Staircase Design Ideas

Staircase Design Ideas – When it comes to renovating a home, probably you just focus on the most-used areas such as bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Therefore, you neglect your staircase. That’s why I’ve had pretty staircase design ideas to inspire you.

Staircase is one of the important spaces. Not only does it greet the guests, but also could be the crowning glory of your home. Therefore, you have to make the steps look awesome.

If you think about revamping your stairs, you are in the right place. Here are some attention-grabbing staircase designs for homes. No matter where you live in and what your style, there is at least one design that amazes you.

Best of Staircase Design Ideas

1. Classic Staircase Design

Classic Staircase Design - spiral.ukcom
Classic Staircase Design –

Pictured here is a traditional-inspired spiral staircase. It introduces artsy nature and an air of opulence. Not to mention, it helps get you from one floor to another.

Metal handrail and stringer match perfectly with the interior. They also exhibit an industrial aesthetic. The durable glass balusters from Amazon and cluster pendant lights unify the room.

Wooden central post and risers give the space rustic beauty. Their warmth balances out the coolness of the metal elements.

2. Moroccan Influence Staircase

Moroccan Influence - architecturaldigestcom
Moroccan Influence –

The black-and-white combo is so timeless. This spiral staircase clearly says it all. The balusters and handrail nicely compliment black door as well as vintage wall sconces.

Furthermore, off white treads and risers along with wall-to-wall carpet emanate a serene ambiance. The Moroccan accents on risers inject an exotic vibe into the contemporary space.

The black lantern is a high contrast to the crisp white ceiling. It illuminates the area once the sunsets. Meanwhile, wicker jug and basket pepper the room with comfortably rugged textures.

3. Like A Ribbon Staircase

Like A Ribbon - contemporistcom
Like A Ribbon –

This is one of new staircase ideas that I’m falling in love with. The modern staircase is interestingly reminiscent of a ribbon. It definitely works for a tiny space due to its vertical design. In addition, it steals the show in a moment.

The white walls allow wide dark wood treads to stand out even more. They radiate elegance throughout the entire area and project an airy environment.

Woodgrain accents on the floor naturally elevate the design. Light-toned wooden tables and benches reveal nature’s rawness. Well, wood and white is such a winning pairing.

4. Staircase For A True Minimalist

For A True Minimalist - home-designingcom
For A True Minimalist –

Here are the modernized spiral stairs. The unfinished wood treads, landings, skirts, and stringers convey a sense of cleanliness. In addition, they lend the room rustic charm.

The thin staircase really saves valuable space. Slim black metal central post, balusters, and handrails promote an open setting. They carve a minimalist vibe and contrast with wood elements strikingly.

Pure white paint dip in walls to make the room appear bigger than it truly is. The hexagonal carpet tiles come in gray, brown, and white. They take the center stage and tie the things together.

5. Better Than a Vertical Ladder

Better Than a Vertical Ladder - contemporistcom
Better Than a Vertical Ladder –

As you can see, the staircase is super vertical. Aside from that, it does not take up too much space, which is ideal for the urban dwellings. Compared to standard ladder, this one is more sturdy and appealing.

The wooden treads bring an element of nature to the indoor area. Along with white-painted wooden closed stringers, they develop a subtle contrast. Meanwhile, off white ceiling and wall set a soothing atmosphere.

Wooden planks in varying hues give the room dimension. Under the landing is a workstation. The white desk with wood top elicits cohesiveness. Lots of sunlight stream into the space through double-hung windows.

6. Modern Staircase Design

Modern Staircase Design - homeanddecor.comsg
Modern Staircase Design –

This staircase is built in the prime spot near the large windows. Therefore, it seems bright, open, and inviting. The white concrete stairs and black treads result in a sophisticated space.

Furthermore, the staircase embraces minimalism due to its sleek architecture. The glass barrier provides extra safety. A pale beige carpet preserves a calmingly tranquil room.

The staircase is also functional with the presence of built-in bookshelf. The homeowner can easily access her books from the intermediate landing. Lastly, the books add pops of color to the otherwise monochrome space.

7. Cool and Luxe Staircase

Cool and Luxe Staircase - pinterestcom
Cool and Luxe Staircase –

If you prefer something glamorous, this idea is for you. Here, the staircase is not just modern, but also completely safe. It dazzles the eye in no time as well.

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The glass staircase offers feelings of splendor and exclusivity to the indoor space. Other than that, it turns the home from drab to fab. It also serves as a visual centerpiece. Mirrors lend the space dimension.

Straight lines and sharp edges of glass stairs undeniably celebrate modern design. Beige-porcelain floor tiles boost up the luxurious air. Steel accents contribute to the room’s industrial edge. The pool under the stairs conveys Zen and serenity.

8. Contemporary Staircase with Storage Space

Contemporary Staircase with Storage Space - pinterestcom
Contemporary Staircase with Storage Space –

Are you short on space? You must steal this idea to maximize your space. In the picture above, white skirt, risers, stringers, and balusters help expand the room. So, it feels more spacious and welcoming.

The wooden handrail and treads exhibit rustic appeal but in a more refined manner. White and wood pull out drawers under the stairs become the homes for dinnerware sets. They create a seamless look too.

Brown and off-white diagonal floor tiles add a sense of modernity. They steal the spotlight in seconds. The built-in open shelves display books and ornamental pieces.

9. Stylish Zigzag Stairs

Stylish Zigzag Stairs - home-designingcom
Stylish Zigzag Stairs –

For you who live in the city, this idea would be a brilliant inspiration. In lieu of bulky staircase, you can build the space-saving stairs. Here, the unfinished wood zigzag stairs infuse the room with nature’s rawness.

Since the stairs are vertical, you can climb them easily. Their slim risers and treads impart a sharp vibe as well as an airy ambiance.

The inclusion of open shelves adds function to the stairs. White walls subtly offset wood floor. They develop a trendy yet welcoming indoor area.

10. Staircase Design for a Penthouse

Staircase Design for a Penthouse - habituslivingcom
Staircase Design for a Penthouse –

Are you sold on this bedroom? So am I. The black-painted wooden stairs lead to the ultra-modern loft bed. They bring instant drama and depth to the sleeping quarters.

Moreover, black stairs contrast marvelously with white walls and bedding. The glass barrier offers safety when you sleep. Vertical wood planks create the impression of higher ceiling.

Under the loft-bed is a study area. Wooden chair and desk set a homey atmosphere. Throw pillow and goat hide rug cozy up the room. The potted plant injects a breath of fresh air into the space.

11. Simple But Alluring

Simple But Alluring - galleryonlineir
Simple But Alluring –

Are you looking for open staircase ideas? Use this room as your inspiration. As shown in the photo, the floating concrete stairs help maintain an airy, simplistic space. They also allow the sunlight to shine through the wooden openings.

A single black handrail on the side of the staircase undeniably celebrates minimalism. You can hold onto it as well. There is a chilled-out relaxation spot under the floating stairs.

Wooden floor and potted houseplant bring the outdoors in. The black chairs and white table from eBay make for a cozy dining area. A low-hanging black pendant light casts a bright glow in the night.

12. Unique Staircase

One of a Kind - tumblrviewercom
One of a Kind –

If you are willing to spend a fortune for staircase, give this idea a shot. Here, the grand spiral staircase looks like art. It superbly leads up to the second floor.

Unpainted wood landings, treads, handrails, and balusters lend the indoor space rustic aesthetic. Along with wooden floor, they instill a homey vibe.

Black handrail, balusters, and risers compliment metal stools from IKEA as well as large oval table. The contrast between black and wood elements elicits sophistication.

13. Outstanding and Safe Staircase

Outstanding and Safe - pinterestcom
Outstanding and Safe –

This staircase resembles the ribbon. Unlike the modern ribbon staircase, it employs rounded stringers, treads, and balusters. You could hold onto the balusters for additional safety.

Both the wooden staircase and door create a coordinated look. White walls keep the indoor area bright and open.
Frosted glass windows allow the sunlight to pass through. Marble floor tiles offer elegant appeal and lasting opulence.

14. Go Monochrome

Go Monochrome - pinterestcom
Go Monochrome –

Coordinating colors seem like an intimidating job. Then, you should opt for a monochrome color palette. The black and white steps scream modern design due to their sleek architecture. They generate a cohesive look too.

This room also features white ceiling, floor tiles, curtains, and walls. Black pendant light and dining chairs from Wayfair along with sinus curve of the stairs soften the straight lines as well as sharp edges.

15. Narrow Modern Staircase

Narrow Modern Staircase - hgtvcom
Narrow Modern Staircase –

This room mostly comes in white. No wonder it seems light and open despite the small space. Wooden treads infuse the area with warmth. They pair exquisitely with white risers and skirts. Simple wooden handrails give support when the homeowner climbs up and downstairs.

The blue and orange striped stair runner is laid down on the staircase. It spruces up the plain stairs. Gold and wood-framed works of art above the steps fill the plain white wall.

Staircase really makes a major impact. Therefore, you must add it to your home. Before trying any of those staircase design ideas, be sure you consider your budget, personal preference, and family’s needs.


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