Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Best of All Time Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Exploring some kitchen lighting ideas would be recommended for you since one of the most essential decors of a kitchen is the lighting. It’s the key to make the kitchen bright and airy. Lighting is more than just installing ceiling spotlights.

There’s a lot of lighting designs you can explore for your kitchen, from the gaze-grabbing statement lighting to beautiful pendants one. There are many more ways to install stylish kitchen lighting. This page will provide you kitchen lighting ideas that guarantee stylish decor.

But, you should know the basics in advance. Here are some different types of lighting fixtures which bring your kitchen to perfection.

  • Chandeliers. They add more pizzazz to the ceiling for a more formal style of dining space.
  • Pendants. They’re the decorative fixtures which suspended from the ceiling for a general and task lighting use.
  • Wall Lights. They’re the wall-mounted fixtures to match with the main lighting.
  • Track Lighting. It’s the system that offers great design flexibility.
  • Recessed Lighting. It provides general lighting for the whole kitchen.

All of those lightings are the basic choice for your kitchen design. Choose one lighting that matches the need of your kitchen.

Best-Genuine Kitchen Lighting Ideas

1. Round-Glass Light Pendant

Round-Glass Light Pendant - amaracom
Round-Glass Light Pendant –

If you are looking for a subtle design of kitchen lighting, this would be perfect for you. As you can see, the round-glass pendant really illuminates the kitchen beautifully. It’s not even the main lighting in this kitchen. These elegant fixtures are just part of the decors.

The understated elegance of these lightings clearly completes the kitchen island’s accessories. They play by their own rules resulting in an astonishing scene in your kitchen. It’s got a classic and timeless charm that works well.

The light fixtures and the kitchen island accessories are the main attraction of this kitchen. The rest of the elements are very supportive. They use white color to make a perfect base.

2. Unique Light Pendants for Kitchen

Unique Light Pendants for Kitchen - amaracom
Unique Light Pendants for Kitchen –

For you who need decorative lighting with a little bit of industrial vibe, you may go with this selection of lighting design. It’s another pendant light that works brilliantly for your kitchen. It offers a bright, focused light for your prep area on the kitchen island.

With a unique squared thin structure, the lighting provides a unique atmosphere all around the kitchen. Those three lightings hang from the all-white ceiling, giving them more space to make a statement above the breakfast bar.

The black bar stools have the same concept as the lighting in order to get matched. Since it’s mostly used for decoration, this kind of lighting won’t brighten the whole space of the kitchen. So, you have to install a base lighting.

3. Decorative Pink Chandelier Lighting

Decorative Pink Chandelier Lighting - timeincuknet
Decorative Pink Chandelier Lighting –

A stand-out light fixture like this pink chandelier could be a great choice that dominates the upper side look of your kitchen. The chandelier adds a luxury touch to this contemporary kitchen. As you can see, it has a glass wall floor to ceiling.

The black frame provides its own charm to shade the lighting from the outside. During the day, the whole space of the kitchen is enlightened by the sunlight. So, it’s a perfect time to pull the decorative lighting like this pink chandelier.

This type of lighting will add more pizzazz to the calm, minimalist design. It would take up more space than just a ceiling fixture. The chandelier is the only element with pink color, making it easily become the focal point of the kitchen.

4. Chic and Simple Clear Lights

Chic and Simple Clear Lights - timeincuknet
Chic and Simple Clear Lights –

Sometimes, you want to add style but don’t want to take away from the rest of the design in the kitchen. Clear lights are surely the perfect choice. This chic and simple fixture would let other elements shine better than being away.

With this lighting, every element can share its own charm. However, the light fixture can still impress with its own charm. The white marble backsplash and countertop provide a nice accent to the background. It easily draws attention.

Below the clear lights, you can find the built-in sink on the island countertop with a brass faucet. A subway tile texture below the island counter creates a contrasting scene for the dark wood herringbone flooring.

5. Task Lighting for Kitchen Counter

Task Lighting for Kitchen Counter - timeincuknet
Task Lighting for Kitchen Counter –

You do your cooking on the counter and that’s why more light to focus on the job is required. Task lighting is the one you need. It shoots directly to the counter space. You can attach it on the wall above the stove, too.

You will work efficiently with your cooking while having a bright light supports you. Obviously, this kind of lighting is an unusual choice for a kitchen but it is needed sometimes. So, there’s nothing wrong to have it on your kitchen wall.

As you can see, the wall lights on the picture are extendable. You can easily extend what fits you the most. That task lighting can be bought on some online stores like eBay or Lowes. However, you still need a base lighting to light up the entire kitchen.

6. White Pendants for Black-Walled Kitchen

White Pendants for Black-Walled Kitchen - timeincuknet
White Pendants for Black-Walled Kitchen –

Take a look at this dark den. It’s dark but it looks stylish. The whole space is covered with black color. From the brick wall to appliances, all of them use black color. The touch of wood from several elements saves this kitchen from a gloomy look.

There are trio white pendants above the island to blend well with the wooden elements. This kitchen doesn’t have much light but it’s designed even darker on purpose. The huge slab of black granite for the counter surface is surely an extreme choice.

7. Blended Types Lighting Fixture

Blended Types Lighting Fixture - autovisitinfo
Blended Types Lighting Fixture –

If you blend four layers of lighting types such as task, accent, ambient, and decorative lighting, you will have a warm and inviting atmosphere. It would blend well with other design elements in the kitchen. It also creates a practical workspace for a more efficient book flow.

Besides, it could provide lively entertainment for the kitchen area. This is probably one of the most effective lightings for your kitchen which is designed by Joel Snayd. You can buy this pendant on the Wayfair website.

8. Lighting under the Cabinet

Lighting under the Cabinet - hgtvhomecom
Lighting under the Cabinet –
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A space under the cabinet can be a little bit dark. Some designers decide to install a small light fixture right under the cabinet to maximize the space appearance. People will see the detail of what’s under the cabinet.

Strip or string lights are commonly used in this kind of treatment for the kitchen. Another option for the lighting is the small recessed lights. It won’t be too bright with those lights.

9. Accent Lighting to Layer the Kitchen

Accent Lighting to Layer the Kitchen - hgtvhomecom
Accent Lighting to Layer the Kitchen –

It’s the least common option for the design layer. Because people spend more time in the kitchen, this option becomes more common. People like to be in the kitchen for their casual entertainment. You can hand a piece of artwork right on the wall behind the kitchen island.

On the ceiling, you can find a track or rail lighting systems that give a great deal of flexibility in the design of this kitchen. There is some spotlight that hangs from that track system. That seems to be the source of the accent.

10. Decorative Lighting on a Budget

Decorative Lighting on a Budget - hgtvhomecom
Decorative Lighting on a Budget –

This type of lighting is in direct proportion to the kitchen size of yours. So, when the kitchen is larger, the importance of the lighting will be greater. Some people don’t have enough budgets to have a decorative lighting unit. This one can be a good solution.

You can start installing the infrastructure for the lighting you want to have. For example, you can have such a junction box or a ceiling recessed one. Just like you see in the photo, you can just buy the actual fixture on the store nearby.

11. Bulb Pendants for White Bright Kitchen

Bulb Pendants for White Bright Kitchen - benimmulkucom
Bulb Pendants for White Bright Kitchen –

A lighting bulb pendant with industrial style doesn’t have to be in dark color. This white kitchen provides white industrial-style lighting fixture. It’s designed for you who don’t want the fixture to be standout but still have an interesting design.

From this lighting idea, you can see that choosing the fixtures should be considering the color of the kitchen. Since the white color reflects light, you can lower the wattage of the bulbs to save a little bit of your bill.

12. Chic Kitchen with Unique Yellow Pendants

Chic Kitchen with Unique Yellow Pendants - timeincuknet
Chic Kitchen with Unique Yellow Pendants –

The combination of yellow, brass, and white inner of the light pendants add a bit of sunshine to the kitchen. This chic navy kitchen is already as interesting as it looks. The marble backsplash and countertop with the black cabinet offers a significant charm to the atmosphere.

The yellow creative pendants are just the added element of this kitchen. The Seventies bar stools have a brass structure that inspired the lighting material. You can buy those classy stools on IKEA.

13. Low Hanging Brass Pendant Lights

Low Hanging Brass Pendant Lights - beautifulhouse.comau
Low Hanging Brass Pendant Lights –

If you want glitters to be one of your kitchen features, there you go. It’s a low hanging pendant with the brass surface. It complements the brass handles, details, and hinges all over the kitchen. This kitchen design is inspired by an old French bakery cabinet.

It has a simple but striking symmetry. The herringbone concept of the wood flooring makes a great base to match with the color of the brass elements. There’re two simple black stools to accompany the white kitchen island with marble top.

14. Sputnik Kitchen Light Fixture

Sputnik Kitchen Light Fixture - pinterestcom
Sputnik Kitchen Light Fixture –

Take a look at that light fixture. It’s called a Sputnik chandelier which adds glamour to your kitchen. Hanging from the ceiling to dominate the whole area of the kitchen, this is the perfect selection if you want a really stand-out light pendant above your kitchen island.

A pair of weathered oak stool is an essential addition to accompany the kitchen island. The oak flooring has a softer, tawny tone that works really well to match with the golden Sputnik chandelier. The designer of the lighting calls it Starburst.

15. Vintage Kitchen Lighting Pendant

Vintage Kitchen Lighting Pendant - myglobalcvwebsite
Vintage Kitchen Lighting Pendant –

To make the pastel scheme perfect, you may need these kitchen pendants. They’re actually vintage German Bakelite pendant lamps which are bought from an antique market. It comes with a few pasty colors. The lighting unit handles both the living room and kitchen.

The pendant emphasizes the height of the ceiling. It also subtly echoes the collectible ceramics’ aqua shades. This kitchen is also filled with traditional handmade furniture.

16. Simple Pendant for a Clean Kitchen

Simple Pendant for a Clean Kitchen - timeincuknet
Simple Pendant for a Clean Kitchen –

This clean kitchen is packed with a natural wood cabinetry, light-wood flooring, and some IKEA stools. A shelf under the countertop offers storage space for your ceramics. You can display your collectible inside the shelf.

There’s a simple shady light pendant hanging from the ceiling. That pendant would surely illuminate the entire space in this kitchen with its shady feature. Its charm adds character into the kitchen.

For this kitchen, the fixtures have to be simple, because the rest of the elements already dominate the scheme.

17. Midcentury-modern Sputnik for Small Kitchen

Midcentury-modern Sputnik for Small Kitchen - marthastweartcom
Midcentury-modern Sputnik for Small Kitchen –

Another Sputnik design of a light fixture, it has a different concept and size. This brass Sputnik light fixture is solar inspired and it provides a veritable illumination sunburst to the whole kitchen. The brass color of the fixture matches with the drawer pulls. That makes the scheme more cohesive.

Sputnik lighting is supposed to be a standout in a kitchen. But, this case is a little bit different because it’s purposely designed for a small kitchen. This kitchen has no island so there will be no large space for the lighting fixture to shine.

Besides the lighting, this small kitchen has a lot more to offer. It’s got a herringbone style of tiles on the counter. A traditional rug with an interesting design is placed to make a good statement to the lower part of the kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Pictures


Overall, lighting is one of the most essential elements of the kitchen. It provides both brightness and decoration for any kitchen. One thing to keep in mind, choosing one design from those kitchen lighting ideas could be the beginning of a stylish kitchen in your house.


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