Kinetico Water Softener Reviews: Why Kinetico?

Kinetico Water Softener Reviews – If you are interested in Kinetico, you may need to read some Kinetico water softener reviews. Kinetico is well-known for its industry-leading water softeners with reverses osmosis systems. It’s a product that able to deliver long-lasting comfort for a better home and lifestyle.

More explanation about Kinetico water system will be included later. But, before getting deeper about this water softener, you have to ask yourself how much you need this technology in your house?

Some people might think that it’s not really important to have it installed in your home. Obviously, a water softener will help you with hard water issues you are dealing. If those hard water issues are quite frustrating, you have to consider investing one. But before that, read this review first.

What Is Kinetico?

It’s a company that pioneered the development of the water treatment system which is non-electric, fully automatic. It’s founded in 1970. Since then, Kinetico has grown a lot into a global company that serves more than a hundred countries.

They offer complete water systems that give the highest quality of water to use for drinking and other general activity. The water systems from Kinetico is well-known for its non-electric power. Their water system is powered by moving water.

For Kinetico, fresh water is an important natural resource that we depend upon. With their water system, you will be supported to committed to responsible water use and preservation. It’s done to meet the recent global economic and environmental needs.

How Kinetico Water Softeners Work

Just like many water softener, hard water is softened by removing the magnesium and calcium inside it. The hardness ion is removed when it passes through the resin bead of the softening system. When it happens, there’s an ion exchange process. That makes your pipe deliver only soft water.

The regeneration or cleaning process must be done regularly when the resin bed is full of hardness ions. In the regeneration process, salt is typically used. It restores the resin to a clean state. After that, the ion exchange will begin again.

Kinetico has all the options you need for your house. From the traditional system to multi-tank systems that are powered by moving water.

All Kinetico Products Reviewed

Kinetico water system provides you with complete options that can let you choose any system you want according to the needs in your household. Some people with a big house and a big family would need a big size too for the water softener.

1. Kinetico Premier Series

It’s the best-selling series among other series from Kinetico. The Premier offers maximum performance that provides the highest quality of water for your house. This water system series have already been improved to make them more effective and efficient.

The water softener of Premier Series is ideal for homes with extreme and challenging water conditions. Some of the water softeners in this series have been rated a Consumers Digest Best Buy. Which proves its quality.

The series is specially designed for a home with high water use and larger plumbing. They deliver generous flow rates without losing the water softness. The regeneration is one of the reasons people love this series. This system regenerates at any time to make sure the soft water is always there.

2. Kinetico Signature Series

It’s the second option provided by Kinetico for your efficiency and effectivity. These series offer you with a high-quality resin and generous capacity of the system. It means your water issue will soon be history.

If you have experienced any hassles or inconveniences with other products of water softeners, it will also soon be history with the Signature series. It’s because of the non-electric control valve which is already patented by Kinetico. Your supply of soft water will be unlimited.

One of the features of the Signature series is the twin tanks. This water softener is modeled after the original twin tank, a non-electric system that has been a success to solve water problems for a lot of people worldwide for years.

Kinetico water softener is powered by water flow which is also known as kinetic energy. They will be no electricity involved. It’s the solution to your hard water and soluble iron issues. Also, Signature series softeners regenerate using soft water that will make the system work better.

3. Kinetico Essential Series

If you want your water softener to be simple and compact, this is the series you need to opt. The affordable option of water softener, Kinetico Essential Series. You will be offered with a single-tank water softener with the ease of non-electric operation.

The product from this series system will handle some basic water conditions without the need for a clock, timer or computer. It has a sleek and compact design. If you think the robust system is not needed in your home, this is the perfect solution for its reliability.

Some of the highlight features of the Signature series are quite pleasing. Just like other Kinetico products, the water power would always be the highlight. There will be no more adjusting, repairing, and setting. It’s so simple.

Its rapid regeneration is very supporting to provide soft water anytime you need. It’s got a special feature called AccuDial which is only found in these models. It’s calibrated to function with the efficiency of fine tune. It’s like the water softener is specially designed just for your house.

There’s on-demand regeneration feature that let you monitor the water usage. You can get it regenerated only when needed. Well, this model is the one you should choose if you want to save the budget and have a basic hard water problem.

4. Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

This reverse osmosis system is ready to solve your toughest water problem. Kinetico K5 is designed to be economical and convenient. It would provide a plentiful supply of water in high quality. It’s compact and easy to maintain.

You’ll be provided with the best-tasting water. Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station is very superior in features. It’s got a quickly Technology that allows the system to deliver a strong, steady stream of water everytime you want it.

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This device will significantly reduce more contaminants than other drinking station units. The exclusive feature in this unit is the PureMometer Filter Life Indicator and MACguard filter which is so helpful.

5. Kinetico Dechlorinator

This is a single-tank unit from Kinetico. It’s a simple solution for you who want to get rid of chlorine in your water. It can remove all chlorine in your water for the whole house. You can add this unit as an addition to your Kinetico water softener which is installed on chlorinated water supply.

This unit is designed to be simple and effective. It’s ideal for you if you’re living in a house with lower water flor demands.

6. Kinetico Sulfur Guard Backwashing Filter

This is one of the best water filter products from Kinetico. It’s a sulfur filter that provides a turnkey remedy. It would handle foul-smelling “rotten egg” water. This filter is like no other systems. It doesn’t use multiple treatment stages. The price is also affordable and easy to maintain.

The main reason Kinetico designed this Sulfur Guard Filter is to let you enjoy your water. It’s a dual-tank system unit which doesn’t use any electricity. It works using moving water or water flow.

7. Kinetico Macrolite Backwashing Filter

This water filter unit will reduce certain forms of iron, particulate matter, sediment, and turbidity down to very minimal levels. The operation of this unit is so simple and reliable because it doesn’t use electricity to work.

The word Macrolite on its name type means that it has a Macrolite, a proprietary ceramic media which is only available in Kinetico. It doesn’t use any electricity. So, you will decrease your energy bill a bit.

8. AquaKinetic A200 Drinking Water System

This drinking water system from Kinetico provides a brilliant, economical way to make a better taste and purity of the drinking water in your house. It’s packed with a 3-stage system.

The first stage is the high-capacity pre-filter. The second one is its high-performance reverse osmosis membrane. The last stage is the carbon postfilter. All of those stages will eliminate many kinds of common contaminants from the drinking water.

Because of the compact model, you can install this water system under the sink. Providing a clean, clear, refreshing water to drink for the whole family.

9. Kube Advanced Water Filtration System

This would be the best option you could have when you don’t want to wait for the pitcher to fill which can take a lot of time. Kube can also be a great option when you don’t want a reverse osmosis system.

Kube has a certification from WQA to NSF/ANSI to remove a lot of contaminants in your water. That includes getting rid of the lead from your drinking water up to 99%. You can just simply install it under the sink in your kitchen. With Kube, you can get drinking water directly from the tap.

10. Kinetico MACguard Filter

For a basic filtration under the sink, this compact filter system might come in handy. It’s an excellent choice for you who want to remove unpleasant tastes and odors from your drinking water while the quality is improving.

This MACguard Filter features a Quick Disconnect Filter. It allows you to change the filter quickly, cleanly, and easily. It just needs a quick twist to replace the filter. There’s also a filter life indicator that let you know how much the filter capacity remains.

How Much Kinetico Water Softener Cost

Unfortunately, the price list is not available on Kinetico website. So, you may need to search it on some online stores or hardware stores nearby. Actually, it has become the biggest issues and complaints from the customer with Kinetico.

However, that is what makes Kinetico become infamous despite their absolutely stellar system products. If you want to get to know about the price right away, you may need to contact Kinetico call center directly from your phone.

But, it’s not gonna be that easy. After you contact the company, they will send a representative or salesman to come out to your house. This is the time when they will inspect your house and check what your the needs of your water are. After that, they will finally give you a suitable price.

For the record, you need to prepare a lot of money for installing Kinetico water softener. For the basic water softener, you can expect to pay 500 dollars. For the premium one with all the whistles and bells, it is expected to reach around 5000 dollars.

Some Reviews from Consumers

There are some Kinetico water softener reviews from the consumers that are already try and have the system in their house. Some of them are satisfied, some others are not really. We’ve got this from Google review.

The first review comes from Sheila Hudson. Her family had their reverse osmosis system from Kinetico for years and they have been feeling happy about it. Sometimes, the unit stop working. Then, a technician from Kinetico came out to fix it and it’s still good until now.

Next, it comes from Jerry Paul who was surprised to see there was only one person who installs the system which seems to be extensive. After it’s installed, the systems are working amazingly. His family is pleased with the quality.

The next one comes from Katie S. she has well water which was tested high for nitrates. So, she needs to install a water softener system. She was happy with her choice of Kinetico product. She said the drinking water from the softener is better than any bottled water.

The last one is from Tony Schilling. He was quite surprised about the price that the Kinetico representative gave to him. It seems really expensive. But, his family will get a great quality of water. Then, he decided to install one of the product from Signature series.

Well, those are not all good Kinetico water softener reviews. There are still more you can read on its website and most of them are good feedbacks and compliments.


After reading the whole article about Kinetico water softener reviews on this page, it would get you to be more convinced that Kinetico is indeed the best solution for your hard water problem. So, what are you waiting for?

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