How to Build Outdoor Kitchen – Ultimate Tips and Guides

How to Build Outdoor Kitchen – Kitchen in the old days means a place with dark, isolated room and only for cooking. Nowadays, how to build an outdoor kitchen seems to be everyone’s basic knowledge.

An outdoor kitchen is favored by almost everybody!

The new concept and design allow a family to have such enjoyable mealtime in the kitchen. As I said earlier, the kitchen experience has a big change in history. However, today’s kitchen is not as small as it used to be.

With the modern concept and design, the kitchen can be even larger and more comfortable. And it even becomes one of the most favorite and delightful places in the house. In the modern age, the kitchen sometimes is built with an open floor plan.

It is aimed to be possibly changed. Kitchen concept also can be more integrated with other rooms. It can be designed like a family room as well. That means a family can have time for both a delightful meal and quality time together in one place.

Things to Know Before Building Outdoor Kitchen

How about an outdoor kitchen? Well, that sounds good! Exactly! The modern age has allowed everyone to be more creative in designing their houses. The kitchen is the most important part in the house and it needs a little more touch as well as refining design.

In designing an outdoor kitchen, know some important things before you build it. Here are some necessary things you should know.

  • An outdoor kitchen is usually placed together with a backyard so that the concept will be open or without the roof. The roof that should be in the kitchen will only cover a sink drain and water tap.
  • In some cases, house developer will offer a house with an indoor kitchen which means the kitchen will be included in one package with the house.
  • If you want the housing developer to provide an outdoor kitchen, it will charge an additional cost to build it with the design and concept are provided.
  • You can actually build one yourself and it will very beneficial. The benefits will be like you will know the exact amount of cost spent and the most important is it can be built according to your preference.

Building Outdoor Kitchen Efficiently

The four important things above might be your considerations before building an outdoor kitchen. It is important to know what should do and don’t when you try to build a kitchen, especially the outdoor one.

It is so that you can prepare the materials and money to build one as you please. Then, how to build an outdoor kitchen with less money and more creativity? Here are some tips to start building your outdoor kitchen.

First, the outdoor kitchen built in an open area.

You do not need a roof, but to make it feel warmer you can place a canopy as the roof. It cost you less money than other materials. For canopy material, polycarbonate is the cheapest one and has the power to hold down to hot the sun very well.

Second, build the kitchen near the backyard or garden in your house.

To be noted, a quarter of the kitchen area should be covered for air circulation to avoid hot temperature while you cooking. You can cover it with plastic fiber.

The position of the plastic fiber should be right above the garden or backyard. It is aimed to avoid the stream of the rainwater fall onto your kitchen floor. It is also good to supply natural light to the kitchen area.

Third, build a semi-open outdoor kitchen by opening half of the room.

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The design will be like the closed part of the kitchen for your stove, sink drain, and cabinets, while the rest is for tables and other ornaments.

This concept requires you to be more creative in designing and building your outdoor kitchen. The most important thing in the kitchen is the delicious food and delightful experience while eating. That’s the point!

Important Things Before Building Outdoor Kitchen

The three concepts of outdoor design above may help you in designing your kitchen. You should be creative in developing each concept so that your dream outdoor kitchen will be as comfortable as you want.

Then, how to manage the outdoor kitchen? You should keep these important things in mind before building your outdoor kitchen.

Don’t build it close to the garage

Keep away the kitchen from the garage because every time you heat your car, the smoke exhaust will get in the kitchen and stick to on some stuff in the kitchen. As a result, the stove and cooking equipment become not hygienic.

Buy cooking equipment with good durability

Since the kitchen is outside, you need to be careful about your cooking equipment. You should buy the most durable equipment that is not easy to be broken.

Sometimes, when it’s windy, your cabinets may be blown and everything’s falling down. So, keep that in mind. The price might be more expensive, but the period of usage time will be longer. E-bay and Amazon are good stores to find great stuff for your kitchen.

Install permanent canopy roof

Do not let the kitchen open without the roof. At a minimum, use canopy for cover parts of the kitchen, so that you could comfortably cook whatever the weather; rainy or sunny.

It is also aimed to make enough lighting coming to your kitchen. That will be good for your cooking experience.

Don’t put all kitchen stuff outside

Do not keep all of the cooking equipment outside. Your outdoor kitchen should only contain a stove, sink, and the dining set. While all equipment to cook and eat should be permanently saved inside, so it’s not easy to be broken.

Keep away from the laundry place

You should build your outdoor kitchen away from your laundry place. The reason is that your food aroma could be blown away by wind and stick on to your clothes.

You certainly wouldn’t want your clothes to smell like your food and be washed many times. That must be tiring. So don’t!

Well, after you find out how to build outdoor kitchen, you can now start to consider the concept, design, and then the location in your house. The kitchen should be the best and comfortable place to cook and having a meal with family. Good luck!


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