Studio Apartment Ideas – Designing and Decorating Like a Pro

Studio Apartment Ideas – A studio apartment becomes a hot trend because many people opt to dwell in very large cities (megalopolis). If you are one of them, we have collected some amazing studio apartment ideas to make your compact living more welcoming.

Since the studio apartment features only “large” room, you must optimize every inch of the area. That means you must know where you position your kitchen, sleepy space, bathroom, and sitting area.

We also urge you to think creatively and use your wild imagination. In case you cannot wait to design your tiny apartment, let’s take a gander at these unconventional solutions.

Best Studio Apartment Ideas

1. Artsy Small Studio Apartment Design

Artsy Small Studio Apartment Design - lonnycom
Artsy Small Studio Apartment Design –

Are you a lover of Boho design? This idea is obviously for you. The nature painting, framed animal and floral artworks decorate the stark white wall. They also give the room a visual appeal. Wooden chair and floor warm up the space.

The apartment is filled with distressed wooden bookshelves, vintage cabinet and dining table which lend the area a shabby chic touch. Two French Country rugs bring out your inner bohemian spirit as well as produce the old world charm.

2. Curtains as a Room Divider

Curtains as a Room Divider - beautifauxcreationscom
Curtains as a Room Divider –

In this IKEA-inspired studio apartment, the long grey curtains separate the bedroom and living room. They do not only define the apartment, but also offer privacy and maximum comfort.

Wall, headboard and sofa match well with the curtains. There are textural details on the bedding, floor and checkered rug. A blue throw pillow itself pops against the subdued sofa.

The oddly-shaped metal coffee table and wall lamp catch the attention in a snap. Plus, the white ceiling creates a clean environment. Meanwhile, the oversized glass windows keep the apartment sunny and bright.

3. Do Not Be Afraid of Metal Framework

Do Not Be Afraid of Metal Framework - copimeraco
Do Not Be Afraid of Metal Framework –

Here, we explain how to organize a studio apartment fantastically. First of all, incorporate the black metal framework. But, the metal units should have transparent qualities, so you still get the modern industrial edge.

You can buy the coffee table, chair and bedside table on Amazon. Then, to open up the area, choose a white space scheme. Hang artwork on the wall. And put the fluffy shag blanket on the rug to add soft texture.

Moreover, install giant glass windows. They let you enjoy a mesmerizing city view. The leafy plant and fresh flowers invigorate the zone. Blue sofa and two-tone rug carve a trendy appearance.

4. Save Your Space with a Hanging Bed

Save Your Space with a Hanging Bed - agenceoneheartcom
Save Your Space with a Hanging Bed –

This modern small apartment design is worth to admire. The homeowner expands her area vertically. Look at the white hanging bed. It does not take up the floor space. We promise climbing the ladder couldn’t be more fun.

The white walls allow the paintings to steal the show, while wooden floor exudes inimitable warmth throughout the whole room. Floral print single sofa and wooden chair promote a classic loveliness.

There is a green fireplace that has exquisitely ornate detail. On top of white fireplace mantel, you can spot framed family photographs. They bring a unique atmosphere to the apartment.

5. Dark Hues Are Not Enemies

Dark Hues Are Not Enemies - npnurseriescom
Dark Hues Are Not Enemies –

Most of the studio apartment owners avoid black, dark grey and deep brown. Because they think those shades make the area smaller than it is. In fact, the colors provide natural drama.

In the picture above, black leather sofa, lattice headboard, rug, and stools emanate the glamorous as well sophisticated look. Not to mention, the monochrome painting and framed artworks draw the eye.

A full-width mirror adds dimension to the space. Meanwhile, cowhide cushions set the farmhouse feel. A dome pendant light illuminates the whole room softly. The concrete floor is rustic. Well, this is such a great studio apartment for guys.

6. Cool Elevated Bed Platform

Cool Elevated Bed Platform - burgos25com
Cool Elevated Bed Platform –

The dweller of this 400 square feet studio apartment used raised bed platform, open shelves, and white space scheme to develop a stylish living area. The straight lines and sharp edges inevitably introduce modern air.

A pair of pillows pair perfectly with the polished wooden shelves and floor. The armchair and floating desk from eBay make for a cozy mini working area.

Greenery in the white container energizes the entire zone. A wedding photograph is a sweet addition. Curvaceous chair and retro floor lamp soften the modern furniture.

7. Get a Proper Illumination with Glass Partitions

Get a Proper Illumination with Glass Partitions - sweetfreebookscom
Get a Proper Illumination with Glass Partitions –

This apartment employs luminous glass panels as the separation knack. They create a light, airy and luxurious ambiance. Meanwhile, you can find a living room beneath the wall-mounted bed.

The tiny apartment seems bigger. Thanks to the white ceiling and walls. Mirrored surfaces of the countertop and floor offer visual illusion and depth to the space.

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We also love the raised platform in the work station. Glass windows bring daylight into the room. The LED false ceiling light, yellow and blue pendant lamps brighten up the area during evening hours.

8. Round Shelves for Zoning a Space

Round Shelves for Zoning a Space - brasswindowcom
Round Shelves for Zoning a Space –

As you live in an open one-room apartment, you should utilize a room divider for sure. In this example, the dining area and living room are demarcated with floor-to-ceiling round freestanding walnut shelves.

The exposed wooden beams and floor embrace rustic splendor. A clear acrylic coffee table looks outstanding on the orange rug. Both yellow and green chairs exhibit happy vibes. A floating wooden cabinet hosts table lamps and ornaments.

9. Go For a Loft Bed

Go For a Loft Bed - atlantasalonscom
Go For a Loft Bed –

No big apartment? No problem. As long as your ceiling is tall, you can either shop a loft bed on Lowes or build it yourself. This kind of bed will give your zone some extra square footage.

Here, the dweller used the area underneath as a reading nook. The potted palm tree and rattan chair inject tropical atmosphere into the room.

The playful rug on the wooden floor and golden deer head wall decor are the real showstoppers. Yellow couch, pink owl throw pillow, as well as orange and green blanket jazz up the space. And wall shelves display colorful book collection.

10. Minimalism is the Key

Minimalism is the Key - thespacescom
Minimalism is the Key –

The designer accomplished the small studio apartment layout in a fascinating way. As seen in the photo, the area has a modern minimalist appeal. If this apartment is right up your alley, then why not give it a try?

We believe you really fall in love with the color blocking in the space. The bold red bedroom comes with the storage compartments underneath.

During the daytime, you can hide the sleeping zone using wall-to-wall sliding doors. The white ceiling and doors convey cleanness as well as openness. Lastly, the concrete floor carves an industrial flavor.

11. Combination of White and Wood

Combination of White and Wood - wpresidencenet
Combination of White and Wood –

This pocket-sized apartment feels fresh and intimate. Because it boasts white bases in the forms of ceiling and walls. The light wooden floor and medium-toned drawer and shelves provide rich texture.

The sunlight streams into the space through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. After dark, the zone is well lit by wall sconces and ceiling lights.

Two framed artworks turn the area from drab to fab, while dusty pink velvet sofa elegantly enhances the room’s beauty.

12. Work with A-Framed Ceiling

Work with A-Framed Ceiling - bstaticcom
Work with A-Framed Ceiling –

Your studio apartment may be situated in the attic and on the top floor. Do not worry! You can transform the cramped space into something airy and visually bigger.

Paint the ceiling and walls in white to enlarge the area. For the bottom half of the wall, coat it in the grey. It will double as the “headboard”.

Put potted flowers on the bedside table. A curvaceous mirror adorns the space and adds a much-needed dimension to your living quarters.

13. A Wall Made Out of Shelves

A Wall Made Out of Shelves - raindaceberlincom
A Wall Made Out of Shelves –

Short on space? We have an innovative solution for you. In this case, the wall is created from shelves. It houses a huge book collection. Certainly, it fits your modern lifestyle too.

The lime green walls bring a splash of lively color to the room. Meanwhile, dark taupe floor tiles and black table contrast splendidly with the white wall.

Stylish and sexy chairs grab attention in no time. And a quirky white pendant light develops a unifying visual impact.

14. Display Your Bike Cleverly

Display Your Bike Cleverly - 6sqftcom
Display Your Bike Cleverly –

Having bike storage in a micro-apartment is almost impossible. But you can hang this bulky stuff on your wall as done by the designer Nils Holger Moormann. The red bike instantly serves as a focal point.

Unfinished wooden ceiling and box contribute to the room’s rustic aesthetic. Black built-in staircase, cupboard, and portable fire extinguisher storage lend a modern look. Exposed wires evoke an industrial edge.

15. Hide Bed under the Platform

Hide Bed under the Platform - humble-homescom
Hide Bed under the Platform –

Here, the pull-out bed is secretly hidden beneath the raised wooden platform. It frees up the floor space. Change it into a daybed if you want to take an afternoon nap. Just place your patterned throw pillows on it for optimum comfort.

The streamlined white cabinets keep the mess at bay. Dark wood planks on white wall give the space a sense of rustic. Greeneries enliven the whole apartment space. What more could you ask for?

Whether you live in a micro-apartment alone or with your partner, do not be afraid to dream big. You can use any of our studio apartment ideas to update your modern home.

Studio Apartment Decor Pictures


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