Simple & Minimalist Bedroom Ideas – Live a More Minimal Life

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas – A bedroom is the ultimate space for unwinding, self-reflecting, and relaxing. However, it seems unattainable when your sleeping zone is cluttered. If you want to have a personal oasis, read up on my minimalist bedroom ideas first.

Believe it or not, a clean bedroom can bust a bad mood and decreases your stress levels. Not to mention, it also looks great and helps you fall asleep as fast as possible.

Are you ready to upgrade your sleepy space? Find the delightful ways to embrace minimalism below, from fresh bedding to thoughtful decorative pieces.

Simple & Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

1. Chic Attic Sanctuary

Chic Attic Sanctuary - homelovrcom
Chic Attic Sanctuary –

Do you have an attic? Convert it into a bedroom. You don’t only get the quietest space for sleeping, but also enjoy magical sunrise and sunset. First of all, you have to clean out your upstairs.

Install a skylight. This window will allow in an abundance of sunlight during the day. As a result, your bedroom feels airy and sunny. To open up space, paint the ceiling, wooden floor, and walls white.

Moreover, fill the bedroom with just a few furniture units such as a wooden bed, stool, and side table. Include rug, pillow, and comforter for a snug atmosphere. Throw in potted plants, so your attic doesn’t seem lifeless.

2. All-White Palette is Your Best Friend

All-White Palette is Your Best Friend - popihomecom
All-White Palette is Your Best Friend –

As you can see, touches of white in this bedroom generate a serene ambiance. Plus, they make the space appear large and minimalist.

Everything is kept minimal, except the bed. There are plush pillows and layers of linens on it. The glass doors look out onto the lush backyard, while white blackout curtains block out harsh sunlight.

The upholstered armchair is a nice spot to curl up with a good book. Fluffy shag rug pampers feet. White roses in vase beautify the scheme. An ornate chandelier takes the center stage in a flash.

3. Simplicity Reigns Supreme

Simplicity Reigns Supreme - thoseyoungmomscom
Simplicity Reigns Supreme –

This sleeping quarter is so divine and restful, thanks to off white walls. Unlike other bedrooms, it has no headboard. The bedding is simple. You can only spot wrinkled linen sheets and a couple of pillows. Black accents like vase and metal side table infuse drama into the area.

A frameless round mirror over the bed adds a much-needed dimension to the room. It also adorns the blank wall and elevates the interior. Monochrome artwork on the opposite wall offers personality.

4. Light and Eclectic

Light and Eclectic - recomendoagoracom
Light and Eclectic –

Here, I have a sleeping zone that is mostly decorated in white. This neutral contributes to the minimalist environment of the room. A dash of pastel pale peach conveys softness and peacefulness.

The small window lets the daylight pass through, while off white-painted bed carves a traditional flair. Geometric bed runner, botanical print throw, and textured pillow are a feast for the eyes.

A gold table lamp delivers a bit of sparkle to the scene. Reclaimed wood beam and houseplants bring the outside in. Decorative items on the open shelf evoke a sense of eclecticism.

5. Japanese Influence

Japanese Influence - notapaperhousecom
Japanese Influence –

This bedchamber employs essential furnishing. There is just a black floor bed with two pillows. It makes the sleeping zone feel Zen. Not to mention, it keeps the bedroom from becoming cramped.

The white walls and black bed linens create a harmonious contrast. Light gray pleated curtains exemplify a tranquil escape. They allow the beauty of the wooden floor to sing out.

Frameless glass doors result in a stylish and elegant bedroom. White river rocks give a touch of nature. Stacked books next to the bed preserve a neat space.

6. Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom - yaplanchoyocom
Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom –

I guarantee this sleepy space will have you wanting a huge bedroom makeover. White walls stretch the room and introduce a clean setting. The sunlight streams into the area through the window.

Dark wood floor and nightstand exhibit a warm, laid-back atmosphere. Knit rug, a macramé wall hanging, hat, comforter, and throw pillow project a funky, boho aesthetic. They cozy up the space as well.

The low-platform bed elicits wellness and simplicity. A full-length mirror leans against the wall. It reflects the light into the room. Big leafy plants in the white cylinder planter livens up the scheme.

7. Nature-Inspired Works of Art

Nature-Inspired Works of Art - livingmarchcom
Nature-Inspired Works of Art –

Black and white dominate this bedroom. Those neutrals emanate a feeling of sophistication and promote a dynamic look. Clever use of grays offers a calm ambiance and masculine vibe.

Stacked books serve as a nightstand. It holds a mid-century modern table lamp. Blanket and rug maximize the room’s comfort as well as provide rich textures. Roll-up wooden blind softly filters the incoming natural light.

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The black-framed gallery wall is undoubtedly inspired by nature. Small images keep the space unfussy and organized. White paper flowers in the vase titivate the room.

8. Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom - steinmartcom
Cozy Minimalist Bedroom –

Are you a minimalist at heart? Give this idea a glance. This bedroom boasts white-painted polished concrete and brick walls. They lend the sleepy space textural contrasts. The sunlight enters the room through window.

Wall ornament is made out of tree trunk and small wooden bird sculptures. It stands out against the white backdrop. A wooden bed ups the homey atmosphere and exposes nature’s splendor.

Plush comforter, bolster, sheepskin rug, and crisp throw pillows add a cozy factor to the area. Meanwhile, two jute pendant lights exude a sense of minimalism. They cast a soft glow during evening hours.

9. Touches of Marble and Metallic

Touches of Marble and Metallic - homeyohmycom
Touches of Marble and Metallic –

With the help of white ceiling and walls, this bedroom feels bigger than it actually is. The sleek wardrobe reinforces the minimalist vibe. Straight and grid lines develop an overwhelming ambiance that is restful and clean.

The black accents inject a bit of drama and mystery into the space. White-framed artworks and wall lamps introduce amazing symmetry. Indoor plants naturally add color and character to the room.

A marble side table demonstrates timeless luxury and unrivaled beauty. Stainless-steel light fixtures lend the room a nice shine and industrial charm. Meanwhile, ceiling fan with light provides adequate illumination and good air circulation.

10. Proportion Does Matter

Proportion Does Matter - hauecuisineimportscom
Proportion Does Matter –

When in doubt, going monochrome is the best choice. Paint the ceiling and walls pure white to expand the room. Then, top the bed with layers of blankets as well as mismatched pillows in muted gray and black.

Since your bedchamber is not large, you should take the scale and proportion of units into consideration. Hang two sizeable works of art on the wall. They offer visual appeal to your sleeping quarters.

Suspend an oversized fabric pendant light from the ceiling. It grabs the attention and slightly feminizes the room. Place mini potted plant and alarm clock on a windowsill. Then, you are set.

11. Plenty of Storage Space

Plenty of Storage Space - johnoconnorinfo
Plenty of Storage Space –

Even though this bedroom mostly comes in white, it doesn’t appear stark at all. It is due to the presence of subtle peach, pink, gray, and ivory. These colors make the sleepy space more interesting.

Terracotta potted houseplant sits on the sleek round side table. It rejuvenates the scene in minutes. Clear glass pendant light gives proper lighting without bulking up the pared-down space.

White clothing racks display the outfits. An open wood shelf houses spare throw blankets. The room gets extra storage, thanks to wicker and rattan baskets. They keep small items in place.

12. Cool and Warm Tones Marry Together

Cool and Warm Tones Marry Together - teraceecom
Cool and Warm Tones Marry Together –

The dweller generated a terrific tension in her bedroom. She juxtaposed gold-browns with pink and gray hues. A metal mid-century modern side table quickly elevates the decor without overburdening the eye. Book collection is tidily stacked on the floor.

Furthermore, a large gray rug anchors the bedroom. Copper pendant light lets the sleeping zone sparkle. White roses breathe life into the area.

13. When White and Wood Unite

When White and Wood Unite - yaplanchoyocom
When White and Wood Unite –

This minimalist guest bedroom features wooden floor, shelving unit, armchair, and side tables. They stamp the rustic style and carve an intimate atmosphere at the same time.

White bedding, roll-up blind, and walls create a dreamy, airy, and welcoming sleepy space. The bedroom seems more spacious as well.

Sexy curves rival the clean lines. Potted plant fills the awkward corner. The framed wall hangings bring the room together.

14. Minimalist Kid’s Bedroom

Minimalist Kid’s Bedroom - cirihousecom
Minimalist Kid’s Bedroom –

Kid’s bedchamber is typically messy. But this one totally looks different in a good way. It is neat and inviting. The muted peach-hued throw pillows and foam mattress from Wayfair complement the wall-mounted rectangular bed frame. Plush toys impart a playful vibe.

Fish scale wallpaper steals the show without cluttering the room visually. Purple flower adds a splash of fun color, while wood floor and cushy rug offer comfort underfoot.

15. Story of the Items

Story of the Items - apartmenttherapyinfo
Story of the Items –

As seen in the picture, the clutter is kept to bare minimum. There are leaning ladder blanket rack, linear bed, and sleek sideboard.

Blue and chevron patterned throw pillows result in a minimalist yet punchy sleepy space. The pieces on floating sideboard are thoughtfully curate.

A sheepskin rug from Ebay tops the dark brown floor. It enhances the bedchamber’s coziness. Meanwhile, woman painting is the star of the room.

Those minimalist bedroom ideas show that you don’t need to leave aesthetic and your personal preference aside. Apply one idea or two and let your bedroom astound you.


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