Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas – Best of All Time Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas – You may have selected the most charming cabinets and appliances to make the most of your kitchen. However, you still own a chance to decorate your kitchen space. Yep, that’s the wall! It’s no doubt that kitchen wall décor ideas are perfect to doll up your kitchen.

Most of all, wall décor cannot take up much of your kitchen space like other appliances and cabinets. Sometimes, you only need to hang some print of pictures and words on the wall to give a style to your kitchen space.

Whether you have some random ideas on the mind or haven’t got any to get started, here you can have more awesome ideas for kitchen wall décor. No matter your taste is, you will always find the best wall decorating solutions here that can make your kitchen more unique. So, check this out!

Popular Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

1. Simple Wood Pallet EAT Sign

Simple Wood Pallet EAT Sign - etsycom
Simple Wood Pallet EAT Sign –

This is a kitchen, so the wall décor should be kitchen-themed as well, related to eating and cooking. For this reason, there’s nothing more favorable for kitchen wall decoration as an EAT sign. It can be made of a wood pallet, just like this simple EAT sign.

It is pretty simple for a DIY project. However, if you want a more practical option, you can find this wood pallet EAT sign on Etsy.

2. Decorative Plate Walls

Decorative Plate Walls - hgtvcom
Decorative Plate Walls –

Decorative plates just cannot look more natural anywhere but in a kitchen or dining room. The plates used can be all different in styles and sizes just like this kitchen wall design. You can take some plates you got from trips to boost your mood every time you see them.

You can also buy at various shops including eBay and Etsy to get some unique ones to be attached to the kitchen walls. You can attach them right on the wall or put them on wooden ledges or shelves to protect your wall cover.

3. Beautiful Kitchen Wall Planters

Beautiful Kitchen Wall Planters - kopyokcom
Beautiful Kitchen Wall Planters –

Wall planters, are not just a wall decoration but also a nice and functional thing for any kitchen. You can plant your favorite herbs or strawberries like the one on the picture. Then, you’ll have some fresh herbs to grab easily around your kitchen.

You can get the planters on Etsy or simply make it yourself with using some unused pipes. After that, you can grow any herb or plant you want.

4. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Wall - interiorideanet
Chalkboard Wall –

Make your schedule and grocery list organized and stay visible by adding an accent wall with chalkboard paint. Just like this one of kitchen wall décor ideas, the chalkboard wall is used to remind you what to shop the next day.

Visually speaking, the black chalkboard makes an ideal contrast to the white walls and cabinets in this kitchen. Then, the gold industrial style pendant light that you can find on Walmart brings a unique complement to the space.

5. Silverware Wall Decals

Silverware Wall Decals - pinterestcom
Silverware Wall Decals –

Are you looking for kitchen wall décor ideas with spoon and fork? This picture must give you a spark of inspiration then. This décor is simple, yet it works perfectly in any kitchen and dining area. You can easily shop this silverware wall decal sticker on Amazon for diverse choices and sizes.

6. Antique Art Collection

Antique Art Collection - architecturaldigestcom
Antique Art Collection –

There is no reason to restrict your art display to the kitchen. You can also enjoy your favorite pieces of art as you prepare for dinner by hanging a collection of salon-style pictures like this one.

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Make sure the pieces are well protected with glass frame in case of splashes. To get the frame, you can browse a collection of antique frames on Etsy or eBay.

7. Vintage Baskets

Vintage Baskets - architecturaldigestcom
Vintage Baskets –

Bringing in vintage touch to your kitchen wall can create a style for the overall space. This kitchen makes a good sample for the idea. Simply arrange some vintage baskets on the wall to bring texture to the space.

Depending on the baskets you select, the display can go bohemian or rustic. You can check on Etsy for thousands of handmade and vintage wall basket.

8. Wood Pot Hanging Rack

Wood Pot Hanging Rack - homebnccom
Wood Pot Hanging Rack –

If you have a huge collection of pot and pan, set it to good use when you are not cooking. As you can see in the picture, the pots and pans become the part of the kitchen décor ideas along with the wood boards.

You can make the wood boards yourself and place the nail strategically to provide unique patterning design like this one. If you haven’t got a collection of cookware to be shown up, shop some on Ikea.

9. Unique Wall Murals

Unique Wall Murals - shopifycom
Unique Wall Murals –

Any blank surface can turn out to be an inspiring spot for your kitchen wall décor ideas. Just like this kitchen, the beautiful nature-inspired mural on one side of the walls makes the space more incredible.

Instead of hand-paint a design on the wall, you can also select a scenic wallpaper to provide the look of a mural without the meticulous painting. Check out Amazon for a collection of wall murals.

10. Country Kitchen Shelf Display

Country Kitchen Shelf Display - planakitchencom
Country Kitchen Shelf Display –

Adding open shelving solution to the walls is also a simple, yet versatile improvement to any kitchen. Wall shelving offers a sturdy hold for displaying anything you want.

Just like the one in the picture, you can use it to showcasing flower vases, plates, and even an antique candle holder. This country kitchen wall décor idea will be both functional and decorative.

11. Vintage Supermarket Wall Sign

Vintage Supermarket Wall Sign - homebnccom
Vintage Supermarket Wall Sign –

Instead of EAT kitchen, you can also go for Supermarket wall sign like this one. This old metal sign looks great against the subway tiles in the background. You can consider creating the sign yourself to introduce classical appeal to any kitchen space.

12. Wooden Accent Wall

Wooden Accent Wall - syonpresscom
Wooden Accent Wall –

A simple wooden accent wall can transform a bland kitchen into the next level. Instead of installing reclaimed wood accent, you can shop for wood wallpaper on Amazon to give the look of natural wood without too much effort.

Those are a few kitchen wall décor ideas to help you make the most of your kitchen. Whatever your choice will be, make sure to consider the rest of your kitchen design so that the wall décor can match the space perfectly. Good luck!


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