Best Tiny House Kitchen Ideas – Best of All Time Kitchen Designs

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas – So you’ve only got a small space to create a kitchen in your tiny house. Whether you rent or own, no doubt that you want to make the most of this small space. Fortunately, there are a bunch of tiny house kitchen ideas that you can count on.

Having a tiny house may feel like a curse sometimes, but it can actually become manageable and charming if you know how. In fact, you just need to be more creative in making the most of the available space in your home.

From utilizing the abandoned corner to the insides of your cabinet doors, you have a lot to do to maximize the amount of space you have in your tiny house kitchen.

So, are you ready to make the most of your tiny house? Here, I’ve arranged a few fabulous ideas to help you cheer up your narrow kitchen space and keep you cooking in style.

1. Try Indigo Kitchen Theme

Try Indigo Kitchen Theme - tinyhousewooncom
Try Indigo Kitchen Theme –

This indigo kitchen design may look minimalist, but it offers everything you need in a fashionable manner. The barn wood backsplash and countertop give the space a cool rustic look while the indigo color scheme makes it pop.

You can turn a bland tiny kitchen into this beautiful indigo space with a small budget. You can shop everything at everyone’s favorite retailer like eBay and Amazon.

2. Create a Breakfast Nook

Create a Breakfast Nook - cdn.trendircom
Create a Breakfast Nook –

Do you want to add a breakfast nook into your tiny house kitchen ideas? Copy this idea, where the breakfast nook is set comfortably at the corner of the kitchen. With an L-shaped couch and round table, the breakfast nook is roomy enough for two or three to dine.

The round kitchen table is available on eBay. You can substitute the wall art with a chalkboard and write down today’s menu on it.

3. Bring a Window Shelf (or Two)

Bring a Window Shelf (or Two) - homebnccom
Bring a Window Shelf (or Two) –

If you are looking for a tiny house kitchen storage idea, installing a window shelf like this one can be a great inspiration. The glass shelf comes right across the windows, where exposed brick walls meet classic white walls.

This idea proves that shelving is not limited to the wall. You can also create a window shelf to display kitchen appliances or some greenery décor. The white Verona tab top roman blind from Dekoria doubles as a beautiful complement for the window.

4. Opt for Glass Storage

Opt for Glass Storage - luxurybuslacom
Opt for Glass Storage –

Change your traditional cabinets with this big open-shelf cabinet. That way you have a chance to show off your dishware and herbs collection. To get the most of the open-shelf cabinet, use glass storage like those ones to store your spices and herbs.

Adding a classic touch to the tiny house kitchen ideas is the vintage black chandelier. You can get this kind of vintage lighting on Chairish.

5. Shelf It!

Shelf It - frezhousecom
Shelf It –

When it comes to small kitchen ideas, installing open shelves on the walls has always been a great choice. That way you will have extra space to display diverse treasures! In this kitchen, the wooden shelves match the subway tiles perfectly.

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This small L-shaped kitchen also has everything you need from modern sink and faucet to a counter depth range gas. You can choose a range of gas range that fits your kitchen on Homedepot.

6. Include a Cook-Top in the Countertop

Include a Cook-Top in the Countertop - hgtvca
Include a Cook-Top in the Countertop –

If you love cooking very much, it’s way better to face your guests rather than a vacant wall. That’s one of the reasons why this tiny house kitchen perfect is ideal for you. It makes a genius idea if you haven’t got the room for a bulky oven, too!

You can get the best countertop burner that suits your kitchen on Amazon. Then, don’t forget to bring some chairs to let your guests enjoy your cooking show!

7. Give Details for Charming Appeal

Give Details for Charming Appeal - coastallivingnet
Give Details for Charming Appeal –

This charming cottage kitchen is probably nothing more than a tiny bank of cabinets, but it is bursting with style. From the bright wooden floor to the sleek white walls, it has a nice backdrop to begin with.

However, the details bring it together: the sheer curtain, cozy blue rug, rattan chair, and some plants and flowers. Steal the look by buying the curtain and rug on Amazon.

8. Introduce a Rustic Look

Introduce a Rustic Look - tinyhousewooncom
Introduce a Rustic Look –

This one of tiny house kitchen ideas comes out with rustic beauty and charm. The black countertop offers a balanced contrast to this narrow space. The L-shaped cabinets give you a chance to save some space for other things in this kitchen.

Adding extra storage is the open corner shelves. The stainless steel basin is widely available on Lowes for the best price deal.

9. Liven Up with Plants

Liven Up with Plants - martincountylibrarysystemorg
Liven Up with Plants –

Neutral color tone like the white and natural wood color has become the most popular ones when it comes to tiny kitchen ideas. It’s no doubt that neutral color tone can help you make the tiny room seems bigger.

However, it may seem bland sometimes. To enliven your all-white kitchen, opt for adding some decorative plants like this idea. You can also add that stylish Persian rug which can be found on Amazon.

10. Maximize the Natural Light

Maximize the Natural Light - homesfeedcom
Maximize the Natural Light –

Bringing lots of natural light to a small space is perfect to make the room seems more spacious. Just take a look at this idea. To take the most advantage of natural light, the kitchen is designed with large windows instead of brick or tiles backsplash.

To liven up space, a vase and pot of plants and flowers are put on the countertop. You can check on modern kitchenette unit from Ikea to steal the look.

Tiny House Kitchen Pictures

That’s all some of the best tiny house kitchen ideas that you can steal the look. All the ideas above are suitable for any home and taste. So, hope you get inspired and enjoy decorating!


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