Amazing Kids Playroom Ideas – Fun at Home with Kids

Kids Playroom Ideas – A play space is definitely an essential part of the home. This area serves as a retreat for parents and kids to unwind. If you want to create a cheery zone, you are in the right place. We have rounded up spectacular kids playroom ideas.

You can transform your spare room into a playroom. In case there are no extra square feet to dedicate to a play area, do not worry. Just combine fun play space and bedroom in a style.

Designing a children’s play area is not an easy job. But if you know basic ingredients, you can get everything done successfully. Here, you are going to find chic playrooms. Let’s have a look!

Fun Kids Playroom Ideas

1. Inexpensive Playroom Ideas

Inexpensive Playroom Ideas - 42roomcom
Inexpensive Playroom Ideas – 42roomom

No need to say, play area is obviously filled with a sea of toys. To keep the clutter at bay, you must opt for dual-purpose furniture. It is not only versatile but also fits your low budget and compact space.

In this image, the built-in bench comes with storage underneath. The small rug, green patterned cushion and table cover steal the attention in a flash.

The framed artworks, rainbow throw pillows, colorful polka dots, white paper pendant light, and flowers, all of them amp up the space. Meanwhile, pastel grey walls soothe the mood.

2. Splash of Bold Colors

Splash of Bold Colors - pinterestcom
Splash of Bold Colors –

Playroom is meant to be exciting. That’s the reason you should go for bright shades. Paint the walls white and lime green to get a striking contrast. Then, coat the floor in turquoise paint.

Since the area is spacious, you can divide it into multiple zones. Put a few cute mats on the floor for a more comfortable playtime.

Furthermore, add television, kids slide, toys, legless floor sofas, and vibrant throw pillows to the room. Lastly, install downlights in the ceiling.

3. Integrate Tables into Playroom

Integrate Tables into Playroom - projectnurserycom
Integrate Tables into Playroom –

Do your kids like working on crafts? If yes, you should fill the play space with tables. Here, the wooden tables come in rectangle and round shapes.

White is the dominant player, it gives the playroom clean, open and light setting. And the plenty of glass windows evoke sunny atmosphere. Not to mention, the chairs embrace the retro style.

The zone stays organized. Thanks to the rattan baskets and plastic storage boxes from Walmart. Rainbow rug, throw pillows, sunflowers and DIY garlands beautify the area.

4. Playroom Storage Ideas

Playroom Storage Ideas - hgtvcom
Playroom Storage Ideas –

Live in a limited space? You can go vertical with toy cubbies from IKEA. If you do not like stark white storages, then paint them in baby blue and tangerine orange shades.

Do the same for your walls. Both baby blue walls and white ceiling brighten up the play area. Below someone’s feet are polished concrete floor. It also offers an industrial appeal.

Moreover, an oversized glass door gets sunlight into the space. A striped fabric storage bin is the home of stuffed toys. Plus, the flower-shaped chair and table develop a playful environment.

5. Modern Attic Playroom

Modern Attic Playroom - californiaclosetscom
Modern Attic Playroom –

Alter your dusty attic into a cozy play space. Since attic has slanted walls, you must purchase the low-scale furniture. In addition, you have to choose built-in seating with extra storage.

Install the grey wooden floor. For the walls, paint them crisp white and cornflower blue. And place pastel green, grey and white cabinets on the floor. The glass windows bring daylight into the playroom.

Well-defined lines and sharp edges promote a modern flair. Red and orange throw pillows jazz up the zone. Colorful polka dots and metallic pendant light work as the wow factors.

6. Afternoon Nap Corner

Afternoon Nap Corner - winnerautoworldcom
Afternoon Nap Corner –

A play space is not just for playing with toys, but also taking a nap. This area lets your kids recharge their energy after hours of fun. In this compact yet attractive playroom, the monochrome throw pillows complement a navy tent.

The space-themed wall decal makes your kids’ fantasy run wild. White walls work as the perfect backdrop. Yellow bean bag and floor sofa chair are great to lounge on. The llama plush rocker and stuffed toys elicit endless happiness. Meanwhile, dark wooden floor, patterned shag, and fur rugs layer the room with smooth textures.

7. Stylish Playroom for Boys

Stylish Playroom for Boys - pinterestcom
Stylish Playroom for Boys –

Your young men certainly need their own oasis. So, why not create a playroom for them? Surely, they can optimally use their fantastic imaginations. Plus, the space keeps the boys entertained.

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In this case, the white modern chairs and table match perfectly with the space scheme. Both wooden floor and shag rug add delicate textures to the room.

The striped accent wall, porthole mirror, garland and navy play letters from Etsy develop a manly character. Shelving units and blue storage box host their playthings. Meanwhile, a playroom sign is undeniably custom-made unit.

8. Global-Inspired Wall Decals

Global-Inspired Wall Decals - laurauinteriordesigncom
Global-Inspired Wall Decals –

One word to describe this playroom is marvelous. Look at the world map wall decals. They inject burst of energizing colors into the room. Plus, they channel your children’s inner adventurers.

The red play mat and chairs give the space a bold statement. Green rubber toy and orange legless sofas instantly enliven the whole zone. A chalkboard is functional for teaching your kids numbers and letters.

Dark wooden floor and white walls lend the play area a charming contrast. The glass window brings breathtaking nature inside. Well, you must try these playroom ideas for boy and girl.

9. Show Off the Artworks

Show Off the Artworks - raaschaoscom
Show Off the Artworks –

If you are so proud of your kids’ art projects, why not display them on playroom’s wall? They are not only amazing but also affordable wall decors. Hang clotheslines and using clothespins to exhibit their artworks.

The walls are painted beige, while the floor is covered in tan toned area rug. They set a serene ambiance. A blue-white-and-red paper pendant light offers instant cheerfulness.

This play space stays breezy and airy because of the windows. There are open bookshelves, canvas and wire mesh basket too. Lastly, the turquoise “café”, “read”, and “create” signs produce a unique personality.

10. Include a Fort

Include a Fort - ovdancom
Include a Fort –

Once again, we have to say that a play area must be filled with loads of fun. To realize it, you can add a comfy fort. Like the one pictured here, the unfinished wooden fort pairs well with jungle-themed playroom.

The moss green rug looks like actual grass. Three red and white mushroom stools deliver fairy magic to the space.
Moreover, army green swing and faux trees are glorious items. Both of ivory floor and white walls, all tone down the playroom. A round mirror on the wall provides dimension.

11. Playroom Ideas IKEA

Playroom Ideas IKEA - pinterestcom
Playroom Ideas IKEA –

If your kids are the bookworms, you need to design an inviting reading nook for them. First of all, paint the color baby blue, so the area keeps fresh and youthful.

After that, place floor shelving units and soft grey rugs on the wooden floor. Pile stuffed animal, round tire cushions, vibrant and patterned throw pillows on a rug. Read sign and wall decals complete the scene.

You can also hang sheer canopy from the ceiling. Showcase your children’s favorite stories on the open shelves from IKEA. We promise they love curling up with books.

12. Stunning Tiny Stage

Stunning Tiny Stage - kidsplayroomideasco
Stunning Tiny Stage –

A play space is not complete without a small stage. To begin the project with, install a pink wooden platform. It works as the mini stage for children. Use a C-shaped metal rod and hang multicolored stripped curtains.

The pastel pink walls and white ceiling go very well. You can also spot cute dress rack and piano rug on the wooden floor.

The downlights offer ambient illumination. A microphone stand sits on the platform. You can’t wait to watch your little performers, right?

13. Playroom Ideas for Girls

Playroom Ideas for Girls - dreamhomediywordpresscom
Playroom Ideas for Girls –

We know that girls have lots of imagination. That’s the reason we urge you to turn an underutilized corner in your home into a dress-up station. Your pretty girls absolutely love to spend their times playing dresses up.

As you can see, the dusty rose closet features a long mirror. It blends delightfully with wooden floor. The pastel grey wall and white base molding lend a relaxing atmosphere.

14. Cozy Seating Is the Key

Cozy Seating Is the Key - tracylynnstudiocom
Cozy Seating Is the Key –

If you commit to create a full-time play area, be sure you incorporate comfy seating into it. The room has an ample seating from lime leaf-shaped swivel chair and fern sofa to coral floor pouf and white chairs with floral print cushions.

Powder blue walls help invigorate the zone. The floral painting wonderfully adorns the walls. Built-in open cabinet houses books, puzzles, baskets, and playthings. Paper flowers in the pink container grab the attention quickly.

15. Playroom Ideas for Toddlers

Playroom Ideas for Toddlers - pinterestcom
Playroom Ideas for Toddlers –

Adding a small ball pit to the play area is highly important. It keeps the toddlers entertained as well as enhances their motor’s skills. For a wallet-friendly option, you can utilize a green baby pool and multicolored plastic balls.

It will be better if you include a slide. We believe your little ones have endless enjoyments and thrills. Then, decorate the stark white wall with giant paper flowers in various colors.

So, there is a wealth of kids playroom ideas to meet your expectation. But you need to consider what your children really want too. So, the end result will satisfy you and your kids.

Kids Playroom Decor Pictures


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