Outstanding Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Best of All Time Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – When it’s about time to welcome the summer season with its warm and pleasant weather, some outdoor kitchen ideas might come in mind. It would be more exciting to enjoy the meal with family and friends outside.

The kitchen is a flexible kind of rooms in a house. It can be placed both indoor and outdoor. Or, you can even have both. Get ready for summer by designing your outdoor space with a comfortable kitchen idea.

But before we get into the ideas, you need to know the essentials of an outdoor kitchen in order to have a complete design. And here they are.

  • Fire magic or outdoor fridge,
  • Charcoal grill or big green egg,
  • Pot filler,
  • Wood grill or pizza oven, and
  • Warming trays.

All of those essentials are the things that keep your guests entertained while in an outdoor kitchen or living room.

Feel the warm atmosphere in preparing and enjoying the food on a bright day and calm night. From shabby chic to modern styles will be included in this page. Let’s get ready for the summer with these outstanding outdoor kitchen ideas.

1. Rustic Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Luxury Outdoor Kitchen - homebnccom
Rustic Luxury Outdoor Kitchen – homebnc.com

One element that improves the luxury of this rustic kitchen is the using of slate material. The slate elements create an amazing focal point above the sink and grill supported by the stone arch. The arch offers visual interest to it.

Besides, the space size of the countertop is enough to let you prepare some food. There’s also a smoker round with deep green color to get out of the formality. Space is accentuated by the deep green potted plants.

2. Built-in Kitchen Station for Small Spaces

Built-in Kitchen Station for Small Spaces - hips.hearstappscom
Built-in Kitchen Station for Small Spaces – hips.hearstapps.com

This built-in station is a part of California home’s outdoor space. The whole cooking space is made of concrete which offers a natural clean look that deserves to be located outdoors. The size is small but it’s enough to accommodate things you need for an outdoor kitchen.

A shiny black smoker on the right space of the station and a preparation counter on the left side work simultaneously. It’s got a simple shelf on top of the station to let you decorate the space with accessories.

Below the counter, there’s more storage you can use. For example, you can fill the very bottom space with firewood supply for your fire pit.

3. Fun Red Patio Kitchen

Fun Red Patio Kitchen - pinterestcom
Fun Red Patio Kitchen – pinterest.com

One of the best outdoor spaces you can apply for a kitchen is a patio. If you don’t have a patio in your outdoor space, well, consider having it in order to achieve a comfortable feeling in your kitchen. The patio is a highly recommended space for the kitchen.

This patio kitchen provides you with a warm atmosphere with a bold pop of colors. It’s got an eye-catching sign on the background to make a statement all over the space. This streamlined outdoor kitchen has bright red-navy-color chairs which become one of the reasons why the area so interesting.

4. Outdoor Kitchen with Exhilarating Dining Space

Outdoor Kitchen with Exhilarating Dining Space - twittercom
Outdoor Kitchen with Exhilarating Dining Space – twitter.com

Take a look at this impressive outdoor kitchen design. It’s a kitchen cottage design that consists of weathered barn doors for a rustic touch to blend with the cottage style. Obviously, the focal point of this scene is the dining space.

It’s standing under the awning of Sunbrella fabric in a yellow-white color that matches to the outdoor world. The awning shaded the dining space to let everyone comfortably enjoying their meal. This space has a picnic table and benches from Grandin Road.

If your house located in the seashore or nearby the beach, this cottage kitchen is a good recommended idea to try. This small kitchen cottage is designed by an architect, Ruard Veltman. It’s the example of a great outdoor kitchen by the ocean.

5. Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Fireplace - fluxstiriinfo
Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Fireplace – fluxstiri.info

As you can see in the photo, it’s not completely a kitchen. It’s just an outdoor living room with fireplace. However, this space is very flexible to be used as an outdoor kitchen. You can just add the essential elements of the kitchen in this area.

At the background, the stucco mission-style fireplace is surely a perfect focal point for this outdoor area. The warmth of the fireplace can only be useful during the night or when the weather is cool. Or, you can also use it as a medium to heat the food.

Take a look at the living area design. It seems to be a perfect place for gathering family and friends and enjoy the meal together by the kitchen.

6. Outdoor Kitchen with Chalkboard Wall

Outdoor Kitchen with Chalkboard Wall - homeydeascom
Outdoor Kitchen with Chalkboard Wall – homeydeas.com

There are a few cons about having a chalkboard wall inside an indoor kitchen because of the dust. What about the outdoor kitchen?

I guess a chalkboard is better to be applied outdoor because the condition will minimize the issue. Well, this outdoor kitchen idea is not just about the chalkboard wall.

Let’s focus on this outdoor kitchen design. It has a freestanding outdoor kitchen unit which was built on wheels. So, you definitely could move this unit to any space you want. It offers an easy remodel for your outdoor space.

The chalkboard wall is very useful to write menus and to-do lists. The black wall also has a shelf for additional decoration to bring pops of color. The key is you have to find the perfect outdoor space for the kitchen.

7. L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen - twittercom
L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen – twitter.com

Instead of designing a new form of the kitchen for the outdoor, you can just copy the indoor design to be applied outside. Why? It’s because kitchens are socialized much as food prep. So, people need to be able to do both activities.

The L-shaped concept is quite common in the world of kitchen design. So, you will be easy to get used to it. This configuration allows the chef at one end and the guest at the other. It gives you, like the chef, to focus on your food prep.

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With the modern unit, this outdoor kitchen is surrounded by a natural farmhouse decoration. There’s a rustic window on the wall above the sink which is accompanied by two interesting light pendants.

8. Shabby Chic Outdoor Kitchen

Shabby Chic Outdoor Kitchen - ozueastkitchencom
Shabby Chic Outdoor Kitchen – ozueastkitchen.com

This is a semi-outdoor kitchen where you can still prepare your food in a comfortable way without being afraid of raining and sun heating. It has a roof that would protect from the weather.

The shabby chic style of this kitchen looks so classical. It’s got a whitewashed brick that has a calm aged look. This space is accentuated by the gray accents from the counter and stainless units.

Check out the flooring, it has a nice chevron brick material. It goes really well with the textured stones below the counter. Look at the ceiling. It has a sky blue color. It’s packed with an antique ceiling fan to match with the summer season.

9. Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola - mobeldekoinfo
Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola – mobeldeko.info

Pergola is quite popular for an outdoor space decoration. It offers a shady looking space to separate one space to the other. As you can see, that pergola gives a special space for the cooking station only. It’s a perfect treatment for your outdoor appliances.

The formal feel would also something that a pergola has to offer. It has wood beams which apply a natural complement to the kitchen. It’s a nice contrast view between the off-white base and dark countertops.

As you can see, the stainless steel appliances have a luxury look that accompanies these simple decorations. The whole design of this outdoor kitchen is a bit traditional and well-balanced.

10. Outdoor Kitchen with Warm Tones

Outdoor Kitchen with Warm Tones - ozueastkitchencom
Outdoor Kitchen with Warm Tones – ozueastkitchen.com

Warm tones can be the perfect theme for your outdoor kitchen. The furniture and appliances of this kitchen are provided by Lowes. So, you can buy any element for your warm outdoor kitchen at Lowes store.

This kitchen set-up allows wood and simple brick to complement space. It offers a nice base for the grill and preparation area. The warm tones from the wood bring the comfortable family-room feel to this kitchen area.

The bars of the fence give the look an outstanding finish. You can have some extra hanging storage to hang your cups and other utensils. It won’t waste the small space you have on the counter. More storage would be below the counter. You can fill it with more stuff.

11. Outdoor Kitchen to Spend Summer Nights

Outdoor Kitchen to Spend Summer Nights - recognizeleadercom
Outdoor Kitchen to Spend Summer Nights – recognizeleader.com

The night is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoor kitchen. Take a look at the ambiance of this outdoor kitchen and living room. It’s a perfect place to spend your nights of the summer. The large arched pergola is surely making space feel more special with that string lights.

It feels like you enjoy the meal right below the stars. The pergola makes the outdoor space feel like a real room. For comfortable living space, it’s got a couch and coffee table right in front of the grill. It makes the cooking to be part of the gathering.

Both socializing and cooking are supposed to be one of the main features of the outdoor kitchen. Last but not least, the fireplace adds a warm beauty to the scene. It provides warmth for the cool night.

12. Retractable Canopy for Outdoor Kitchen

Retractable Canopy for Outdoor Kitchen - ozueastkitchencom
Retractable Canopy for Outdoor Kitchen – ozueastkitchen.com

A canopy would give your kitchen area shades on bright days. The area will be protected from the rain and heat of the sun. Since it’s retractable, you can open up the canopy to cook under the stars on clear nights.

This space has a traditional style with white countertops and clean dark wood. The white countertops really give a great balance to the color scheme of this kitchen area. The brick wall with a big clock offers warm galley style to the kitchen.

The stainless steel element in this outdoor kitchen has a luxury touch to add into the mix. The wood slate flooring maximizes the galley style of the space. The walkway is a bit narrow but it’s comfortable enough for cooking flow.

13. Luxurious Garden Outdoor Kitchen with Bar

Luxurious Garden Outdoor Kitchen with Bar - hoomdesigncom
Luxurious Garden Outdoor Kitchen with Bar – hoomdesign.com

The stonework in this kitchen design is surely the main attraction here. It’s covered all over the kitchen area including the bar. The texture and color of the stone let the plants and flowers become more flourish.

It has a grill area that is entirely enclosed with the stone and counter columns. The end of both counter and stone columns has its own formal architectural interest. The dark stonework looks naturally beautiful. This kitchen idea is a backyard part of a southern home.

All the materials used in this outdoor kitchen, including the black steel chair, would handle the outdoor weather easily. So, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about the rain and heat damage the furniture.

14. Wooden Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen and Bar - hoomdesigncom
Wooden Outdoor Kitchen and Bar – hoomdesign.com

Take a look at this rustic outdoor kitchen; it’s filled with rustic wooden planks all over the space. The countertop is covered with stainless steel material which makes you easy to clean and it’s weather-proof.

The bar counter can accommodate up to 4 guests at the same time. You can gather your friends or family to join you in the outdoor kitchen. Those red thin stools help to add more interest to the wooden outdoor kitchen.

15. White Kitchen Design on the Patio

White Kitchen Design on the Patio - hoomdesigncom
White Kitchen Design on the Patio – hoomdesign.com

It’s another semi-outdoor kitchen idea you can apply on your patio. The patio kitchen lets you enjoy your prep and meal time outside the house while avoiding the weather impact. In fact, this white patio kitchen can also be your main cooking area since it’s not really placed outdoor.

Set up a dining table in the middle of the patio for the family. Decorate the ceiling above the table with unique lighting made of a birdcage. The cherry wood flooring gives a nice contrast to the whole white scheme in this kitchen.


There are a lot more outdoor kitchen ideas available out there but you have all you need here. Those kitchen ideas would make a perfect space for your backyard. There’s no better way to welcome your friends and family than having them enjoying the food in a warm outdoor space.

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