Creative DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas – Meta description: You can make your own Christmas decorations by using recycled items as basic material for making various DIY Christmas decorations.

Yay, Christmas is coming! For those of you who celebrate Christmas, you have to start decorating your home with Christmas special ornaments. But you know, you don’t necessarily have to always buy those high prices Christmas decorations, right? You can also be creative by using recycled items as basic material for making various DIY Christmas decorations. Check some ideas below:

Creative DIY Projects for Christmas

Scrap Paper as Mini Decoration

Scrap Paper as Mini Decoration - browsyouroomcom
Scrap Paper as Mini Decoration –

You can shape origami paper to create fun shapes such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, or snow patterns. You can use it as a greeting card, wall decoration, or even Christmas wreath.

To make a Christmas tree, for example, you only need origami or scrap paper. Cut it into a triangle shape. Fold the paper several times from up to bottom. Thrust a small wooden stick right in the middle. Don’t forget to add a mini star on top of it to make it more like a Christmas tree.

Cute Snowman on the Door

Cute Snowman on the Door - snowmancraftsco
Cute Snowman on the Door –

If you don’t want to have a hard time decorating your house with a Christmas-themed decoration, you can simply attach some pictures onto your doors. Create shapes resembling eyes, nose, and mouth of a snowman. Then add accessories such as ribbons and hats.

Rustic Candle Holder

Rustic Candle Holder - etsycom
Rustic Candle Holder –

Decorate tables and corners in your house using wooden boxes. Use some old wooden boxes as candle holders, decorate them with pine leaf to give a solid Christmas impression.

A Hand-Made Snow Globe

A Hand-Made Snow Globe - masonjarcraftslovecom
A Hand-Made Snow Globe –
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If you have an unused jar, just turn it into a delightful Christmas-themed decoration. You simply need craft glue, Epsom salt or sand, and various mini decorations of your choice. Apply the glue on the base of mini decorations and attach it to the bottom of the jar. Let it dry. Pour some Epsom salt or sand. Then add greenery and garland. Wrap a twine on the jar lid. There, you have your own hand-made snow globe.

An Adorable Giant Snow Man

An Adorable Giant Snow Man - anchordecocom
An Adorable Giant Snow Man –

If you have unused old car tires, just transform them into a one of a kind DIY Christmas decoration. Stack the tires. Paint them white. Put on a scarf, a pair of googly eyes, and a nose. Now you have a gigantic adorable snowman on your yard.

Christmas Tree from LED String

Christmas Tree from LED String - lifestylesspacecom
Christmas Tree from LED String –

The most important thing about Christmas ornaments is, of course, the Christmas tree. If you want something new this year instead of an ordinary pine tree, just make your own Christmas tree using colorful LED string. Put the LED string diagonally in the corner of your room, making a triangle tree shape. Once you turn the lights on, it will bring a magical look of a Christmas tree.

Wooden Pallet Wall Decoration

Wooden Pallet Wall Decoration - homelizmcom
Wooden Pallet Wall Decoration –

Last but not least, you can make a wooden pallet wall decoration. Get two pieces of wooden board and cut them lengthwise. Draw some Christmas characters on them with acrylic or oil paint. Hang them on your wall to complete your Christmas embellishment.

Those are some DIY Christmas decoration ideas you can try to decorate your house. You can also make them with your family to bond together during this holiday.

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