Cozy Small Living Room Ideas – Designing and Decorating Like a Pro

Small Living Room Ideas – A living room is great space to socialize with friends, take a short break from work and spend family time. In case you dwell in a tiny home, you have to make the most of every inch smartly. And our small living room ideas are all you need.

Even though your sitting area is small in scale. You can turn it into a more expansive, comfortable and striking space for sure. The ultimate key is brilliant styling.

If you love hanging out in your living room with your lovely people, do not wait any longer to supersize it. Before you get started, read all these ideas. We promise you couldn’t be prouder of having a compact living area.

Amazing Small Living Room Ideas

1. Layer with Varying Textures

Layer with Varying Textures - livingroomideaseu
Layer with Varying Textures –

In this lounge room, the white on ceiling, exposed beams and walls produce a clean as well as bright look. However, this color leaves the area feeling bare. Salmon pink throw pillows and coral blanket beautify the whole space.

Moreover, wooden floor, fabric rug and grey knit blanket add some textures to the living room. The wicker wall hanging, low wooden stool and animal head decor give the zone Boho spirits.

The canister coffee table is moved to somewhere else with ease. Lastly, the window allows daylight to pour into the living area.

2. Small Living Room Ideas with TV

Small Living Room Ideas with TV - paralaxercom
Small Living Room Ideas with TV –

Since your living room is tiny in size, avoid filling it with bulky furniture. We recommend you to invest in the streamlined units.

This lounge space features two open shelves. They showcase books, crystal glass, and rustic ornaments. A TV is elegantly mounted on the wall.

Both floor cabinet and the shelves set a modern appeal. Meanwhile, ceiling-to-floor curtains and knit area rug infuse warmth. A pair of brown leather stools is neatly tucked under the floating shelf.

3. Display Cool Artworks

Display Cool Artworks - bocadolobocom
Display Cool Artworks –

Your guests won’t think this sitting zone is small and cramped. Thanks to the enchanting wall arts. They truly serve as a focal point and transform the space into an artsy oasis.

Do not be afraid of experimenting with vivid shades. As long as you use strict color scheme, your space does not appear cluttered and chaotic.

The mustard curtains and walls cheer up the room. Colorful armchairs and throw pillows uplift the design. Below someone’s feet is a floral rug. It creates a cohesive look.

4. Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement - creativeimagecollectionscom
Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement –

The homeowner really knows how to work with a confined living area. That’s why she paints the walls pastel pink. They bring a girly touch to the scene as well as soften the room’s appearance.

Dark grey L-shaped sofa teams nicely with the walls. Potted leafy plant and cacti on the windowsill energize the entire zone.

Sunlight illuminates the area during daytime, while floor lamp and pendant light cast a bright glow after the sun goes down. A round wire coffee table keeps the books in place. And a rattan floor cushion from Amazon promotes tropical vibes.

5. Focus On the Right Scale

Focus On the Right Scale - dumielauxepicesnet
Focus On the Right Scale –

Just because the space is short, does not mean you can’t make an outstanding impression in your lounge room. Here, we urge you to play with the perfect scale.

A pair of low dark brown sofa chairs emanates the intimate feel. They also let the rainbow throw pillows steal the spotlight. White rectangle coffee table and navy area rug lead to a striking contrast.

Polished stone ceramic tiles, wooden accent wall, and metallic floor lamp lend the living area a rustic-industrial charm. Meanwhile, the shelving units host books, potted succulent and decorations.

6. Full of Character

Full of Character - birtasogutmacom
Full of Character –

A little sitting zone is always associated with starkness. That’s indeed wrong. As you can see, the white ceiling and walls open up the space. They develop a light and airy atmosphere. Black leather sofa and armchairs generate luxury

as well as lived-in appearance at once. The tufted rectangle ottoman, table lamp, freestanding shelf and wall hanging add a sense of drama.

An orange patterned rug on the wooden floor is a true showstopper. The antiques on the wall and shelf show off the classic beauty. Then, an oversized flamingo painting draws the attention away from the white walls.

7. Small Living Room Layout

Small Living Room Layout - marceladickcom
Small Living Room Layout –

If the square footage in your living area is a premium, you must choose the furniture wisely. Here, the white sofa pair matches well with the cream-painted walls.

A couple of black stools are placed in front of the sofa. They double as the coffee tables and offset the white shag rug fabulously. An acrylic armchair and a grey-and-red occasional chair provide more seating.

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Red ball-shaped throw pillows, table lamps, framed artworks, and curtains carve a unifying look. Potted indoor palm tree evokes a vacation ambiance.

8. Keep Living Room Bright

Keep Living Room Bright - jjhwatkinscom
Keep Living Room Bright –

Without a good amount of light, your small sitting area seems dingy and depressing. That’s the reason you have to install plenty of glass windows. They let the natural light streams into the room.

The beige walls and caramel sheer curtains exhibit soothing atmosphere. Framed artworks take the center stage quickly, while a leafy plant in the container revives the space.

Two-tone coffee table and L-shaped sofa are multi-functional units. They work as storage bins and hide the unwanted clutter. The wooden floor and plush grey shag rug inject homey nuance into the room.

9. Opt for Light Color Palette

Opt for Light Color Palette - modsycom
Opt for Light Color Palette –

When it comes to the compact lounge area, you never go wrong with white space scheme. It does not only make the room visually feel larger but also conveys cleanliness and freshness.

If white is not your cup of tea, subtle shades like taupe, dusky lilacs, pale pink, light blue, and grey are amazing for small room too. Then, pick one statement-making piece. In this case, an orange Moroccan rug adorns the zone.

Minimalist coffee table, sofa, wooden armchair, side table, stool and tall shelving unit on the floor complete the area. And a round-shaped mirror offers much-needed dimension.

10. Small Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

Small Living Room Ideas with Fireplace - cardinalhomedesignscom
Small Living Room Ideas with Fireplace –

The dweller installs dark wooden floor and modern fireplace to heat up the space. On top of fireplace’s mantle, there are letter sign, white flowers and ceramic Buddha head from eBay.

Light grey on walls and armless chairs create a serene ambiance. White window shutters give the area privacy and proper illumination at the same time.

Stacked slate stone, wooden wall decor, round coffee table, and knit rug give the room rich textures as well as coziness. Coral throw pillows elicit cheerful vibes effortlessly.

11. Use Head-Turning Items

Use Head-Turning Items - yezhuinfo
Use Head-Turning Items –

This living room may be small in size, but big in style. Look at the Bohemian pendant light hung from the ceiling. The swan painting, armless chair, and stools are feasts for the eyes.

White L-shaped sofa and walls create an airy setting. Meanwhile, the dark wooden table blends comfort and rustic aesthetic into one. Woven wicker baskets along with blue blanket lend a coastal ambiance.

Interestingly, there is no coffee table in the space. You can only spot a side table. Blooming white and orange flowers bring outdoors indoor. They spice up the room too.

12. Install Overhead Storage

Install Overhead Storage - hgtvcom
Install Overhead Storage –

At first sight, you probably do not notice the white storage under the ceiling. It stashes the things and keeps the mess at bay. To maximize the vertical space, you can mount floor-to-ceiling open shelves.

The furniture come in simple shapes, but a curvaceous sofa seems sexy and ultra-comfy. Round wooden coffee table depicts warm and homey atmosphere.

Furthermore, the area rug matches splendidly with blue throw pillows. Framed artworks enhance room’s beauty. Streamlined fireplace offers a clutter-free appearance, while giant windows connect the living area to the outdoor space.

13. A Modern Twist

A Modern Twist - interior-dsgncom
A Modern Twist –

Who states the traditional design is not suitable for tiny area? Here, we have a pocket-sized living room that boasts a classic fireplace made of natural stone. It remains the attention stealer.

The walls are repainted yellow to keep the scene inviting and update. A metallic coffee table boosts up modernism. Indoor banana tree and white flowers enliven the room. Lastly, the windows allow the area to bathe in the sunlight.

14. Small Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Small Living Room Ideas on a Budget - pinterestcom
Small Living Room Ideas on a Budget –

Does your lounge space need an update? Look no further than floral wallpaper. You do not only take advantage of the tall ceiling, but also make the area more gorgeous in an affordable way.

The floral patterns are also echoed in framed wall arts and throw pillows. A striped sofa chair and light blue shag rug evoke a happy mood. Ivory sofa, cream curtains, white floor, and coffee t[post_title] – ables provide a calming effect.

15. Small Living Room Ideas IKEA

Small Living Room Ideas IKEA - ethnodocorg
Small Living Room Ideas IKEA –

Replace a large coffee table with two small ones. When not in use, you can move them easily. They are also ideal for high traffic area like a sitting room. Plus, they take up less floor space.

The white sofa from IKEA, dark brown armless chair, wooden log stool, table lamp, and grey rug add some textures to the area. Striped throw pillows, orange flowers, and wall ornaments elevate the decor.

Those small living room ideas teach us not to sacrifice aesthetics and design for the sake of functionality. Last but not least, always dream big despite your small abode.

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