Garage Storage and Organization Ideas – Smart Ways to Revinent Your Garage

Garage Storage Ideas – Need some garage storage ideas to make everything so organized? Having a well-organized garage is just what everyone needs in their house. There’s usually not much room left in the garage for your cars when you already have so much stuff takes a lot of space.

Between the bikes, ladders, golf clubs, various tools, and more, you have to find the right way to keep the garage space as spacious as it could. You will need some smart space tricks to regain more space.

It’s time to get your garage ready to accommodate all of your belongings with these ingenious garage storage ideas.

TOP Garage Storage Ideas

1. Garage Storage with Tracks

Garage Storage Ideas with Tracks - pinterestcom
Garage Storage Ideas with Tracks –

Installing tracks on the garage wall is one of the easiest ways to save a lot of space on the floor. This track system will turn a wall into an opportunity. The garage in this picture is using the Gladiator’s GearTrack Channels.

It’s available on Amazon for only 30 dollars per package. It comes with imported quality. This kind of storage system is not just providing an opportunity to hang the tools but also to slide them easily to arrange all of them well-organized.

The great solid quality of this track will make you able to hang heavy items like bikes or loaded storage cabinets. It can hold up to 100 lbs per linear foot.

2. Paint Stock Station

Paint Stock Station for Garage Storage Ideas - pinterestcom
Paint Stock Station for Garage Storage Ideas –

With this paint station, you would have a special space for the ingredients of your DIY project. It uses a steel pegboard which combined with the steel shelves. You can hang your brushes, tape closed, and rollers. This pegboard set is available at Wayfair for 70 dollars.

3. All-Wall Pegboard

Garage Storage Ideas with All-Wall Pegboard - hgtvcom
Garage Storage Ideas with All-Wall Pegboard –

If you are dealing with clutter all over the space in your garage, you probably need a practical way to organize your stuff neatly without wasting a lot of space. Pegboard is always a good solution for that.

Pegboard is a common element that people use in their garage. It’s flexible to be used for garage in any size. It allows you to efficiently use every bit of square footage you have in the garage. A pegboard can be filled with a variety of hooks and baskets to hold things like paint supplies.

4. Plastic Bins

Plastic Bins for Garage Storage Ideas - hgtvcom
Plastic Bins for Garage Storage Ideas –

Using plastic storage bins, you can make your garage looking so neat and tidy. Just line them up on the corner with steel shelves, fill all your garage stuff inside the bin to hide them all away from sight. But, don’t forget to label each bin. So, you’ll know what’s inside each bin.

It’s a good storage system for the garage which you want to make it look clean and neat without having too many things on the wall. Those plastic storage bins are available on Lowe’s. It comes with two sizes, large and small. You can buy as many as you need according to your stuff.

5. Paint Container

Paint Container for Garage Storage Ideas - hgtvcom
Paint Container for Garage Storage Ideas –

If spray-painting is one of your main routines in the garage, then you may need to attach this container on your wall. It’s actually some repurposed window planters. You can just mount them on the wall of your garage and fill them with your spray paint cans.

You can also fill the planters with any other stuff like some tools and pieces of equipment related to your vehicles. If you need more containers, you can just add more planters. You can buy them from the store at a cheap price.

6. Clip Hangers

Clip Hangers for Garage Storage Ideas - pinterestcom
Clip Hangers for Garage Storage Ideas –

Besides the tools, toys, and other garage stuff, you will also need a cloth element to support your activity. The accessories like gloves, scarves, and caps are the essential things to support the project. So, you will need some kind of hangers to store your accessories.

Take a look at this simple hanger you can hang on any wall in your garage. It can even be used in other rooms like a kitchen or bedroom. This simple hanger uses clippers as the hook. The clippers keep the gloves and caps safe and secured.

7. Up-Cycled Garage Storage

Up-Cycled Garage Storage Ideas - hgtvcom
Up-Cycled Garage Storage Ideas –

There are a lot of creative ways to make the garage well organized. You can also choose a more convenient way to store your garage-related stuff. For you who have a lot of wood scraps left from your project, you will need storage to avoid clutter all over the floor.

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This up-cycled storage is quite simple for organizing your scrap wood. You can build a chest on your own and add casters to it to get it to move anywhere you want.

8. Vertical Garage Storage as Broom Holder

Vertical Garage Storage Ideas as Broom Holder - twittercom
Vertical Garage Storage Ideas as Broom Holder –

A broom holder is needed to get an efficient cleaning for any room. This is a budget-friendly holder you can use not only to hold the broom but also other similar tools. You can even build this storage by yourself using scrap wood and pipe straps.

Hang all the cleaning tools on the wall with this holder. You won’t need a bin or a cabinet any more. This holder would take up much less space than traditional storage. The garage cleaning job would be so much efficient and effective.

9. Garage Storage Ideas for Garden Project

Garage Storage Ideas for Garden Project - pinterestcom
Garage Storage Ideas for Garden Project –

If you do so much garden works around the house, you may need a garden tool station in your garage. This is a place for plants that can be a good addition to your garage space. They are the garden workbench and two freestanding steel garage cabinets.

The workbench would really help to organize your garden stuff to set a perfect space for an assortment of garden projects. Add some hooks on the wall to hold the outdoor tools and hats to avoid clutter on the bench top.

10. Old File Cabinet

Garage Storage Ideas from Old File Cabinet - hgtvcom
Garage Storage Ideas from Old File Cabinet –

The keywords of this idea are “Reuse” and “Repurpose”. Many homeowners possibly have some furniture which is remained unused and a waste of space inside the house. It’s time to make use of it to the other room such as the garage.

In this idea, the homeowner had an old file cabinet turned into a storage bin for large yard tools. You don’t have to get confused about how to keep your tools well-organized. You don’t need to spend an extra budget to buy any more storage for the tools.

Add casters to get the cabinet movable to any other space you need. It would increase the space efficiency of your garage.

11. Magnet Strips

Garage Storage Ideas with Magnet Strips - pinterestcom
Garage Storage Ideas with Magnet Strips –

If you tend to use loads of drill bits and other smaller tools, this magnetic strip is a smart way to organize them. You don’t need to have space for a large toolbox. This magnet strip will only take a little bit of your space in the garage.

This way would keep the drill bits well secured and organized. You can just grab the one that you need and stick it back on the strip. The metal drill bits will easily stick on the magnet. That’s why it’s perfect material for them.

12. Mud Room

A Mud Room for Garage Storage Ideas - pinterestcom
A Mud Room for Garage Storage Ideas –

A mudroom tends to be placed in an entryway to welcome the guest and let them put their shoes, purses, and coat in the locker cabinet. Well, if you don’t have one on your entryway, you may build one up in your garage. It’s a perfect place for mudroom instead of the house’s entryway.

You can add a few locker cabinets and canvas totes that are the perfect place to store the muddy shoes and jackets you use while doing the projects. You can put this mud room just inside the garage door in order to save the floor from the dirt.

13. Metal Cabinet Shelf

Garage Storage Ideas with Metal Cabinet Shelf - ostkcdncom
Garage Storage Ideas with Metal Cabinet Shelf –

For a garage with limited space, this shelving system might come in handy. It can even fit in the smallest spaces in your garage. This metal cabinet will give you more space to store your things and make them organized well.

It’s a Langria storage rack metal shelves. It will make a perfect fit in a narrow space inside your garage. You can even move it anywhere you want according to your needs.

14. Wall Studs

Garage Storage Ideas Using Wall Studs - thesprucecom
Garage Storage Ideas Using Wall Studs –

Using wall studs to store your things in the garage is very thoughtful. If you have a garage wall that is partially unfinished, the studs will be so much useful. You can utilize it to keep your things well organized.

As you can see in the photo, those studs will hold heavier items you have in your garage. You can add some boards to get it looks like a semi-shelving unit.

15. Garage Storage Ideas for Bicycle

Garage Storage Ideas for Bicycle - futurecdncom
Garage Storage Ideas for Bicycle –

Hoist your bicycle free up the floor. It won’t waste any space on the floor and your bike will be left alone, no one could disturb it or even touch it. It’s a great way to leave room for a car and some storage cabinets on the floor.


There are many possibilities you can have when dealing with garage storage ideas. Those ideas above are the most recommended ones. Choose whichever fits your needs in the garage.


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