Clever Laundry Room Ideas – Lovely and Functional Design

Laundry Room Ideas – Looking for some ideal laundry room ideas for your house? Maybe you’ll find some ideas that really meet your need based on the space you have. A laundry room is one room in the house that has a special function, taking care of your clothes.

It’s one of the most functional rooms in a house. You need to design it to be comfortable and well-organized. In this page, you will see several ideas that come with clever storage ideas that probably match your style.

Well, these laundry room ideas would be very helpful for you to design your own laundry room. You can design in an ideal laundry room which has practical storage solutions, serene decorations, and well organized.

Best Laundry Room Ideas

1. Small Station Laundry Room

Small Station of Laundry Room Ideas - shopifycom
Small Station of Laundry Room Ideas –

A laundry room doesn’t have to be one room. It can be some part of a room that has special space to install the washers and a few storages. Check out the laundry space of this room. The deep green wallpaper really offers the laundry room some opportunities to shine.

This laundry station can be placed nearby the kitchen. You can keep the laundry stuff inside the upper cabinet. All the things you need to do laundry are provided in this small station. It’s a perfect solution for any house which has limited space but needed space for laundry.

2. Gray with Mosaic Wall

Gray Laundry Room Ideas with Mosaic Wall - storage.googleapiscom
Gray Laundry Room Ideas with Mosaic Wall –

The mosaic wall of this laundry room seems to be the main attraction. The designer wanted to prove that a laundry room doesn’t have to be a boring and plain space to do all the work. The interesting wall designs could really set a good mood for you while doing the laundry.

There’s a wall at the end of the room. It’s a great addition to provide natural lights and air from the outside. Above the washer, there’s a hanging space to hang your clothes nearby the window.

3. Small Cabinet

Small Cabinet for Laundry Room Ideas - raidersvoicecom
Small Cabinet for Laundry Room Ideas –

Check out the bookshelf nearby the washer area. It’s a nice alternative cabinet you can use to keep your small stuff. Or, you can just let it be the additional element of this laundry room. So, the corner space won’t be leaving empty.

4. Bright with Hanging Bars

Bright Laundry Room Ideas with Hanging Bars - hips.hearstappscom
Bright Laundry Room Ideas with Hanging Bars –

Adding more hanging bars to the laundry rooms is the right thing to do. You’ll find it really handy when it comes to getting your clothes clean and neat. This laundry room has interesting wallpaper that goes well with the white scheme.

This small laundry room has three carts to store your dirty laundry. It’s placed below the ironing counter. All the space of this room seems to be used functionally.

5. Laundry Room with Curtain

Laundry Room Ideas with Curtain - 24spacescom
Laundry Room Ideas with Curtain –

In this laundry room, a curtain is used to separate spaces. It’s a great solution you can have for laundry is that’s placed next to an open living room or kitchen. Hiding it behind the curtain would let the room as stylish as it’s supposed to be.

Curtains are the perfect option to cover the washers instead of doors. It’s also a low-budget option for your small laundry room. Covering up the washers is the most recommended thing to do to protect the machines.

6. Rustic Neutral Laundry Room

Rustic Neutral Laundry Room Ideas - binladenseahuntcom
Rustic Neutral Laundry Room Ideas –

The space in this laundry room is quite wide. It can accommodate the laundry stuff of more than two people. It has a rustic rug that matches with the rustic sliding door. It’s a clever way to add style to the room.

This rustic laundry room is designed by Jenna Sue. The room was already rustic all over the space previously. After the machines are installed, she decided to paint the whole wall and ceiling matching with the machines’ color.

7. Glossy Style

Glossy Style Laundry Room Ideas - pinterestcom
Glossy Style Laundry Room Ideas –

Glossy is the key to this laundry room design. All the main elements of this laundry room have an amazing glossy feature. It looks gorgeous how the glossy red combined with metallic gloss from the washers.

The white wall makes a perfect base for those two glossy elements. You may add a few accessories on the counter to split the attention. This laundry room has four machines that would take a big amount of your laundry. It means more space on top of the machines.

8. Country Charm

Laundry Room Ideas with Country Charm - pinterestcom
Laundry Room Ideas with Country Charm –
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This laundry room is a part of a house with farmhouse style. So, a country charm would be all around this laundry room. As you can see, the design of doors and windows is something you can’t find in any style. It’s something new for a laundry room.

The minimalist concept of this small laundry room plays an important part to set a perfect mood while you’re doing laundry. The atmosphere of the outdoor would easily get into the room.

9. Chic Green

Chic Green Laundry Room Ideas - pinterestcom
Chic Green Laundry Room Ideas –

A soothing effect is guaranteed when you choose the light green or blue color as the main color of your room, including a laundry room. Have a soothing feeling while doing laundry is the key to relax in your busy condition.

This chic style laundry room is designed by a well-known interior designer named Michael G. Imber. He chose mint green to dominate the color of this laundry. It’s supported by the outdoor’s light to make the green brighter and better.

10. Modern Laundry Room with Subway Tile

Modern Laundry Room Ideas with Subway Tile - pinterestcom
Modern Laundry Room Ideas with Subway Tile –

The subway tile is not really the main attraction in this laundry room. Something you need to take notes to be the concept of this laundry room. The cabinetry design is something you commonly find in a kitchen. It’s got a kitchen cabinet’s features which are also functional for laundry.

The lighting features also emphasize the ultra-modern style of this laundry room. It makes the wall tile getting a lot of spotlights. There are no other unique elements in this laundry. Everything seems to be designed in a minimalist way.

11. Laundry Room with Splashes of Colors

Bright Laundry Room Ideas with Splashes of Colors - pinterestcom
Bright Laundry Room Ideas with Splashes of Colors –

This gorgeous laundry room is dominated by a bright white color. The white base is a good choice for a laundry room to emphasize the clean image of the room. A laundry room is a place to clean your clothes. So, it’s essential to make it clean in design.

The bright white will showcase how clean the room is. But, if all the room is covered with bright white, of course, it would be ridiculous. So, add splashes of colors into the room are a smart move. You can leave the flooring with natural brown color.

Cover the wood floors with an interesting middle-eastern style carpet colored purple. Then, match the carpet color with accessories on the wall and counter.

12. Streamlined with Luxury Feels

Streamlined Laundry Room Ideas with Luxury Feels - gridid
Streamlined Laundry Room Ideas with Luxury Feels –

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to achieve a luxury look to your laundry room. As you can see, this laundry looks posh. The key is to choose the right color and patterns to be paired. This laundry room has red wall tiles above the counter which went well with the dark gray elements.

The black-white pattern on the floor tile improved the value of this laundry room. This room is multi-functional. It’s also used as a mudroom. It’s fully designed by the Jeff King & Company.

13. Inspirational Laundry Room Ideas by IKEA

Inspirational Laundry Room Ideas by IKEA - apartmenttherapyinfo
Inspirational Laundry Room Ideas by IKEA –

IKEA offers its customers with a set of products to update their laundry room. Check out this small white laundry room with a single washer. Above the washer, you can have an IKEA product called ALGOT wall rack for 38 dollars that offers a space for your little clothes.

Having a room covered with all white elements would give a chance for you to decorate it easily with colors. As you can see, you can play with the choice of curtain or towel design. The colorful patterns really add life to the room.

14. With Sliding Barn Door

Laundry Room Ideas with Sliding Barn Door - instagramcom
Laundry Room Ideas with Sliding Barn Door –

A laundry center wasn’t supposed to be placed in the hallway like this one. But, if you only have that space available to be used as a laundry center, you may have no other choice.

Adding a sliding door is a smart way to deal with this situation. Some homeowners don’t want to have the machines being exposed that way. So, choose the right sliding door design to cover all of the laundry centers.

In this hall, the owner uses a sliding barn door to get the wall scene more interesting. When the door is closed, it seems to be the accent wall. The aquamarine blue color is matched with the curtain back there.

15. Small Laundry Room from the 21st Century

Small Laundry Room Ideas from the 21st Century - pinterestcom
Small Laundry Room Ideas from the 21st Century –

This is one interesting concept you can have in your laundry room. If you want to go with a laundry room with an extremely vintage style, this little laundry on the prairie could be something to explore. You’re going to need a simple set of lumber and a traditional bracket as the accessories.

Laundry Room Pictures


Those laundry room ideas are all inspirational to get you comfortable doing laundry on your own. Remember, the key to a laundry room of any size is the storage organization.


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