, many other contaminants. The level of hardness depends on the area.

Using a whole house water filter, your water will be saved from those harmful contaminants through a process called ion exchange. It will provide cleaner and safer water for the whole family.

  • Better Tasting and Smelling Water

Even though the water that enters the house contains many contaminants, not everything is harmful to your health. Some substance just affects its taste and appearance such as rust. It’s not harmful but it doesn’t look and taste good either.

The whole house water filter system has a sediment pre-filter component that removes sediments that causes unpleasant smells and tastes in the water. With the filtered water, the taste of the beverages such as coffee or tea will be better too.

  • Filtered Water for the Whole House

The filtered water is not only supplied as your drinking water. It distributes to all of the faucets and showers you have in your house. You can enjoy all the benefits that filtered water has to offer. You can use it for laundry, shower, cooking, drinking, anything.

  • Easy Maintenance and Installation

Well, it’s not complicated machinery. So, it doesn’t require a mechanical wizard to install a whole house water filter. You can just hire a plumber to perform the installation for you. Or, if you have experiences in plumbing, you can do it on your own. It’s the same for the maintenance.

For the maintenance, you just need to change the Sediment Pre-Filter every three to six months. Then, the Sub-Micron Post-Filter will also need to be replaced with a new one every nine to twelve months. You can purchase it online.

1. Whole House Water Filter Reviews Home Master HMF2SMGCC ($371.87)

One of the best models you can get for your home’s water filter. It offers you a quality water filtration process. It’s released by one of the top brands in the industry, Home Master. It’s enough to convince you that you will get a product with great quality.

The capacity of this water filter seems to be the highlight of all features. This filter system can handle up to 95.000 gallons of water easily. It’s ideal for a house with a large family or small business. It’s got 2-stage system of filtration process that provides a water flow rate up to ten gallons per minute.

Here are the complete features of Home Master HMF2SMGCC:

  • Massive filter housing with one-inch ports. It will deliver the strongest water pressure for up to ten gallons per minute.
  • A filter with a coconut shell carbon that purifies up to 95.000 gallons of water before replacement. You can use it for about a year.
  • 95% of sediments will be removed by this whole house system. That includes chlorine, chemicals, chloramines, and other unpleasant contaminants.

2. iSpring WGB22B Whole House Water Filter Reviews ($269.17)

iSpring is one of the world-leading brands in this industry. He released many products for the residential and commercial water filtration system. iSpring water filter systems are well-known for its multi-layer filtration and carbon block filter.

iSpring Multi-Layer filtration makes the process having fewer clogs and minimal pressure loss. iSpring carbon block filter has a high-quality coconut shell for maximum efficiency of filtration. The filter capacity of this model is one hundred gallons. You can get it running for a full year.

The 2-stage filtration process is packed into the system. In the first stage, the water will pass the high capacity polypropylene sediment filter that gets filtration down to five microns. The second stage will let the water pass CTO Carbon Block filter for maximum filtration efficiency.

This WGB22B model has a premium coconut shell carbon block filter that will provide more effective removal of contaminants. This system will help you remove 98% of contaminants from the water. You will be supplied with cleaner water for a full year.

3. Aquasana 10-Year, Whole House Water Filter Reviews ($656.21)

This is an amazing product that you can recommend to anyone. You can have pristine water from every faucet or tap and shower in your house for up to 10 years. The filter capacity was surely the highlight of this product. You don’t have to worry about filter replacement every year anymore.

This water filter system from Aquasana comes with its professional installation kit which makes the installation easy by any plumbers. You’re gonna have a high-performance water filtration to provide healthy water to the whole house up to one million gallons before filter replacement.

The filtered water from this system will make your skin and hear healthier. The body’s exposure will be reduced to contaminants that can lead to excessive drying and damage. The system of filtration can make chlorine evaporated in shower steam. So, you will get an improved indoor air quality.

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Filtered water from Aquasana water filter offers clean, great-tasting water that you can get from every tap water in your house. That water would also be recommended for cooking. This water filter has a smart design that increases water contact time with contaminants.

4. APEX MR-3030 Whole House Water Filtration System ($445.57)

This is certainly one of the best water filter products you can buy today. You can compare to the similar model from other brands, you might be ensured that this whole house water filter from APEX is better. The filtration capabilities that this product has to offer are reviewed positively.

This APEX water filter is using the 3-stage filtration system. The reason why this filtration system is quite crucial because you have to make sure that the system works great with the model. In the first stages, there’s a polypropylene sediment filter to extract suspended materials.

The final stage will be about removing the odors. When you have the odors removed, you will enjoy the good taste of water without worrying about the smell.

The main feature that’s packed in this system is GAC & KDF filtration. The combination of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) with KDF media will extend the filter cartridges life significantly. Using activated carbon will make an effective filtration process to purify water.

5. 3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filter Reviews ($329.99)

If you know about this brand, you’ll agree that 3M Aqua-Pure branded products are all about the best performance. They will offer you a full line of products including whole house water filtration system that will be professionally installed.

This AP903 product is one of the models from AP900 series from 3M Aqua-Pure. It has a Sanitary Quick Change design that makes replacing cartridge easier and faster. You don’t need a filter wrench anymore.

This model can handle up to 20 gallons of flow rates per minute. It meets with demands of water pressure in most homes. The materials are safe for food and drinking water which is manufactured by FDA CFR-21.

The 304 stainless steel head offers a “sweat-in-place” installation, long life, and corrosion resistance. With whole house water filtration system installed in your house. The sediment build-up reduced, the life of hot water heaters and appliances increased.

The AP903 model of 3M Aqua-Pure combines non-woven pleat media with carbon block filtration to reduce sediment down.

6. DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House Water Filter Reviews ($20.89)

This is the budget filtration system which has 15,000 gallons capacity. Having DuPont water filter installed in your house will provide you with healthier, great-tasting water for the whole family. Certain contaminants will be removed from water by the water filter system.

DuPont whole house water filters are designed to give protection to your entire home through your water supply. The filter will help improve clarity, reduce sediments, and extend the appliances life. Generally, the weight of this model is light, just 3.3 pounds.

People considered this DuPont product as one of the top water filters because of its capacity and affordability. Some people would face some issues about the plastic threads that leak if not properly installed.

7. Express Water Whole House Water Filtration System ($399.99)

This water filter is reviewed as the best value for money. It offers the perfect solution for water supply around the house. What makes this Express Water product so special is its pressure release button and its pressure gauge. Both of them for easier monitoring and use.

It has a 3-stage filtration system to process your water. The first stage is eliminating unwanted sediment from the water. Then in the second stage, various suspended particles such as dirt organic chemicals are also eliminated.

In the final stage, it’s time for the VOCs and chlorine to received further elimination. It will make sure the output water is filtered properly. This water filter is packed with a sediment filter that is fully combined with a polypropylene microfibers.

8. EcoPure EPWHE Whole House Water Filter ($99.99)

This compact whole house water filter from EcoPure is ready to protect your house from any impurities that may be present in your water. The EcoPure is designed to purify water not only from municipal water but also from well water.

The filter changing is made simpler, thanks to the pivotal design that allows you to change filters faster without involving ay tools. In the package of this EcoPure EPWHE, you will also get a mounting bracket, a vent tube, a 6-month filter, and installation manual.

9. Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filter Reviews ($76.31)

Even though the size of this water filter is small but it’s highly effective in removing sediments and dust from the water. Culligan water filter helps to eliminate any scale that may be present in your water. It’s also suitable for well water apart from municipal water.

Other pleasant features from Culligan WH-HD200-C which include an integrated bypass and shut off valve. There’s a specially created button for relieving the filter during high-pressure times. It also has a filter life indicator. Those features will give easier maintenance.

10. Water 10K-Gen 3 Ultra Capacity Whole House Water Filtration System ($99.95)

This small water filter offers one of the best filtration systems to process the water entering the house. The system comes with a special technology that eliminates a total of 99.99 percent of contaminants from the water.

This water filtration features a standard 3/8 inch water valves that can connect to the hoses directly. It’s built with materials that have been tested by independent laboratories and approved by the NSF.


For you who are concerned about the water that your family use and consume, you need those systems explained above. You might already find the right system for your house based on the whole house water filter reviews above.

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