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Fireplace Room Ideas – The best arrangement of fireplace room ideas is just what you need to create an amazing living room. A fireplace in a living room would offer a character, warmth, and structure to the interior. In order to achieve a well-designed room, you need to find the best way to arrange it.

Do you need to decide which color you choose as the color scheme? Where do you put the sofa? And should the fireplace become the center of the living room? Well, you will find the answers by exploring these fireplace room ideas.

Best Fireplace for Heating

1. Apartment’s Fireplace with TV

Apartment’s Fireplace Room Ideas with TV - mikekyleclub
Apartment’s Fireplace Room Ideas with TV –

The main feature of this apartment’s living room is the neutral colors, soft surfaces, and symmetrical arrangement. It’s perfect for a small or medium living room size. You can get a sofa arranged for the fireplace.

So, you can get the warmth from the fireplace and entertainment from the TV. Having the TV above the fireplace is a risky move.

You have to make sure that the quality of mantle materials won’t bother the electronic thing. Like the coffee table, the designer uses a large ottoman for extra warmth.

2. Special Fireplace with Seating

Special Fireplace Room Ideas with Seating - alfamitoclubptcom
Special Fireplace Room Ideas with Seating –

A fireplace area could be placed in its own area. You could make a special area only for people who want to enjoy the warmth from the fireplace. As you can see the location of the fireplace is right beside the stairs.

In front of the electric fireplace, there’s a relaxing landing pad to let you enjoy the warmth in the most relaxing way possible. It will leave other rooms alone.

3. Fresh Outside View

Fireplace Room Ideas with Fresh outside View - porchcom
Fireplace Room Ideas with Fresh outside View –

During the day, you could enjoy the beautiful nature right from the living room with this natural living room. It’s packed with wooden window frames, Scandinavian style of furniture and concrete covered fireplace mantle.

All of those elements are really well-blended to each other. The natural design of the fireplace could provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere you need. The beautiful green view of the outside makes a great companion with the fireplace design.

4. Social Elegance

Fireplace Room Ideas with Social Elegance - pinterestcom
Fireplace Room Ideas with Social Elegance –

A living room is a social space you have in your house. In designing it, you have to make sure that it’s comfortable for everyone. You have to arrange the furniture well based on the style you apply inside the room.

As you can see, this living room has a fireplace which exposes a vintage decoration to your living room. If you love an antique and vintage decor for your living room, this design is a great choice for you who want to have a comfortable sitting room or formal parlor.

5. White Fireplace with Chic Addition

White Fireplace Room Ideas with Chic Addition - whatkarlysaidcom
White Fireplace Room Ideas with Chic Addition –

Check out this cool farmhouse living room that’s ornamented with the industrial decor. The fireplace mantle is covered with bricks to emphasize fireplace existence. The shiplap wall incorporated with the style of the decoration.

One of the highlights of this fireplace room is that trophy head above the fireplace. It’s a classic adornment to improve the ranch style of this room. If you think that trophy head comes from a real animal, you’re wrong. That trophy is animal-friendly and carved from wood.

6. Framed Art Decor

Fireplace Room Ideas with Framed Art Decor - okl.scene7com
Fireplace Room Ideas with Framed Art Decor –

It’s always a fine choice to have framed art on the fireplace mantle. You can’t go wrong with it because it’s got an eclectic vibe that’s ready to increase the value of your fireplace. It’s a simple addition but it will give a big impact.

Well, you don’t have to hang it on the wall above the fireplace. You can leave the wall smooth and clean. Just lean the artworks above the mantel. It would give a more casual aesthetic than hanging it. You can easily change the display anytime you want.

7. Romantic Vibe

Fireplace Room Ideas with Romantic Vibe - pinterestcom
Fireplace Room Ideas with Romantic Vibe –

For you who are seeking for elegant simplicity for your fireplace room, you may want to take a look at this French-style elegance. The blue mantel of the fireplace shows off the presence with the blue color, making it a standout focal point of this room.

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The color of white all over the wall is matched with the white couches. You can add some accessories that are related to the styles right above the mantel. This space is the most favorite space to be filled with artworks or accessories.

8. Sea Shells Decor

Sea Shells Decor for Fireplace Room Ideas - dreamingincmykcom
Sea Shells Decor for Fireplace Room Ideas –

It’s a unique decor idea you can have inside your coastal home. The shell mosaic treatment above the fireplace would be looking so dazzling to the whole living room. On each side of the fireplace, the elegant shelf would be a great companion for the shell wall.

On the ceiling above the living room, you can have a traditional chandelier that goes so well with the ceiling design. Beneath the chandelier, an elegant sofa set with soft neutral colors comes in harmony with the decoration.

9. Rustic Brick Fireplace

Rustic Brick Fireplace Room Ideas - homeawakeningcom
Rustic Brick Fireplace Room Ideas –

Another rustic option for your fireplace room design, this is in the upper level of the previous rustic brick fireplace. As you can see, the designer set the whole area of the fireplace covered with rustic brick. It’s the only rustic elements in this room. That’s why it’s being such an attention stealer.

The amount of the aged brick element is pretty massive on the fireplace. It’s designed to set the tone for this friendly living room. This living room interior is designed by VAG Architects. It’s got some tall windows and shelves to balance the large size of the bricked fireplace.

10. Painted Brick Fireplace

Painted Brick Fireplace Room Ideas - squarespacecom
Painted Brick Fireplace Room Ideas –

Instead of rustic brick, you can modernize the fireplace with painted brick. You can cover up the whole surface of the fireplace with paint that has a matching color with the style of the room. This bricked fireplace is painted with white color in order to blend seamlessly into the scheme.

Many homeowners are in doubt to do the painting of the brick fireplace because you must do it properly when painting a brick surface. After the bricks are painted, it’s hard to get the natural look restored.

11. Fireplace with Mosaic Tile

Fireplace Room Ideas with Mosaic Tile - edivagr
Fireplace Room Ideas with Mosaic Tile –

Add some details to your fireplace with an interesting mosaic tile. Getting the fireplace surrounded by mosaic tile would improve the quality of your transitional living room. This warm living room is designed by Calista Interiors.

With the unique pattern of mosaic tile, you can add a sense of fun to the neutral scheme in the living room. The L-shape couch arrangement would let the guests focus on the entertainment from the large windows, a fireplace, and a TV.

12. Mediterranean Flair

Fireplace Room Ideas with Mediterranean Flair - tugoucom
Fireplace Room Ideas with Mediterranean Flair –

This living room is designed by Caisson Studios. It’s got a fresh, youthful, and fun look. Each of the elements plays an important role with their own charm. The fireplace has a burst of color surrounding it. The patterned tile has a little flair of Mediterranean to liven up space.

Up in the air below the ceiling, a nice-looking light fixture takes control of the ceiling scene. A dark oak wood coffee table matches with the wooden flooring. A big white couch has a splash of color from its pillows. This room is ready to enjoy the warmth from the fireplace.

13. Modern Minimalist Fireplace

Modern Minimalist Fireplace Room Ideas - cheatersutopiacom
Modern Minimalist Fireplace Room Ideas –

Dealing with a room with a fireplace, people would immediately think about arranging the furniture around the fireplace. The fireplace would automatically turn into a focal point of the room. So, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Similar to the case, this modern living room has its minimalist style of furniture which is arranged around the fireplace. Inside this white living room, a colorful artwork above the fireplace become so obvious and stands out.

14. Minimized Effect

Fireplace Room Ideas with a Minimized Effect - pinterestcom
Fireplace Room Ideas with a Minimized Effect –

It’s recommended for a small modern room to get the effect of fireplace minimized. In this small fireplace room designed be Ana Williamson, the fireplace size is small than the artwork above it. So, the fireplace won’t be a focal point in this room.

It’s a good thing for homeowners who think that a fireplace is not needed until winter or cold season. So, they can just turn it into one dark rectangular accent on the wall. Anyone who enters this room would automatically see the artwork above, not the fireplace.

15. Electric Fireplace from Wayfair

Electric Fireplace Room Ideas from Wayfair - napoleionfireplacescom
Electric Fireplace Room Ideas from Wayfair –

A modern electric fireplace is just something you need in your modern house. There’s no need to get your house dirty with those logs of wood and its charcoal. The leftovers have to be cleaned regularly. And, it’s so old-fashioned for modern people like you.

So, it’s time to use an electric fireplace for your living room. This kind of fireplace can be found in stores like Wayfair. There’s a bunch of interesting fireplace collections you may want to explore. You can even change the fire color matching with your living room scheme.

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There are a lot of ways to design a room with a fireplace in it. Mostly, a fireplace is placed in the living room. Those fireplace room ideas would guide you to decide what the right fireplace design for your living room is.


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