Tips and Guidance on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding – If you have a kitchen’s furniture for long time usage, there must be a possibility of the furniture being broken or damaged. Yet it can be repaired without spending a lot of money. How? In this article, I will explain how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding clearly, hopefully.

Most people start to complain about mushrooms and termites that emerge on the cabinets. It is because of the moist of the kitchen’s cabinets.

Bad humidity will affect wooden furniture to be easily broken and damaged, including the emergence of mushrooms and termite on its surface. When this thing happens, you need to start fixing them before it gets worse.

One of the effective ways to clean and eliminate mushrooms and termites on the kitchen’s cabinet is by painting them. It is aimed to make the surface of the cabinets covered with paint and clean the mushrooms breed.

Mushrooms and termites will cause the damages on the wood and even worse will make the durability getting bad. Not need confused and looking for furniture repair, because it will cost you more money.

So that means you can just do it by yourself with these easy tips and guidance. What is needed and how to do it will be explained in the following easy steps.

Eliminate the Old Painting Layer

Before start repair cabinets porous, first, you should eliminate the old layer of the paint. The old paint layer can be removed with various kind of ways, start from a heating gun to with some type of chemical ingredients like paint stripper and also thinner.

You can choose one of the best to remove the old paint. Here I recommend you to use chemical paint cleaners, specifically. You can buy this material on online shopping like eBay and Amazon, and they are easy to be found with various kinds of brands.

These materials and tools are necessary to be prepared:

  • Paint stripper
  • Tool scraper can use scrape knife
  • Basin
  • Spray Place
  • Brush
  • Duster
  • Gloves
  • Mask
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How to do it:

  1. Read the instructions; don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves because chemical ingredients are harmful to your skin. Make sure you understand the instructions on the product package.
  2. Pour the paint stripper on container or basin, then dip it in with a brush and apply it on the surface of wooden kitchen’s cabinets. You can also use tool spray by filling the ingredients and spray it on the surface of the wood.
  3. Wait for some minutes, let the reaction of the chemical ingredients and it will react with bring up bubbles.
  4. Try to erode it by using scrape knife, follow it all on the surfaces that have started to peel off and collect the peeling paint in one container. Throw it away.
  5. Clean the surface with a dry cloth to remove the dust and it is now ready to be painted with new paint.

After you clean up the paint layer on the kitchen’s cabinet surface, you will see holes in the wood. The holes appear because of the termites and you need putty wood to fix it. Use putty water-based wood-like BioColours to fill up the holes. You can get it on e-bay or Amazon.

When applying the putty wood, make sure you fill it up all over the holes, use knife scrape to flat it all over.

Resetting the Color with White Paint

After the layers cleaning have been done, it’s now for you to choose the type of paint that will be used. For minimalist style, white color of paint will be reliable for your kitchen’s cabinets. Besides, the color will add a clean and bright atmosphere in the kitchen.

I recommend you to use BioColours. It has a solid paint color and very suitable for your kitchen. Its water-based paint is very suitable to be applied to the kitchen’s cabinets that are already applied with putty wood water. And this product will save the top layers of the cabinet’s surface.

For applying the white paint with BioColours product, follow these steps:

  • Prepare BioColours primer coat which is already mixed with water ratio of 2:1 water inside a glass. Pour the primer coat onto tube tool, and spray it.
  • Start applying to all over the wood surface. Do it from top to bottom without stopping, so the results will be even. Wait for it to dry.
  • If the primer coat cannot cover the wood color and the fiber, you can apply it again. Then prepare BioColours white color which has mixed with deep water container. Use the ratio of paint and water that 2:1 water and stir until it even.
  • Pour it into tube tool spray, and then do it the same way as primer coat application.
  • Layer end is BioColours topcoat gloss. Prepare it with a container and pour the topcoat with water, ingredients will be 2:1 water, stir until it blended. Then pour it into the spray gun.
  • Apply the same way to make it evenly covered the entire surface. This final layer needs 24 hours to dry. You can leave it in the rooms and let it dry overnight.

To sum it up, you need to do several things before painting your kitchen cabinets. The several things eliminate the old painting layer, preparing the necessary tools, and resetting the color with white paint.

The necessary tools you’re going to need are paint stripper, scrape knife, basin, spray place, brush, duster, gloves, and mask. The final two tools are the obliged equipment needed for your own safety.

The rest of the job will be painting the kitchen cabinets in any possible color. Match the new color you want to apply with the concept of the kitchen or simply paint them in their original color. But then again, for the sake of your good mood, apply your favorite color instead!

Well, if you apply those steps by yourself, it will cost less money than hiring people to do it. These easy steps on how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding are very easy to be done at home. The ingredients and materials used can be bought easily in shops.


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