Vertical Garden Design Ideas

Vertical Garden Design Ideas – Gardening is truly great for your wellbeing. This activity can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight, boost your mood, and save money. If you love interacting with flora, it is time to look for vertical garden design ideas.

Furthermore, upright planting is perfect for you who live in a city because it doesn’t take up much space. You are also able to harvest the edibles easily. Due to those reasons, you must build your vertical garden.

When it comes to vertical gardening systems, the choices are limitless. But you do not have to worry. Here, I have rounded up some attractive vertical gardens. I promise these will help you do the project successfully.

TRENDING Vertical Garden Design Ideas

1. Wooden Planter Boxes

Wooden Planter Boxes - pinterestcom
Wooden Planter Boxes –

As seen in the photo above, the vertical garden wall and planter boxes are made of reclaimed wood pallets. They are seriously affordable. Additionally, they do not require hard efforts and large space.

The garden wall is nicely attached to the clear trellis. It gives the rustic charm to the patio area and makes the environment livelier in no time.

Wooden containers allow the dweller to grow varying types of plants such as herbs, leafy vegetables, salad greens, and aloe vera.

2. Vertical Garden from Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer - instructablescom
Shoe Organizer –

Don’t have plenty of space for gardening? Transform your shoe organizer into a lovely, budget-friendly vertical herb garden. Be sure you buy the non-toxic one. Besides herbs, you can plant leafy greens and perennials in its pockets.

You need a few metal hooks to hang the shoe organizer. In this example, the raw wood window and outdoor slat wall serve as the backdrop. The off-white shoe organizer matches perfectly with them.

It would be awesome if the planters are within reach. So, you can rely on the nearby hose. Another way is feeding the plants water using a watering can.

3. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden - hoommycom
Vertical Pallet Garden –

Well, I must say this garden is both functional and eye-catching. It is constructed using recycled wooden pallet. Despite its simplicity, it offers ample planting space.

If you would like to build it, prepare metal support rings and terracotta pots as well. Arrange the old pallet board and fix the pots on it. Fill the pots with soil and herbs.

You could place the lush vertical garden on your apartment balcony. So, the greens get enough sunlight.

4. Bright Pink Planters

Bright Pink Planters - gardendiyideascom
Bright Pink Planters –

Are you in need of brilliant inspiration? Take a cue from this upright planting. The homeowner used long pink planters from eBay and mounted them to the white-painted wooden board.

Effortlessly, the planters add a splash of fun color to the terrace. Along with the pink wall, they turn the area from drab to fab. Meanwhile, the board and whitewashed exterior wall embrace the rustic flair.

Speaking of vertical garden plants, the homeowner grew bromeliads in the planters. They are captivating houseplants and easy to care for. Not to mention, they lend her house a tropical ambiance.

5. Ladder Shelves

Ladder Shelves - tlcinteriors.comau
Ladder Shelves –

If you choose to have plants indoors, give this idea a shot. Here, a couple of ladder shelves from Kmart hold potted herbs and green perennials. Meanwhile, the succulents are displayed in glass terrariums.

Moreover, iron ladder shelves exude the industrial aesthetic. They team well with a large black potted plant in the corner of the room. Both shelves and giant pots are a hot contrast to white walls.

Wooden floor and shelves of the ladders warm up the whole space. What a dreamy indoor area!

6. Vertical Gardens on the Towers

Vertical Gardens on the Towers - decoratoristcom
Vertical Gardens on the Towers –

Searching for a unique vertical garden design concept? Those tower gardens would be a wonderful solution. Not only do they minimize the clutter of your plants, but they also make the most of deck space.

You can use pliable planters or nylon felt units to keep the flowers and vegetables on the towers. It would be better if they come with an automatic drip irrigation system.

The number of towers depends on your gardening needs. Do not hesitate to place a potted decorative plant next to the tower gardens for a greener look.

7. Trellis Flower Garden

Trellis Flower Garden - verticalgardenproscom
Trellis Flower Garden –

In this picture, the homeowner had trellis and changed it into a vertical garden. She got it from eBay. The white trellis is manufactured from durable materials. That means it can handle heavy greens.

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However, she used the trellis for her pink roses. It leans against the exterior wall impressively. A flowering vine climbs the garden trellis. Since the vine is super stunning, it suddenly spruces up the otherwise plain wall. Now, she saves roses from her little girl who liked to pick as well as throw them.

8. Vine-Lining Vegetable Frame

Vine-Lining Vegetable Frame - contemporistcom
Vine-Lining Vegetable Frame –

If you want to bring a vertical element to your garden, growing frame is the best choice. The frame helps to vine vegetables like snap beans and tomatoes grow tall because it provides them sturdy support.

The balusters and handrails of the deck are made from metal. So, build a growing frame using the same material for a coordinated look.

Concrete pot is ideal for large climbing vegetables. You must be so happy when you experience the taste of your fresh produce.

9. Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden - homebnccom
Succulent Garden –

As you can see, the dweller grew her succulents upward. She featured a tray system that is crafted from reclaimed tree branches. They offer personality and rustic chic. For sure, they fit well in the cottage house.

The bottom holes of the tray promote great aeration. Meanwhile, fasteners and wooden wall support all the materials. There are also yellow hooks to mount the oddly-shaped tray garden.

With the green and red succulents, the vertical garden looks like wall art. The living wall can be displayed inside the house as well.

10. Minimalist Garden Beds

Minimalist Garden Beds - pinterestcom
Minimalist Garden Beds –

Working with a small space? This upright planting is obviously for you. The stacked cedar planter boxes are affixed to the side of the home. They introduce a clean environment and minimalist appeal.

Stacking planters also evoke a sense of refinement. Besides, they strongly hold the lettuce and other vegetables. Raw wood planks prevent the structure from being precarious.

This DIY planter pyramid project can be done in a day. Any time you are craving for hearty and healthy vegetable salads, the ingredients are readily available in your own garden.

11. Adorable Colander Planters

Adorable Colander Planters - nordarchitecturecom
Adorable Colander Planters –

This vertical garden is made out of vibrantly colored colanders. Those kitchen utensils turn into practical planters. Not only are they cheap and sturdy, but also provide good air circulation.

To create the kitchen-inspired planters, tie ropes to colanders first. Then, use the metal hooks to hang them. You could grow annual plants and green vegetables.

Paint the exterior wall in crisp white. It contrasts delightfully with blue and yellow colanders. If you love to go the extra mile, decorate your plain wall with a pun sign.

12. Upcycled Soda Bottles

Upcycled Soda Bottles - pinterestcom
Upcycled Soda Bottles –

Have some soda bottles and an iron pipe? You should build hanging herb gardens like the ones pictured above. First of all, empty your plastic bottles. Pack them with potting soil and different types of herbs. Coat them in white paint. They marvelously match the kitchen’s interior.

Place the vertical gardens near the kitchen window for adequate sun exposure. When you need fresh herbs for family dinner, pick them straight from the bottle planters. Certainly, cooking has never been so fun.

13. Colorful Stacked Pots

Colorful Stacked Pots - pinterestcom
Colorful Stacked Pots –

Not sold on upright planting with a wall? Duplicate this garden. A center rod, potting soil, 5 shiny plastic planters, and annual flowers are all it takes.

Stack pots of varying sizes in an ascending manner. They result in a kooky, cute vertical garden. Moreover, the garden brightens up the dull wood deck, adds dimension to it, and poses as an ornament.

Pair the stacked planters with wooden container box. It gives extra planting space. Attach it securely to the handrail using planter brackets.

14. Wall-Mounted Rain Gutters

Wall-Mounted Rain Gutters - stackpathcdncom
Wall-Mounted Rain Gutters –

Here, the vertical garden boasts four rain gutters in place of regular containers. They are the homes for succulents. Drainage holes keep the gutters from drowning the plants. Antique plates embellish the plain gutters in a split second.

Vintage finds like a Victorian bathtub and stained metal trunk serve as one-of-a-kind vertical planting systems. They handle succulents and cacti. The wrought iron armless chair complements them nicely. Exposed brick wall conveys strong character and warmth. It contributes to the timeless texture of the garden too.

15. Hexagon Planter Boxes

Hexagon Planter Boxes - stylecurator.comau
Hexagon Planter Boxes –

This upright garden is one of the astonishing vertical garden ideas for the balcony. It is made up of multiple hexagon planters. They resemble the shape of a beehive. You can find them on Amazon.

For sure, the beehive-like vertical garden is such an inexpensive DIY alternative. Furthermore, hexagon black mini pots are packed with green succulents. Along with the planters, they develop a unified look.

The backdrop is a brick wall with white grout. It does not only lend the vertical garden rustic appeal, but also radiates warmth throughout the outdoor space. You have no words for this simple yet spectacular upright planting, right?

Hopefully, my vertical garden design ideas inspire you. When the planting season is around the corner, implement any of those ideas. Make sure your plants withstand pest damage and have easy access to water as well as sunlight.


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