Harvey Water Softener Reviews: Why You Need it

Harvey Water Softener Reviews – Reading the Harvey water softener reviews from some website must contain some good feedbacks from costumers. But, if you want to know more about Harvey’s product of water softener and what so great about it, you may wanna stay on this page.

Having water softeners become very important if the hardness of your water supply is quite high. The hard water needs to be processed through some kind of mechanism in order to turn it into soft. Soft water is a better quality of water for your households. That’s why you need a water softener.

What Harvey Water Softeners is

Harvey is the name of a brand that’s well-known for their water softener products. Their line of products has improved and expanded throughout the years since they jumped into this business. This brand has been the number 1 manufacturer and seller of water softener in the UK.

Harvey began manufacturing their products 35 years ago. The name Harvey comes from their founder named Harvey Bowden. He began his success road by convincing people that their water needs to be softened by water softeners.

The brand has grown a lot since then. Harvey manufactures their products not only in the UK but also all over Europe. Harvey promises to deliver great quality with the best prices in order to make the product perfect for anyone.

With the water softeners from Harvey, you will experience the benefits of soft water for your household, healthy life, and happiness of the family.

The Benefits of Having Harvey Water Softener

It’s clearly a money-saving option for your home and health. The heating system in your house will work more efficient because of it. The cleaning bills will also be reduced by over half. And, the appliances will last longer than using other water softeners.

Water softener presence will make you feel great because you won’t be needing more cleaning to do. Then, your skin will be healthy and the hair will be shinier. The showers will give you more bubbly.

There are still more benefits you can get by having softened water to be used in your house. So, the presence of water softener can be considered important.

Features in Harvey Water Softener Products

  • It’s got twin cylinder design that can give you soft water for 24 hours non-stop
  • It uses a non-electric system that is powered by water pressure
  • You won’t waste any water because of the metering system which is pretty accurate
  • The best selling domestic water softener brand in the UK
  • The system is approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)
  • It uses about 17 liters water for regeneration.
  • You can use any form of salt including table salt, pebble salt, or block salt.

All Harvey Water Softener Products

If your concern about the Harvey water softener reviews, here are all the three water softeners from Harvey you need to know more about:

1. The Harvey Water Softener HV3 Model

This model is actually the most popular and best-selling one among all the threes. It’s also known as the Harvey’s Block Salt Water Softener because its top up of black salt. The salt block is used because it’s more efficient and easy to load. So, there will be no more mess.

This HV3 model from Harvey can help you eliminate all the domestic scale and scum. The body covered with a compact design with its twin cylinder. This product is non-electric so it doesn’t affect your electric bill at all.

It’s packed with an accurate metering system, similar to all Harvey’s water softeners, which supplies soft water without interruption for your standard-sized house. It operates straight from under the sink in the kitchen.

2. The Harvey Water Softener HVX

This water softener model is quite similar to the HV3 model but it’s slightly larger. This is also the black salt water softener that has a special container which can receive salt blocks. The design is quite similar but the color is not the same. The HVX has the body in all white color.

The size is quite suitable for a household that has 3 to 4 bathrooms or more. You can put it under the kitchen sink just like the HV3 model. Even though it’s larger, the design is made fit to the kitchen lower cabinet.

It has a compact design structure but the capacity is pretty high. It’s a small water softener who has the highest capacity among other small products. The twin cylinder design is still the same with the HV3 model.

The design and features are combined into this model to satisfy the demands of water for the larger home. This water softener from Harvey doesn’t need any programming. You don’t need to do regular maintenance too. Just fill it up with block salt whenever it runs out.

3. The Harvey Water Softener Big Blue

This is the most unique model of all the three models released by Harvey. Just like its name, it’s blue and it’s big. This is the largest model from Harvey which is designed for bigger homes. It’s also perfect to be installed for business purposes.

Even though it looks so different, it still uses the same twin cylinder design. With that cylinder design, you can be ensured that your house enjoys soft water supply without interruption. You can fit this Big Blue to the mains water supply.

The size is obviously bigger than the other products from Harvey but you can still fit it under your kitchen sink. I guess, the size of the lower cabinet under the sink should be larger than the ordinary.

This model is quite different with HV3 and HVX in term of salt form. If the other two use salt block, the big blue uses table salt to work. It’s packed with 10kg and 25kg bags of tablet salts that you can just fill it up from the top of the machine when it runs out of salt.

To continue the Harvey water softener reviews, it’s good to learn more other products that are available on Harvey’s website which is related to water softening too. Here is a range of products that suits for soft water house which is recommended by Experts.

4. Harvey’s Block Salt

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If you have a Harvey water softener running in your house, you have to get salt from Harvey too. Because Harvey salt would definitely work great for Harvey softener, that’s logic. We won’t talk about the logic anyway, it’s already proven by many households.

Block salt is very essential for Harvey’s water softener. It helps the machine runs effectively and efficiently. You may still ask why block salt is the best option for water softeners?

Once, the salt for a water softener is only available in a form of big bags of tablets and granules. Using those bags made it awkward to load and heavy too. It took up a lot of space in the storage. That’s why Harvey invented a salt in a form of a block.

Yes, Harvey is the first brand that sold block salt in the 80s. It went on the market in 1995 that changes the industry forever.

Why choosing block salt? It’s easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to load. Harvey’s salt is food grade, so don’t worry about that. The price is in a range from 20 pounds to 53,40 according to the number of packs.

5. Harvey’s Drinking Water Tap

Having a new water softener could bring joy to the entire home. You will have a cleaner home and a better quality of water for the family. But, some people just don’t want to drink softened water. They prefer to drink non-softened water.

So, a drinking water tap will come in handy at this point. Using a drinking tap water, you can get non-softened water which will be delivered via a bypass system to the sink.

Actually, drinking salt water is perfectly safe for everyone. The decision of installing this drinking tap water is based solely on the taste of the water. If you like the taste of softened water, this product wouldn’t be necessary.

You can just order a drinking tap with the water softener. There are some styles available for you to match with your personal taste and kitchen style.

6. Harvey’s Washing Powder

The washing powder from Harvey is not just an ordinary powder. It’s a specially formulated washing powder that doesn’t contain extra chemicals and agents. The powder is super concentrated non-bio that’s filled in a dispenser which is easy to pour. There will be less powder to use than others.

There are many other benefits of using washing powder from Harvey, such as:

  • Brilliant whiteness
  • Good for skin
  • Better for the environment
  • No fabric conditioner required
  • Softer and Brighter Clothing
  • Naturally Softening

According to the website of Harvey, Harvey’s washing powder costs about 12.23 pounds per bottle. There’s a package option with a better price. You can buy 3 bottles for 29.94 pounds which saves a bit of your money.

7. Harvey’s Water Filter Tap

It’s an alternative to water filter jugs. Water filter taps are quite popular to provide filtered drinking water directly from the kitchen tap 24/7. You don’t need to changing filters and refiling jugs regularly. Just enjoy the filtered water anytime you want.

The drinking water filters from Harvey are designed to give you water with a great taste directly from the tap. It has an innovative design that you can be installed quickly. In the box, there’s an installation kit. You can install it by yourself if you want, or let our qualified plumbers do it.

Each of the filters is built to be used for only 12 months. So, you need to buy a new filter after a year of use. Water Filter Tap will provide you with some benefits like great taste of water, saving money, and easy installation.

Harvey replacement Drinking Water Filter which is named as Phosphate / GAC costs 51.48 pounds each.

8. Harvey Crown Water Softener 15mm Standard Install Kit & Softener

It’s the least expensive water softener kit. It costs about 895 pounds. Outside the official website of Harvey Water Softener, there some other product with the name Harvey. It’s the Harvey Crown Water Softener. There are three choices available for this water softener according to the Kit.

9. Harvey Crown Water Softener 15mm Full Flow Install Kit & Softener

It’s the medium expensive option of this water softener. This option includes an installation kit that worths 60 pounds. The price for the full unit with the kit is 940 pounds.

10. Harvey Crown Water Softener 22mm High Flow Install Kit & Softener

Basically, all of the water softener options are the same. What makes each of the option different is the installation kit. The last one is the most expensive one. It costs 955 pounds with an installation kit that worths 82.50 pounds.

The Prices of Harvey Water Softener

This is the important part if you plan to have Harvey’s product in your home. The range of the price is between 800 to 900 pounds. It depends on the package you choose. It’s actually a great price. You can compare to other softeners that can cost you about a thousand pounds.

Based on its website, harveywatersoftener.com, there are only three water softener products available. All of them are explained above. As you noticed, there is no exact explanation of price for those water softeners. Well, you have to contact their service to let them know what you need.

At least, you already know the range of budget you need to prepare to get Harvey as your water softener brand to choose. Just do some more considerations before buying. In the end, it would be worth the investment.


The presence of water softener is very much needed in homes especially who have a high-level hardness of water. Harvey is one of the best brands you can rely on when it comes to choosing water softener. Reading those Harvey water softener reviews is highly recommended.

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