Industrial Home Decor Ideas

Industrial Home Decor Ideas – The inspiration for industrial design originally comes from warehouses as well as factories. It becomes so popular due to its organized arrangement. If you are an urban dweller, it is time to explore these great industrial home decor ideas.

Some hallmarks of industrial space are the brick walls, understated wood furniture, metal shelves, and exposed ceiling beams. You will spot baskets, shelves, and storage bins in the industrial-style rooms too.
Today, I’m showing you tons of ways to infuse industrial chic into your home. They can help you visualize your dream space.

Best Industrial Home Decor Ideas

1. Rugged Brick Walls

Rugged Brick Walls - pinterestcom
Rugged Brick Walls –

The aged brick walls give the room classic industrial appeal and rustic appearance. Houseplants bring some life to the scheme. The black planters stand out against bare brick walls.

Black leather sofa, armchair, and wooden planked floor lend the space a dramatic effect. White ceiling exudes a sense of airiness and openness, while the over scale artwork on the gray wall draws the attention.

Wood kitchen island and stools warm up the room. Pendant lights with railroad tie brighten the whole space during the nighttime. White flowers in vase soften the rough look.

2. Industrial Decor Living Room

Industrial Decor Living Room - rhythmofthehomecom
Industrial Decor Living Room –

As seen in the image above, there are metallic tones in the forms of window frames, exposed beams, and chairs. Wooden and leather furniture units offer brown hues. They effectively balance out the coolness of iron and steel elements.

The concrete ceiling instantly introduces the industrial edge. Light gray wooden floor and white walls create a peaceful environment. Natural light enters the living room through the windows.

Black vintage loft pendant lights from AliExpress emphasize the dining table. The framed wall hangings pop on a white backdrop. Flowers and plants liven up the space.

3. Faded Area Rug

Faded Area Rug - home-designingcom
Faded Area Rug –

White ceiling and wall generate an airy atmosphere. They contrast with black built-in bookshelves strikingly. The massive book collection lends the sleeping space character and pops of color.

The skylights and windows keep the space from feeling gloomy. Wooden floor sets a homey ambiance. Meanwhile, metallic pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling. They impart a luxurious air.

The faded monochrome rug fits in well with the surrounding. It tops the wooden floor and pampers the feet. A plush comforter and throw pillows emanate a cozy setting. Floating desk and chair make for a small workstation. What a multipurpose room!

4. Pipe and Wooden Shelves

Pipe and Wooden Shelves - pinterestcom
Pipe and Wooden Shelves –

This home office is furnished with a streamlined L-shaped wood desk and sleek cabinets. Black leather swivel chair and armchair provide ultra-comfy seating. Along with the gray wall and black ceiling, they project a masculine vibe.

Underfoot is a textured solid black rug. Conical ceiling lights illuminate the entire area once the sun goes down. The iron window celebrates clean, modern aesthetic.

Metal and wood built-in shelves accommodate vintage decorative pieces. They contribute to the engineered look of the home office. The plant in the geometric vase shakes up the industrial style bit. Wall art brings the room together.

5. Simple yet Attractive Wall Art

Simple yet Attractive Wall Art - thesprucecom
Simple yet Attractive Wall Art –

Here, the white-painted brick wall gives the bedchamber the rustic feel. It is such a high contrast to the black concrete wall. The ceiling is covered in reclaimed wood planks. Fur blanket and a natural jute rug from World Market cozy the room up.

The iron framed double-hung window allows in plenty of sunlight. Therefore, the sleepy space appears welcoming and open. White base molding and headboard evoke a sense of modernity.

The oversized framed print acts as an industrial bedroom decor. It fills the empty black wall well. Side table, wall sconce, and ceiling light soften the straight lines as well as sharp edges.

6. Industrial Decor Kitchen

Industrial Decor Kitchen - homebnccom
Industrial Decor Kitchen –

This culinary space employs black gridded memo board. It displays vintage recipe chalkboard and adornments. The wall backdrop allows the grid board to be more noticeable.

Concrete, porcelain, and white subway tiles are used throughout the kitchen. They offer various textures to the cooking space, while metal egg holder ups the industrial vibe.

Wooden storage cubes exemplify a warm atmosphere. The wall-mounted chicken wire cabinets are coated in black paint. They do not only keep dishware and containers in place but also cement industrial country flair.

7. Exposed Stove Pipe

Exposed Stove Pipe - impressiveinteriordesigncom
Exposed Stove Pipe –

I extremely love this two-story house. There are a living room, dining area, kitchen, home library, bedroom, and relaxation spot. The whitewashed wooden ceiling and brick walls are rustic on their own.

Red kitchen island adds boldness and positive energy to the whole room. Pendant and ceiling lights cast a bright glow during evening hours. The painting and works of art embellish stark walls.

The wood-burning metal stove heats up the space. Raw wood floor highlights furniture units and area rugs. Colorful flowers and chevron throw pillows make the home more enchanting.

8. Unconcealed Wood Ceiling Beams

Unconcealed Wood Ceiling Beams - pinterestcom
Unconcealed Wood Ceiling Beams –
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Bare brick wall delivers rough texture and a homey ambiance to the kitchen. A white clock looks outstanding against the brick backdrop. Black metal framed windows and doors ooze industrial flavor.

The wooden ceiling beams are dipped in white paint. Along with sleek kitchen cabinets, floor, and wall open up the cooking space. It seems more expansive than it actually is. A black pendant light in the night lights the room.

Black and stainless steel chairs magnify the industrial charm. Wooden storage box and dining table top take the chill off metal elements. Many indoor plants breathe some life into the kitchen.

9. Burlap Window Blinds

Burlap Window Blinds - pinterestcom
Burlap Window Blinds –

White ceiling contrasts gorgeously with black walls. The built-in shelves house framed monochrome photographs, books, and decorative items. Brown leather chair offers timeless opulence and maximum comfort.

Black metal framed double-hung windows help maintain a light-filled home office. Meanwhile, black burlap window blinds from Amazon block harsh sun’s rays. A black metal orb chandelier draws the eye up.

The worn traditional rug and upholstered curvy chair promote an inviting ambiance. Tall potted plant brings the outdoors inside. Gold accents demonstrate a glamorous industrial home office.

10. Industrial Decor Accessories

Industrial Decor Accessories - laceainariecom
Industrial Decor Accessories –

This small home office is outfitted with wood and metal shelving unit. It holds stacks of books and vintage finds. The rough white-painted walls convey an aura of masculinity, while black and wood desk produces a cohesive look.

Above the shelving unit is an antique metal clock. Due to its large size, it steals the spotlight in seconds. The rusty corrugated metal wall panel lends the workstation industrial appeal.

The wood-planked floor generates the rustic look but in a refined way. Wall hangings and desk lamp pepper the space with personality. Blue metal stool from eBay exhibits a happy working environment.

11. Industrial Decor on Pinterest

Industrial Decor Pinterest - pinterestcom
Industrial Decor Pinterest –

White foundation keeps this living room bright, open, and serene at the same time. The white framed oversized windows bring an abundance of sunlight into the indoor space.

Wood bead board ceiling adds a sense of loftiness to the area. The sleek wood table and floor proudly show off nature’s rawness. Vintage rolling cart, tufted mattress, and throw pillows result in a cozy chilled-out spot.

Gray and cream sheepskin rugs, upholstered chairs, and throw pillows snug up the space. Natural wood hues rival the metallic tones. Flowers in vase and wall hangings round out the industrial-style room.

12. Brick Wall and Hanging Bike

Brick Wall and Hanging Bike - pinterestcom
Brick Wall and Hanging Bike –

This living room features spiral staircase, round side table, gray upholstered sofa, and mid-century modern chairs from Amazon. The marble coffee table makes a sumptuous statement.

Light blue classic area rug imparts a serene environment. Aged brick wall is the hallmark of industrial interior. Black metal shelving unit in the corner of the room stores ornamental pieces. Wooden floor heightens the homey atmosphere. Bike and plant on the brick wall beautify the neutral-toned space.

13. Metal Stools and Shelving Units

Metal Stools and Shelving Units - kathykuohomecom
Metal Stools and Shelving Units –

Here is another kitchen with an industrial flavor. The hardware, gray kitchen island, and cabinets give the space masculine tones.

White ceiling, wall, and backsplash tiles introduce a clean setting. Black metal stools, vintage pendant lights, and shelving units add depth.

The marble counter overhang and under-countertop seating lead to a chic breakfast bar. Two-tone diagonal floor tiles are the showstoppers.

14. Industrial Style Bathroom

Industrial Design Ideas - pinterestcom
Industrial Design Ideas –

Polished concrete ceiling and walls undoubtedly embrace industrial design. The mirror, glass wall, and windows lend the bathroom modern aesthetic.

Wicker basket, wooden floating vanity, and stool balance out the coolness of the metal pipe ceiling lights. Rolled towels and oval bathtub infuse a spa-like vibe.

Patterned floor tiles add visual interest without overwhelming the space. The wall art keeps the bathroom from becoming empty, while potted plant cleans the air.

15. Industrial Bedroom with a Feminine Feel

Industrial Bedroom with a Feminine Feel - onekindesigncom
Industrial Bedroom with a Feminine Feel –

Who says industrial decor is just for men? That’s not true. In this picture, the woman’s bedroom celebrates industrial aesthetic. It employs a white brick wall, reclaimed ceiling beams, and a metal-framed window.

The end bench and traditional armchair provide comfortable seating. Tufted headboard, blanket, bedsheet, and textured throw pillows contribute to the snug ambiance of the room.

Wooden floor and area rug instill a warm sleep environment. Fluffy pendant light and purple flowers soften the sharp edges. The bedroom is also bursting with bold colors, thanks to framed artwork.

Essentially, industrial design is about attaining the aesthetic balance. It is both engineered and organic. Use any of those industrial home decor ideas. I guarantee your abode has a unique mood and look.

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