Clever Small Apartment Ideas – Best Way to Decor Your Tiny Apartment

Small Apartment Ideas – Having a mini apartment gives you some advantages such as strategic area, lower monthly rent, and comfort but if you really know how to design your apartment. That’s why we’ve broken down these small apartment ideas for you.

However, you may think that a tiny apartment is all about the functionality. No, it is not true. When it comes to this small dwelling, you must focus on the aesthetic as well.

Regardless of the size of your little apartment, you can always create a space that is not short on style. You do not only fill your living zone with items but also find fun design possibilities.

Best Small Apartment Decor & Ideas

1. Small Apartment Ideas Space Saving

Small Apartment Ideas Space Saving - homeditcom
Small Apartment Ideas Space Saving –

Here, the Nordic style takes hold. As seen in the image above, the sleek cabinetry, crisp white ceiling and walls visually expand the room. They make the entire area feel inviting and cozy too.

The light wooden floor, office desk, staircase, sliding door, and bookshelves provide warm details. Then, the black concrete and white walls add texture to the apartment.

Black sofa and square tufted ottoman from Wayfair inject laid-back ambiance into the area. And a stylish stool is easily tucked away under the dining table.

2. Modern Small Apartment Design

Modern Small Apartment Design - safehomefarmcom
Modern Small Apartment Design –

A compact apartment does not have to be cramped and dingy. If you want to overcome the brightness issue in your space, just install glass balcony doors. They extend the room as well as bring natural light into the area.

Moreover, the light reflects off of black framed mirrors on the wall. Dark brown rug, throw pillows and dining chairs emanate the warmth.

A floating cabinet hosts the television. Beige floor and tan sectional sofa soothe the zone, while a red throw pillow offers a bold statement.

3. Layer of Textures

Layer of Textures - housemethodcom
Layer of Textures –

You must understand that a tiny compartment lacks depth. But, you are able to produce it with the help of various materials and patterns.

The walls are painted white. They serve as the perfect background for the navy silk curtain. Both white boho and shag cushions heighten the casual feel. Brown leather armchair sofa raises the room’s luxury.

Potted big leafy plant spruces up the living area. Plus, the two-tone woven area rug lends weight to the wooden floor. This is absolutely one of very small house decorating ideas you can count on.

4. Practical Hidden Bed

Practical Hidden Bed - contemporistcom
Practical Hidden Bed –

Since every inch does matter in your apartment, you should make most of your space wisely. You can steal this one-bedroom apartment design for inspiration.

The bed is cleverly hidden beneath an elevated living room. It does not take up any floor space. A combination of an unfinished wood platform and white bedding is beyond captivating.

Two bean bags from Amazon are great for a midday napping. The greeneries in the containers decorate the room naturally. Lemon throw pillows and framed artworks on wall-mounted shelves develop a playful scene.

5. Small Living Room Ideas for Apartment

Small Living Room Ideas for Apartment - realestate.cojp
Small Living Room Ideas for Apartment –

If you are the owner of micro-apartment, please avoid visual fragmentation. Because your living quarters can appear smaller than it is.

Here, the wood and white generate a unifying and an uncluttered effect. In return, the apartment looks more spacious and welcoming. You can see the winning duo in the entire area, from sleeping zone to the sitting room.

The plant revives the room. Rattan basket, pendant light, and storage boxes elicit seaside atmosphere. Underfoot is a fluffy shag rug. The wall hangings and print throw pillows steal the spotlight. Don’t you love this cute and serene area?

6. Chic Organization System

Chic Organization System - home-designingcom
Chic Organization System –

Needless to say, storage is seriously crucial in a mini apartment. That’s the reason you should make the organizer yourself or just buy it on Alibaba. It truly helps hide the unwanted mess from your view.

For instance, you can hang the wooden pegboard on the wall. It offers plenty of storage space and doubles as a room decoration. Here, the open shelves mounted on pegboard hold jars and kitchen utensils neatly.

Furthermore, pegboard organizer matches well with wooden countertop. It also promotes rustic beauty. White ceiling, cabinetry, backsplash, and wall depict airy atmosphere. You must try these small apartment decorating ideas on a budget.

7. Floating Shelves Are Your Good Friends

Floating Shelves Are Your Good Friends - decorillacom
Floating Shelves Are Your Good Friends –

Placing the bulky cabinet or bookcase can lead to a claustrophobic effect. That’s the reason you should use floating shelves in lieu of traditional storage. Not only will they carve modern air, but also free up floor space.

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This room employs a gallery-like display. The plate ornament, statue, letter sign, and framed butterfly artwork elevate the design. Colorful and metallic grey hangings stand out against baby blue walls.

The wooden armchair and floor exude intimate nuance. Meanwhile, the grey shag rug and floor-to-ceiling curtain add soft texture to the space.

8. Opt for a Light Color Scheme

Opt for a Light Color Scheme - dsignersnet
Opt for a Light Color Scheme –

In terms of interior design, dark colors tend to make your dwelling tinier. On the other hand, light shades brighten up the area as well as change the perception of the space.

In this confined apartment, the ceiling, wooden floor and walls are coated in white paint. As a result, the zone appears more expansive. There are bookshelves and floating cabinet that come in the same color.

The painting and artwork are divine embellishments. Greeneries refresh the room. Black leather and pumpkin orange poufs introduce sumptuous texture.

9. Define the Apartment with Wooden Blinds

Define the Apartment with Wooden Blinds - arcipelagoedizionicom
Define the Apartment with Wooden Blinds –

If you are searching for small studio apartment ideas, luck is in your hands. As you can see, the window wooden screens from IKEA delineate the smaller areas. They also offer light, style, and privacy.

In this apartment, the wooden blinds carve out workspace, food preparation station, and sitting room. The floor, open cabinet, and desk are made out of the wooden as well. A rolling chair from Target lets you work comfortably.
The potted plant and flowers rejuvenate the area. White paint color depicts a sunny and airy environment. Lovely!

10. Optimize Your Unused Space

Optimize Your Unused Space - birtansogutmacom
Optimize Your Unused Space –

You have been dwelling in a mini apartment for years. But you may not use the area effectively yet. If that is the case, you must rethink about the awkward corner and empty walls.

First of all, you can install the built-in seating. Decorate it with monochrome and green patterned throw pillows. Then, place the round white table and medium-toned wooden armless chairs in front of the seating.

The white wall serves as a blank canvas for the photographs, artwork and metallic hanging. An oversized cylinder pendant light takes the center stage. It also radiates the room after the sunsets.

11. Furnishing Part Doubles As Sofa

Furnishing Part Doubles As Sofa - yellowtrace.comau
Furnishing Part Doubles As Sofa –

Although your apartment is small in scale, you can still get a big home experience. All you need to do is turning your part of apartment furnishing into a mini wooden sofa.

For the color scheme, look no further than white and duck blue-green. They deliver tranquil ambiance and open setting to the space.

The wooden backsplash and coffee table complement the seating. Plenty of glass windows help you to get daylight into the area. Meanwhile, stainless-steel units, yellow metal pendant, light and concrete floor set an industrial appeal.

12. Invest In Murphy Beds

Invest In Murphy Beds - lifeeditedcom
Invest In Murphy Beds –

It is no surprise why Murphy beds are so popular among small apartment owners. They are the true space-savers. When not in use, you can alter the sleeping area into a yoga room.

Plus, this apartment features polished concrete ceramic floors and metallic hardware which contribute to the industrial charm.

The white ceiling, walls, and cabinets generate airy feel. Gigantic glass windows convey sunny, breezy and light ambiance. And the ceiling lights illuminate the zone brightly.

13. Ladder as the Towel Rack

Ladder as the Towel Rack - advicefromatwentysomethingcom
Ladder as the Towel Rack –

Storage space is the absolute king in a mini dwelling. Yet do not worry about it. By adding a ladder to a dead corner, your problem is solved. Here, the white ladder from Lowes displays the striped blankets.

The dark teal walls contrast stunningly with white container, cabinet and window frames. The wooden floor, dining table and chairs lend a casual atmosphere. And potted plants purify the air.

14. Purchase Double-Duty Furniture

Purchase Double-Duty Furniture - trendircom
Purchase Double-Duty Furniture –

As the tiny apartment owner, you obviously know that space is at a premium. To overcome this issue, you need to buy furniture that has a dual purpose. In this example, the vintage wooden chest serves as a storage and table at the same time.

The area rug, floor, and bedding offer different textures. Orange mirror, red armless chair and turquoise shelves jazz up the room. Additionally, the space is lit by black metal track light, wall sconce, and pendant lamps.

15. Install Sliding Doors for Bedroom

Install Sliding Doors for Bedroom - pinterestcom
Install Sliding Doors for Bedroom –

Your room is tight? We have an easy solution for you. Instead of choosing swing-out doors, you can divide the room with streamlined sliding doors. They just require a small amount of space.

Along with candy apple red stool, the zesty orange sliding doors ooze the cheerfulness. Grey quartz floor and rug provide textures. Black floating desk and open shelves offset the white walls, while patterned throw pillows catch the eye.

Designing a pocket-sized apartment is tricky, but worth it. You can have a read at those small apartment ideas again before starting your project. Last but not least, never sacrifice the appearance for the sake of practicality and functionality.

Small Apartment Design Pictures


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