17+ Great Kitchen Island Ideas – Photos and Galleries

Kitchen Island Ideas – Kitchen islands serve a number of purposes. In addition to being a visual anchor in the area, they likewise assist increase the space’s functionality and efficiency.

And inning accordance with a survey by the National Association of Home Builders more than 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and of those, 50% consider it an essential. Given that it appears that including an island is a sound investment. we have actually gathered 17+ of our favorite kitchen island ideas to utilize for motivation.

1. Double Kitchen Islands Topped With Waterfall Countertops

Customized Italian cabinets
Picture by: Gibson International – hgtv.com

The fantastic cook’s kitchen is filled with natural light from the big windows and skylights. Double islands offer a lot of preparation and work area, along with an excellent spot for dining. Customized Italian cabinets enable much-needed storage while developing an unique appearance.

2. Mixed Material Island

kitchen-with its quartz countertops

This kitchen-with its quartz countertops, copper light fixtures, train tiles, and a cypress kitchen island– is proof that mixing textures and materials is a winning design strategy.

3. Rolling Island

contemporary house features an open plan and a kitchen island with wheels

Who stated kitchen islands have to be protected to the flooring? This contemporary house features an open plan and a kitchen island with wheels. Innovative concept for space flexibility and area maximisation.

4. Gray Kitchen Island With Farmhouse Sink

Gray Kitchen Island With Farmhouse Sink
Photo by: WEICHERT, REALTORS – hgtv.com

The kitchen’s farmhouse sink is made from hand-hewn 19th century marble, a special touch that goes perfectly with the wood floor and copper pendants.

5. Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse Design

The kitchen island in this Ohio house boasts a zinc leading crafted by a local metal shop and has a built-in plate rack for sneaky storage. Train tile from Home Depot forms the backsplash.

6. Elegant Breakfast Nook

breakfast nook in front of your kitchen island

Rather of a bar, install a breakfast nook in front of your kitchen island. This space-saving idea will work well in houses. Who needs another space for dining when you can have your meals right in the kitchen?

7. Chef Kitchen With Barstools and Brick Wall

Chef Kitchen With Barstools and Brick Wall
Photo by: John Daugherty, Realtors – hgtv.com

Gather round and enjoy the chef work up numerous masterpieces in this premium kitchen. There’s space for 4 at the island, room for more down at the cozy dining nook.

8. A Dash of Color

Windsor stools and a red-patterned carpet sit in front of the kitchen's island

Windsor stools and a red-patterned carpet sit in front of the kitchen’s island in this Pennsylvania home. Boat hardware takes a supporting role as kitchen cabinet locks.

Add more counter space

counter space in your kitchen

Keep it basic while adding value by utilizing an island to significantly increase the quantity of counter space in your kitchen. Having more counter space adds apparent benefits: more room for meal preparation, multiple chefs and can act as an eating area. Produce contrast by using a various product or color for the island counters than you carried out in the remainder of the room. If your regular counter tops are white quartz, try black or a dark stained wood for the island.

Create more seating

casual bar-seating alternative

Whether your space does not have a proper table or you’re looking to develop a more casual bar-seating alternative, adding low-profile seating to the island is a simple method to increase functionality and make the environment more social for both visitors and the cook. Develop a breakfast bar or dining table, and leave a counter overhang that provides adequate space to tuck the chairs or stools beneath when not in use.

Add appliances

additional area to in-cabinet pipes

Including sinks or stovetops into the surface area of the island is one method to spread the workflow throughout the kitchen. Setup can be tricky, so take notice of details like ventilation and plumbing. This will require running downward (most common in islands) or overhead venting (which can be pricey), and assigning additional area to in-cabinet pipes.

9. Hideaway Bench Seating

Update your kitchen style by taking out the mess and opting for the cleaner lines
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Update your kitchen style by taking out the mess and opting for the cleaner lines. This imaginative idea of a pull out bench provides you a neat kitchen island and a seating when required. Saves space too!

10. White Chef Kitchen With Two Fridges

marble counter top add to the luxe element
Photo by: First Team Estates – hgtv.com

Hard to find a kitchen more sleek and elegant than this one with its crisp, white combination heated up by exposed beams and a wood floor. Two stainless-steel fridges and a thick marble counter top add to the luxe element.

11. Black-and-White Island

Dark-walnut floorings, green soapstone counters

Dark-walnut floorings, green soapstone counters, and custom stools (painted Benjamin Moore’s Phelps Black) bring weight to the kitchen’s white island in this Washington, D.C., house. The built-ins and trims are painted Bancroft White by Darryl Carter Colors by Benjamin Moore.

12. Modern Zen

Zen kitchen

Minimalism has taken interior design by storm. Fortunate for us, it is functional, effective, and gorgeous. This Zen kitchen has minor trimmings and bluff, however approves performance, minimalist style, and efficiency.

13. Chef Kitchen With Fireplace and Beams

Chef Kitchen With Fireplace and Beams
Photo by: Windermere Property – hgtv.com

With a fireplace, exposed hammered beam ceilings and the range tucked under an open arch, this premium kitchen has a captivating, old-fashioned feel. Marble counter tops contribute to the luxury ratio.

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14. Budget-Friendly Option

kitchen remodeling, paint changed oak cabinets, purchased off the rack at Lowe's and topped with Ikea's birch slabs

When the objective is rustic simpleness, there’s no have to invest loads on custom-made cabinetry and granite counters, particularly on a kitchen island. For this kitchen remodeling, paint changed oak cabinets, purchased off the rack at Lowe’s and topped with Ikea’s birch slabs, while the same white semigloss brightened stools from Walmart.

15. Island and Diner


This is another wise and inspired method of saving space. Integrate your day-to-day dining area with the kitchen island! This modern-day kitchen island is kitchen on one end and table on the other. The smooth design provides versatility of usage.

16. Monochromatic All-White Modern Kitchen With Long Table Island

Integrate your day-to-day dining area with the kitchen island
Picture by: McEnearney Associates Inc. – hgtv.com

This monochromatic kitchen has white walls, flooring, ceiling, cabinets, chairs and backsplash, while the countertop and long kitchen island tabletop are in black.

Make it multi-level

Make it multi-level

Include another vibrant by creating variation in the height of your island. Using the island for multiple purposes, like consuming and food prep, will both maximize the utility and make it feel like 2 completely various areas. For instance, add a home appliance to one level (like a sink or stovetop) and create a breakfast bar on a higher tier.

Get more storage

open shelving to display cookbooks or other items

In addition to producing more counter area, an island is also a way to include more storage and prevent kitchen mess by using drawers, cupboards and shelves. This is beneficial specifically if devices take up a lot of cabinet room, or if you’re searching for an unique way to display specific items by utilizing open shelving. Store dishes and pots within reach or keep less often utilized home appliances out of the method. Another alternative is to utilize open shelving to display cookbooks or other items.

Use the space above

best stemware

Make the most of having the ability to use the space above the island by adding suspended storage, where you can show a coordinating pan collection or your best stemware. You can likewise explore lighting aspects, or if you have actually chosen to set up a stovetop with overhead venting you can utilize the area for the range hood.

17. Steely White

Stainless-steel counter tops

Stainless-steel counter tops bring a hint of industrial gleam to the kitchen of this Kansas house. Furnished with Pottery Barn stools painted white to match the customized cabinets, the island supplies a location to sit while prepping food.

18. Square and Spacious

square kitchen island design

When you need significant countertop space, get this square kitchen island design. It can likewise work as your casual dining area or the buffet table when amusing.

19. Pet Feeding Station

kitchen island is ideal for a pet feeding station

Are you questioning where to put your animal’s feeding bowls and kibbles? This is the ideal solution! One end of your kitchen island is ideal for a pet feeding station. Bowls repaired at the bottom and drawers for the food at the top.

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