Attractive Living Room Furniture Ideas [NOW TRENDING!]

Living Room Furniture Ideas – The living room furniture ideas would define the style and comfort of the room. If you’re searching for inspiration in designing the living room of your dream, you have come to the right place.

As a designer of your living room, you need to consider the comfort, style, function, and flair that furniture has to offer. In this page, you can explore our favorite ideas that would inspire you to take your current living room to the next level.

TRENDING Living Room Furniture Ideas

1. Monochromatic Living Room with Sectional Sofa

Monochromatic Living Room with Sectional Sofa - architecturaldigestcom
Monochromatic Living Room with Sectional Sofa –

This modern living room has a soothing monochromatic scheme that would comfort everyone who visits the house. Some designers call this design a New York style. Let’s start with the choice of the color palette.

The wall color looks a bit white but it’s cream. It is paired with the light-grey rug that blends seamlessly t to the wall and the furniture. As a result, it stunningly becomes such dreamy monochromatic living room.

That family-friendly Cite sectional sofa is combined with the tufted-top rectangular coffee table. The table design is very useful and multi-functional. It can also be used as an extra seating space.

2. Living Room Furniture Ideas from Flea Market

Living Room Furniture Ideas from Flea Market - architecturaldigestcom
Living Room Furniture Ideas from Flea Market –

The flea market has done it again. As you can see, this antique setup makes a great addition to your living room. You can add this astonishing scene to one of your living room’s corner. For a small space, this setup should be the highlight of the whole house.

This set of furniture can double as living room seating or dining room. That bistro table has a glass top is the focal point of the room. A couple of Windsor chairs would complete the furniture as a whole.

3. Balanced Furniture Setup for Living Room

Balanced Furniture Setup for Living Room - pinterestcom
Balanced Furniture Setup for Living Room –

It’s a modern living room with symmetrical furniture arrangement. If you have a large living room, you may want to add more chairs to the room. This idea inspires you to deal with symmetry to make a perfectly balanced space.

A couple of modern side chairs would do the trick. The blue cushion on each armchair creates a nice contrast to the wood structure. The cushion itself goes in line with the accent wall behind the entertainment center.

4. Attractive Curtains for Living Room

Attractive Curtains for Living Room - aji.couk
Attractive Curtains for Living Room –

Windows are an important element of a living room. It can make the room brighter and airier. It’s crucial to decide what kind of window that your living room should have. In this case, the living room has a glass wall right behind the couch.

That makes the living room so bright and open. Look at the curtain. The curtain is there to cover the glass wall entirely to give you the privacy you need. The kind of curtain that this living use is the sheered one which still allows outdoor light to light up the interior.

5. Visual Artworks to Decor Living Room

Visual Artworks to Decor Living Room - seoadvicesite
Visual Artworks to Decor Living Room –

Besides the main furniture, you also need to pay attention to the decoration. One of the ideas for living room decor is to install some artworks. It’s an essential addition for your living room. Any artwork should bring an instant interest to the wall.

You need to choose the artwork carefully. It should offer an enhancement to the entire design of your living room.

6. Elegant Accessories on Key Furniture

Elegant Accessories on Key Furniture - aji.couk
Elegant Accessories on Key Furniture –

Adding a centerpiece on top of the coffee table would elevate the appearance of your living room design. It means that you style the key pieces of the living room. It’s a significant move to make the room more styles. Just focus on the coffee table. It would save you from clutter.

7. Focal Furniture with Built-in Shelves

Focal Furniture with Built-in Shelves - pinterestcom
Focal Furniture with Built-in Shelves –

The built-in shelves up the ceiling colorize the entire living room space. A sectional sofa comes face-to-face with a leather sofa on a rug. That brown leather vibe matches with the bull print, wooden table, and the rad artwork. A touch of nature is added in a form of indoor plant that complements the natural style of this living room.

8. Colorful Living Room Furniture Idea

Colorful Living Room Furniture Idea - articlecom
Colorful Living Room Furniture Idea –

The choice of color can define the feeling of any space. That’s why you need to carefully decide which color fits your style. With color, you can set a specific mood you want for your living room. Be mindful when dealing with the color scheme. You can even upgrade the room easily.

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Look at this colorful living room. On the ceiling, it’s like an accent wall full of colors. The ceiling is attractive on itself, there’s no need to balance it with what’s under. You can at least harmonize the combination of color with the furniture.

9. Pillow Covers and Personal Taste

Pillow Covers and Personal Taste - hgtvcom
Pillow Covers and Personal Taste –

Having your artwork in the living room could be an honorable way to welcome the guests. Some guests would feel special about the artwork since the homeowner creates it. The artwork could be paintings, drawings, even personal photos.

Just print it on canvas and get it displayed in a floating frame. The color on the picture should be matched with the scheme of the living room. This living room becomes a great example you can copy for your house.

10. Bold Wallpaper or Accent Wall

Bold Wallpaper or Accent Wall - hgtvcom
Bold Wallpaper or Accent Wall –

Whether it’s an accent wall or a wallpaper, you’ve got to choose the one with bold color. Such color would draw attention instantly to the wall. The wall space right behind the sofa would be a perfect spot for it.

To dim the boldness a bit, you may pair it with some neutral-colored elements. That understated wall-hangings right in the middle of the wall matches with the Bellville coffee table. From this view, you can say that this living room is full of patterns.

11. A Gallery Wall Installment

A Gallery Wall Installment - hgtvcom
A Gallery Wall Installment –

Check out the backdrop of this living room. That luxurious tufted sofa goes well with that gallery wall. This is the idea that you can start right away. A gallery wall will grab attention easily especially when the wall is filled with interesting pictures and arts.

Let’s start designing your gallery wall by compiling the pictures that might represent your preferences. Apart from the gallery, the tufted furniture balances the charm of the accent wall. The darker blue color of the wainscoting adds more character to the entire living room.

12. All-White Wall in Snowy Living Room

All-White Wall in Snowy Living Room - pinterestcom
All-White Wall in Snowy Living Room –

It’s one of the classic living room furniture ideas you can copy to your living room. This inspirational room design has an all-white wall. To accentuate the white, you can add an extra chair and pillow covers that go in line with the wood flooring.

As a whole, the Christmas concept of this interior delivers successfully. The hardwood flooring and other brownie elements make the cold room a little bit warmer. That fur blanket and pillow cover is an important accessory for a snowy feeling.

13. Furniture with Exposed Legs

Furniture with Exposed Legs - shutterflycom
Furniture with Exposed Legs –

This kind of furniture can be a great option to get the room to be more spacious. The gap between the flooring and chairs or table makes the living room helps open up space. You can use the space as an additional storage space to be filled with baskets or other kinds of the container.

On the other hand, you can just leave the space empty just like what you see in the picture. The exposed legs of the furniture offer a more airy atmosphere to the room.

14. Furniture Away from Walls

Furniture Away from Walls - apartmenttherapyinfo
Furniture Away from Walls –

Placing the furniture away from the walls is an effective way to make any room roomier especially the living room. The illusion of a roomier space would comfort you in every way. Place all the furniture in the center of the room. You can create the space with carpet.

Consider having low furniture to elevate the spacious feeling inside the room. The sofa, armchairs, antique coffee tables, and the additional decor items are all in the center of the room. On one side of the sofa, there’s a wall-mounted light fixture with an industrial vibe.

On another side of the sofa, you can add a tropical touch with that tall indoor tree.

15. Stunning White Living Room with Greenery

Stunning White Living Room with Greenery - hgtvca
Stunning White Living Room with Greenery –

The greenery can give something that other kinds of accessories can’t. It’s healthier air. Any form of green plants would do the work. It can even serve you with healthy oxygen you need for your body during the day.

The clean white wall and windows are in contrast with that dark wood flooring. I guess it’s the designer way to avoid the living room for being too bright since that window is so big.

With all of those potted plants, this living room has the greenhouse feel. That much of natural light would do well for the plants and of course the living room atmosphere. For more color on that white couch, you can have the patterned covers for the pillow.


After exploring all of those living room furniture ideas, you need to decide which one fit the size and shape of your living room. Those ideas are guaranteed to make your living room more beautiful and inviting.


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