5 Easy Steps How to Clean Kitchen Floor

How to Clean Kitchen Floor – If it is compared to other floors in your home, the kitchen floor is the most slippery. It is needed for you to know 5 easy steps on how to clean the kitchen floor. It’s because the cooking method for most Indonesian dishes aside from boiled is fried.

It’s still rare to use an oven or microwave. Delicious, indeed, but the side effect is that the room becomes greasy, especially the floor. Because the kitchen is vulnerable to cooking activities, there is definitely a lot of oil fluid that hit the walls, tables, and kitchen floor. Well, the slippery feel due to this oil is usually stubborn.

So, just mopping it is not enough.  Apart from causing a disgusting sense on the feet caused by oil, it makes the floor dull and even worse: invites pests, like cockroaches. In order to avoid accidents, falls, or cockroaches, you’re about to read a few tricks to clean the kitchen floor to make it shiny and clean.

But prior to that, there are some finishes that people use for their kitchen floor. Different finishing leads to a different way of cleaning. Four of them are vinyl, ceramic tile, wood laminate, and hardwood. Generally speaking, here is how to clean them.

How to Clean Kitchen Floor

Cleaning Vinyl Floor

It is easiest to maintain and clean. The cleaning supplies you need are only broom, warm water, bucket, Ivory mild dish detergent, soft cloth or brush with rubber bristles, mop, Armstrong Once ‘N Done No-Rinse Floor Kitchen, and clean towels.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floor

The ceramic tile flooring needs very low maintenance. Therefore, the cleaning process is also easy. You don’t need any special supplies in order to clean such flooring aside from broom, sponge or mop, warm water, dish detergent, and bucket. Super easy!

Cleaning Wood Laminate Floor

Besides the usual cleaning equipment, you’ll need white vinegar mixed with water to be the solution in the process. You shouldn’t pour the solution directly on top of this type of floor because it’d only damage the finishing. Use soft cloth instead.

Cleaning Hardwood Floor

Water is banned for cleaning hardwood floor. The standing water on top of such surface only discolors the finishing. And it costs you a lot of money and time to fix the mistake. Thus, special cleaner for hardwood floor and microfiber mop are the recommended cleaning supplies.

Now, let’s move to the tricks to clean the kitchen floor in the form of special cleaning supplies!

Cleaning Hacks

1. Absorbing the Oil Using Tissue Paper or Newspaper

Tissue paper can absorb oil. However, you will be even more wasteful if you wipe the oily floors with it. Replace it with plain paper, the unused newspaper for instance. Wipe all parts of the floor that were greasy with newspapers.

Splashes of cooking oil that hit the wall, the table, and the floor are the main cause of kitchen slippage. So, when you first want to clean the kitchen floor, the mandatory and first step is to try to eliminate and absorb the oil splashes.

Materials that can absorb oil on the kitchen floor, for example, are tissue paper and newspaper. But right, if you remove oil using tissue paper, it will be very wasteful!

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So you should absorb the oil on the kitchen floor with newspaper thoroughly to the corners of the floor. After that, the kitchen floor is ready to be cleaned.

2. Sprinkle with Salt and Flour

Yes, sprinkle salt or flour on a slippery floor. Flour and salt will absorb the remaining oil. Then clean the remaining flour and salt with clean newspaper, not the one you used before.

If you are still not sure that the oil on the kitchen floor is completely gone, maybe you can try sprinkling the floor with salt or flour.

Why? Why salt or flour? Because when it turns out, sprinkle salt or flour on the kitchen floor is oily. Then wait a while. Only after that, Buddy Roofing can clean the remaining salt or flour used with new newspaper.

3. Using Dishwashing or Floor Cleaning Liquid

Dish soap tends to be able to clean oil or grease on a slippery surface, such as the floor. Mix one teaspoon of dish soap with warm water, then wipe the slippery floor with a soft sponge. Rinse with a damp cloth dipped in warm water.

Warm water will lift oil, especially those in the hemisphere. After pouring it to the floor with salt or flour, continue the cleansing stage using a soap dish.

Compared to the floor cleaning fluid, dish soap is usually more effective at removing oil on the kitchen floor. This is because the oil itself contains fat so that by cleaning it using dish soap is the same as lifting dirt from food furniture.
In this way, you don’t have to mop the floor many times until the oil is completely gone.

4. Moping the Floor Regularly

After that, mop the floor as usual. Let the floor dry. Then sweep it back to avoid any leftovers or crumbs on the floor. It would be better if you use a mop liquid that has the aroma of pine so that it makes the kitchen feel fresher and no longer smell fishy.

Slippery floors make you at risk of slipping and falling if not careful. In addition, stains on the floor can also make the kitchen floor blurry and dull so it is uncomfortable to look at. One common way to do this is to mop the floor.

You can mop the kitchen floor twice every week. Use a microfiber mop to be more maximal in lifting oil. However, don’t forget to clean the mop whenever it’s used because if the mop is left idle it will make the floor greasy after cleaning up.

5. Wipe the Kitchen Floor Every Day or With Weekly Schedule

Do not let the kitchen floor dirty, sticky, and oily. But, don’t also immediately mop the oily kitchen floor. Sweep the accumulated dirt first. Make sure every corner of the kitchen, including coarse dust, has been lifted with a broom.

You also have to make sure this job has cleaned the leftover food that has fallen on the floor. If the oily floor is immediately pressed, then the oil will be difficult to remove because the floor is greasy like food scraps that fall to the floor are still there.

This makes you have to mop the floor before finally completely free of oil. You can mop it with an arranged schedule to make sure everything’s on set.

After knowing the steps of how to clean the kitchen floor above, yours will no longer be slippery and opaque. This is because lime can absorb fat and remove dirt on the floor so that the floor is clean again.

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