Easy Tips on How to Clean Water Softener [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

How to Clean Water Softener – Most of the water softeners that you can buy in the market like amazon or ebay was based on the technology which replacing the magnesium and calcium ions that cause the water hardness which also known as the “ion exchange” shortly, the incoming hard water will pass through the tank or called “resin tank” contains the resin beads that been oversaturated along with sodium.

Then the hard water ions will stick themselves with the resin beads and replacing the sodium as the exchange to be released to the water. When you land on this article, then you might wonder about how to clean water softener?

In order to make it works efficiently, then the salt-based softener should be regenerated regularly which also known as the “regeneration cycle”.

To do that, then you need the second tanks or brine tank fill up with the salt crystals. Mixed along with the salt dissolves water into the brine. The brine will be drawn to the resin tank where it will recharge the resin beads along with sodium and cleaning the magnesium and calcium which been built up over the time. You can get easy tips to clean water softener below.

How to clean water softener?

Step 1

Firstly, arrange the schedule of cleaning. You should know that modern water softener can be used without cleaning for 5 to 10 years. You can clean them only using our water which turned into hard. For older moderns, especially the electric model should get the annual cleaning to get most.

Step 2

Empty your tank. You are able to use the bypass valve to turn off that water intake. Removing all of the water from the tank, then you can start to rid of the salt and throw away. You should keep the waster stay away from your garden since salt can kill your plants. Then you can break down the block or the bridge of salt with hot water if needed.

Step 3

You can eliminate the salt water from the base of that tank. There are some models have the mesh platform which placed in the base of the brine tank. Then you have to remove it first before you start cleaning.

Step 4

Scrub it with the soapy water. You can mix a big amount of dish soap into one or even two gallons. Then you can pour it into the tank and start to scrub into all of the parts inside the tank by using the long-handled brush to make it easier.

Step 5

After that, you can rinse the tank. Remove all of the soapy water and rinse with the water.

Step 6

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You can clean your tank with the bleach. Then you can add into ¼ glass around 60 ml bleach into 2 or 3 gallons water inside the tank. Then stir it and let it around 15 minutes to clean up the tank. Major organisms cannot grow inside the high concentrated brine, but this is a good way to ensure it.

Step 7

You can rinse and start to refill it. You have to rinse the bleach carefully. If there is no contact inside the tank, then you can put it back. You can refill the tank with the salt and water as usual. You should wait at least a few hours before generating the tank to provide the salt to dissolve first.

How often should I regenerate my water softener?

If you wonder about how often the water softener should be recharged or regenerated, it was controlled by a valve from the water softener system. The valve or known as the control valve acts as the brain of the softener system because it gives command on when your water softener needs to regenerate.

But, this is better to discuss why regeneration occurs. Over the time, the resin of water softener will be completely covered up the hardness minerals and should be cleaner. And this is when the backwashing happens – in order to make regeneration system or ready to start the softening process again.

There are some softener models come with different valve types. However, the water softener regenerates when the valve asks to start the regeneration process. There are two types of regenerations which been used in water softening, it’s all depending on the valve type that you have.

In the regeneration of time-initiated, the clock on the valve usually set up so that the regeneration was done after a few days and on the specific time when low water usage. This process will repeat at least once a week as a minimum.

A professional will set up your valve’s setting based on the quality of your water, the use of water, the size of a resin tank and number persons who living there and so on. If there is a demand of regeneration system then untreated water was also available throughout automatic internal bypass.

Both of regenerations had been worked well for many years. The demand of regeneration is often considered the more efficient way in the use of salt and water use because the system only regenerates when it had used up its capacity of water softening rather than just regenerating on the given day.

How much does it cost to service a water softener?

the water softener repair cost usually ranges around $150 up to $735. The average was been limited to $442. Along with the lower budget, it’s estimated to pay around $65 – a high end can cost you around $1,695. You should know, when you repairing the water softener, then this is also important to think some factors around the distillers, the complexity of your water softener and the house system as well.

When your water purification cannot work well, it might come from the distiller that stop working in the normal speed. The best way to finish it is always patient and wait a der hour so that the distiller can meet with your water needs. You can get more information related to how to clean water softener in this information.

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