Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas – Before exploring these Scandinavian interior design ideas, you might want to know what Scandinavian is. This special style can be defined as a minimalist design with a functional aesthetic. The light and airy appeal of Scandinavian is like the specialty of this style.

To achieve a Scandinavian interior, you need to focus on the functionality, materials, and the color palette. Think natural fabrics like cotton and linen for Scandinavian material. For a modern look, some materials like timers in teak, rosewood, maple, light oak, and pine.

Allowing as much natural light into the room as possible is the key to achieve the Scandinavian design. You can aim for neutral and calm colors as the main scheme. Here are some interior design ideas to explore.

Bohemian Style Home Decor – Editor’s Choices

1. Reclaimed Wood Headboard to the Ceiling

Reclaimed Wood Headboard to the Ceiling - nonagonstyle
Reclaimed Wood Headboard to the Ceiling –

Spruce up your bedroom with this cool wooden headboard. It’s installed from the headboard up to the ceiling. The design of the wood arrangement is so eye-catching and it makes space feel a bit larger.

The headboard goes in line with the wooden flooring. The grey and white scheme of this bedroom improves the stylish Scandinavian look of the entire room.

2. Hardwood Tile Divider Concept

Hardwood Tile Divider Concept - omghomedecorcom
Hardwood Tile Divider Concept –

This concept is so cool for your open living room. In a large room that’s used for more than one room like this one, it’s better to have a divider. It would separate one room to another. As you can see, the hardwood tile separates the living room with kitchen and dining room.

The dining room and kitchen have their flooring that matches the wall color. Some wood elements are also placed on the white flooring to keep the connection to the living room with hardwood floor. This Scandinavian concept is guaranteed to spark joy.

3. Scandinavian with Indoor Plants

Scandinavian with Indoor Plants - pinterestcom
Scandinavian with Indoor Plants –

Indoor plants would be a great addition to your Scandinavian house. The way you incorporate the plants will determine the success of your design. One of the ways is by hanging the potted plants right from the ceiling.

Indoor plants will liven up space without even have to spend floor or wall space. In this room, the plants are hung on a sturdy lighting system. It’s a clever way to keep the ceiling clean. Plants can give freshness and color to the dull spot of the room.

4. Peg Wine Rack for Minimalist Kitchen

Peg Wine Rack for Minimalist Kitchen - pinterestcom
Peg Wine Rack for Minimalist Kitchen –

For wine lovers, this should be included in their modern kitchen. A little touch of Scandinavian charm would give character to the entire design and functionality to the cooking flow in the kitchen. This wine wall rack is not only designed to keep the wine on the wall, but also for kitchen decor.

The white tile backsplash makes a nice background to let the natural texture of the rack is in contrast. Your modern minimalist kitchen, this peg wine rack would be the coolest addition.

5. Creative Minimalist Wall Art for Bedroom

Creative Minimalist Wall Art for Bedroom - tagesanzeigerch
Creative Minimalist Wall Art for Bedroom –

The pale color is one of the main ingredients to complete Scandinavian interior design ideas. This Scandinavian bedroom has a pale color scheme. Each of the colors is well balanced. Don’t forget about the elements of fabric a Scandinavian room should have.

This bedroom doesn’t have a headboard. You can make an illusion of headboard with the white wall using some pieces of washi tape. It’s a cheap and creative DIY idea you can apply on any wall. Add another wall decor to resemble the sunburst above the washi tape house.

6. Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom Design

Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom Design - pinterestcom
Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom Design –

When dealing with such minimalist style like Scandinavian, you should think about the functionality. This bedroom is filled with an element of nature. The floating rustic wood makes a great Scandinavian element that contrasts the white wall.

To accompany the floating wooden board, the woven basket is put under the counter as the container for dirty towels or clothes. The clean white surroundings represent what the Scandinavian is.

7. Cognac Dining Chair with Silk Leather

Cognac Dining Chair with Silk Leather - pinterestcom
Cognac Dining Chair with Silk Leather –

Check out the design of this dining chair, it’s so perfect for your Scandinavian dining room. The leather material of the chair is just what your dining room needs. You can buy some of this exact chair at Wayfair for a good price.

Besides the dining room, you can have this kind of seating to join other Scandinavian furniture pieces right in the middle of a living room. To get the leather charm seen, you need to make sure that this chair is the only element with bold brown color.

8. Floral Display in Scandinavian Living Room

Floral Display in Scandinavian Living Room - fridaymk
Floral Display in Scandinavian Living Room –
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A floral display should take part in the Scandinavian living room. It would make the style more alive. Arrange the flowers creatively and make it a centerpiece of the Scandinavian coffee table.

Look at this coffee table; it’s a nice side table to complete your living room furniture set. The natural wood element warms up the interiors beautifully.

That pretty bouquet is so colorful on that white top. The natural wood element creates a fresh and welcoming atmosphere pairing with a white scheme.

9. Modern Workspace with Pink Accents

Modern Workspace with Pink Accents - hubstairscom
Modern Workspace with Pink Accents –

Having a legit Scandinavian interior home design is like a dream for minimalist style lovers. The Scandinavian furniture is in this workspace. The clean lines and organic shapes are like the main features of Scandinavian.

Thanks to the soft pink accent wall that shows off the shapes and lines even more. The white, black, and natural wood colors are perfectly treated. The feeling of spaciousness and calm atmosphere are here because of the simple furniture options.

10. Scandinavian Bedroom with Pops of Pink

Scandinavian Bedroom with Pops of Pink - whicdncom
Scandinavian Bedroom with Pops of Pink –

One of the favorite colors to add in a Scandinavian interior is pink. Many pops of pink dress up the entire scene of this bedroom. It’s a perfect idea to design a bedroom for girls. This bedroom is full of geometric patterns. It’s almost on every element of the room.

That thin patterns, concrete planters, and pops of pink are the elements that complete this bedroom. The side table and table light sconce are so ready to maximize the entire Scandinavian look.

11. Nordic-Style Nursery Room

Nordic-Style Nursery Room - homystylecom
Nordic-Style Nursery Room –

Scandinavian style is not only about the living room or about bedroom, but a nursery room also deserves the same treatment. Check out this Nordic style nursery room. The furniture in this room has embraced mid-century minimalism that has natural colors and clean lines.

A couple of giant fabric baskets become the perfect solution to deal with clutter. It also adds a colorful accent for the room’s decoration.

12. Industrial Chandelier for Scandinavian Living Room

Industrial Chandelier for Scandinavian Living Room - estopoliscom
Industrial Chandelier for Scandinavian Living Room –

Such a unique chandelier will catch every eye. It has a bold style that brings a significant industrial charm in your Scandinavian room. The bright gray scheme highlights the design of this unique light fixture.

To balance the black accent, there is some typography decor on the wall with black bold fonts. Unlike the upper side of the room, the flooring comes with a natural wood color that’s typical Scandinavian. It strengthens the style even more.

13. Scandinavian Living Space with Chevron Patterns

Scandinavian Living Space with Chevron Patterns - oursassylifecom
Scandinavian Living Space with Chevron Patterns –

A lively living room with modern design is something that would comfort everyone when visiting other people’s house. You should serve them with it. It’s a perfect Scandinavian interior design idea you may want to choose to apply.

That Chevron rug is surely the focal point of this living room. The pattern design gets in line with the blankets and pillow covers. This kind of pattern is quite a hit among Scandinavian lovers. If you want to have an updated version of Scandinavian, it’s the idea to come up with.

14. Bold Blue in Modern Living Room

Bold Blue in Modern Living Room - anewscom
Bold Blue in Modern Living Room –

If you’re not into bland colors in your Scandinavian room, you can choose a bolder shade like this blue one. However, some people think that a bold shade might be not so Scandinavian. Therefore, you have to reduce the boldness by adding that eye-catching furniture with pastel colors.

Check out the rocking armchair, the stacked coffee table, and the monochrome rug. They lighten up the bold scene in this living room. The light-colored flooring makes a perfect base for all elements. A couple of pastels framed artworks to get the bold blue well blended.

15. Yellow and Pink for Living Room

Yellow and Pink for Living Room - pinterestcom
Yellow and Pink for Living Room –

For a more colorful look, aim for some stronger hues. Combining yellow and pink is a brave move for Scandinavian interior design. However, it’s an interesting combination when it’s done right. This color pairing would create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

To balance the scheme, you can add some items with an identical look. The metal like copper hanging above the table looks perfect for the mix. The soft pinks could blend well with the chrome color. The design of the furniture is still giving the biggest impact to any Scandinavian room.


Overall, all of those Scandinavian interior design ideas are there to inspire your mind in getting the perfect version of this style. Well, you need to remember about the functionality and simplicity. It means that you have to maintain the values with simple forms, textures, and color schemes.


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