Country Kitchen Ideas – Best of All Time Kitchen Designs

Country Kitchen Ideas – If you want to have a warm, beautiful, and comfortable style in the cooking zone, you may want to take a look at these country kitchen ideas. There are many inspirational ideas in this page that you’ll surely need to improve your kitchen design.

One of the most popular kinds of style is the French country style. This style evokes a familiar, friendly atmosphere of a simple and traditional life. A country-style kitchen doesn’t have to be in a country house, this style is quite flexible for all the house’s styles.

Besides French farmhouse, there are some other kinds you may have in mind related to country styles, such as rural Italian villa and English cottage. All the style that has a warm, homespun feel; it must be a country style.

Moreover, you may want to take a look at these country kitchen ideas to get inspired in designing your own kitchen.

Best-Genuine Country Kitchen Ideas

1. Fabulous Modern Country Kitchen

Fabulous Modern Country Kitchen - jkandsonscom
Fabulous Modern Country Kitchen –

This French country kitchen has a homey and elegant feeling all over. As you can see, the cabinetry looks so traditional besides that fancy oven hoods. It’s got a charming rustic accent which offers a French shabby chic look.

One of the essential additions for a country kitchen is the lighting fixture. It has a vintage-inspired design to maximize the looks above the island. This twin task lighting is something you can get at Lowes for an affordable price.

The element of natural wood seems to be a must-have item if you want to achieve a country look in any room. This kitchen is quite successful to fulfill the experience.

2. European Charm in Rustic Kitchen

European Charm in Rustic Kitchen - monadnockrestorativeorg
European Charm in Rustic Kitchen –

It’s so obvious that the background surface is the one who brings the European Charm into the kitchen. The surface has an old rustic look that offers such unique texture to your cooking space. The rustic design of the wall gives character to the kitchen design.

Check out the concrete shelves attached to the wall. Instead of using wood shelves, this designer decided to maximize the character of the wall by using the same material for the shelves. It looks like the shelves have just popped out of the wall.

3. French Countryside Kitchen Design

French Countryside Kitchen Design - shahrdarigazvinorg
French Countryside Kitchen Design –

Check out this charming cottage kitchen design. It’s designed by Alison Kandler who is an interior design from California. Entering this kitchen will feel like accessing the countryside of France. It’s packed with old-timey cooking space and a hand-painted wood floor.

It brings the traditional vintage atmosphere of the street into your kitchen. The bistro rattan stool to accompany the farmhouse kitchen island offers a Parisian chic look in the middle of the kitchen. The overhead iron scroll lighting has fulfilled the impression of the countryside.

4. Country Kitchen with Soft Color Tones

Country Kitchen with Soft Color Tones - twittercom
Country Kitchen with Soft Color Tones –

Most designers would say that country kitchen is all about wood elements with natural color. However, don’t shy away from color. There are plenty of choices of color you can have to get mixed in a country style kitchen.

Having softer tones like these grey-blue colors on the cabinets in a country-style kitchen is a brilliant idea. There are some pops of cherry all around the kitchen to accentuate the space. Of course, the natural log cabin structure is still the focal point of this country kitchen.

5. Country-Style Kitchen with Curved Ceiling

Country-Style Kitchen with Curved Ceiling - pinterestcom
Country-Style Kitchen with Curved Ceiling –

Let’s begin with the flooring; it has an oiled pale oak design that covers the rustic sense of the kitchen. There are traditional cupboards and Belfast sink to make an amazing country cooking counter.

One of the most unique parts of this country kitchen is the curved ceiling. It really brings character to the kitchen. This is a kitchen you won’t find in many houses. The modernist ceiling is completed with a couple of pendant lights for a country style support.

6. Clean and Calm Decor in Country Kitchen

Clean and Calm Decor in Country Kitchen - pinterestcom
Clean and Calm Decor in Country Kitchen –

The things that make a country kitchen feel homey are because of all the bits and bobs which sometimes can be a bit busy for some. In order to maintain it, you can have a white color on the walls and units to see a neat and crisp feeling in the kitchen.

The natural wood is a must-have element of the country style. Whether used as the main furniture, decor, or even a structure of the kitchen, it has to be included in the mix.

7. Country Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets

Country Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets - pinterestcom
Country Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets –

Adding some eclectic features into your country kitchen would really spice up the whole look. You can achieve it by combining the shaker cabinets with up-cycled finds and freestanding furniture.

That combination gave this kitchen a stunning industrial look. As you can see in the background, there are some boldly patterned tiles up to the ceiling that offers a cozy country vibe an edge.

8. Country Kitchen with Open Shelving

Country Kitchen with Open Shelving - decoholicorg
Country Kitchen with Open Shelving –

If you want to go full country on your kitchen, you have to consider open shelving instead of the upper cabinet. Or, you can just mix both of the elements. Choosing an open concept will expand the kitchen visually.

Open shelving will provide more storage solution especially for decorative stuff you want to display in your kitchen such as cookware with an aesthetic country look. In this farmhouse kitchen, you can see that a natural wood texture makes an outstanding main feature of this kitchen.

9. IKEA Traditional Country Style Kitchen

IKEA Traditional Country Style Kitchen - ikeacom
IKEA Traditional Country Style Kitchen –

Are you looking for the best products to fill up your country kitchen? IKEA might be the right place to go. As you can see, this traditional country kitchen is supported by IKEA products. Aged wood surfaces of the ceiling dim the bright lights from the outside.

The kitchen island and stools provide a comfortable space for cooking preparation and breakfast nook. All of the real plants above the island fill the natural touch in the kitchen.

10. All-American Country Kitchen

All-American Country Kitchen - buildehomecom
All-American Country Kitchen –

With that Gingham curtains, you would suddenly think that the house which has this kitchen must be owned by Americans. The white and red color is quite representative of the American style. The curtains also bring cheers to a kitchen with a subtle color scheme like this one.

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To lower the number of bright lights that come into the kitchen, the designer adds wreaths of herbs that are tied with white and red bows. It gives a more festive look to this country kitchen. Other pops of brightness are provided by golden cup pulls and knobs.

11. Eclectic Country Kitchen Design

Eclectic Country Kitchen Design - pinterestcom
Eclectic Country Kitchen Design –

To achieve an eclectic design for your kitchen, you have to free to amass various decorative pieces. Take a look at the kitchen island; it’s a piece of multi-functional furniture. You can use it both as an island and as kitchenware storage.

All of the upper wall spaces are filled with open shelving units to provide more storage for your decorative collection of tableware like plates, cups, bowls, and more. From the ceiling, you can hang one traditional light pendant that makes a statement easily.

12. Wooden Cooking Space for Country Kitchen

Wooden Cooking Space for Country Kitchen - pinterestcom
Wooden Cooking Space for Country Kitchen –

This country kitchen is filled with the natural wood element and flooded with natural light. It’s got more windows to accommodate the light. It becomes the perfect place to have all the foliage to accentuate the atmosphere.

The wooden counter with a black top really makes a statement as the focal point of this kitchen. It’s surely the only element that adds the country style to this kitchen.

13. Country Kitchen with Concrete Floor

Country Kitchen with Concrete Floor - pinterestcom
Country Kitchen with Concrete Floor –

This old cottage which is located in the Barossa Valley has the original kitchen mantelpiece. It covers the country elements to dominate the attention in this white kitchen. As you can see, this country kitchen has concrete flooring.

A concrete material is a versatile option for kitchen flooring. This kind of material is available in various finishes from shiny and smooth to a softer mottled look. Such concrete flooring adds rustic taste into the kitchen design.

14. Open Cabinet in Country Kitchen

Open Cabinet in Country Kitchen - pinterestcom
Open Cabinet in Country Kitchen –

Having a country-style kitchen is all about the ease of access and practicality. This kitchen has an open cabinet to store some plates and cups. It’s a nice space to decorate your kitchen. You can display your collection of antique appliances or you can just have it to have a more functional use.

The touch of the plate rack in this kitchen gives a more traditional open look. It’s a great solution to keep the kitchen neat and clean with no clutter. The appliances and on-show ceramics would make the kitchen feel loved and lived-in.
With an open door right to the backyard, it improves the open concept of this country kitchen idea. When the door is closed, you will be cooking in your interior kitchen, just like everyone else.

However, when the door is open, it’s like you have a semi-outdoor kitchen to serve for your backyard living room.

15. Log-Cabin Country Kitchen

Log-Cabin Country Kitchen - pinterestcom
Log-Cabin Country Kitchen –

If you want to add color to your country kitchen, this idea shows how you should do it. It has some colored appliances in order to accentuate the log-cabin theme of this country kitchen. You don’t have to splash colors all over the walls and units if you don’t want to.

Choose the right color for your appliances to make a good statement among other elements. The colored elements add interest without dominating the space. The log cabin structure of this house really shows what a country-style should like. It’s a total beauty of the style.

16. Contemporary Country Kitchen Design

Contemporary Country Kitchen Design - pinterestcom
Contemporary Country Kitchen Design –

For a modern look to your country kitchen, you may want to explore this contemporary one. Both country and modern style are blended really well together.

Some modern touches that this country kitchen gets is coming from that wooden doors with a smooth surface and those blue cabinets with high gloss finishes. This country kitchen also has some traditional taste with that bar stools.

The stools have turned legs which really make a statement in front of the kitchen island with a purple accent. The rustic oak frame from the glass door wall units ties the modern elements really well.

17. Victorian Country Kitchen

Victorian Country Kitchen - franck-laigneaucom
Victorian Country Kitchen –

The country style in this kitchen is formed by the design of the traditional cabinets, a large timer worktop, and that stunning range cooker. Above the kitchen island with wooden top, there are double light pendants that strengthen the country charm in this kitchen.

The Victorian style of the ceiling molding gives an extra focal point to see on the ceiling. The black lighting and cooker provide an accentuating color to balance the atmosphere. The ease of access and simplicity seems to be the main feature of this country kitchen.

18. Colorful Country Kitchen with Fun Decor

Colorful Country Kitchen with Fun Decor - happy-horrororg
Colorful Country Kitchen with Fun Decor –

Although this country kitchen has elements with reclaim wood and raw beams lighting, some splashes of color make it more and more interesting. This kitchen design proves that rustic elements would blend stunningly with various colors from the cookware and decoration.

As a medium to add colors to the space, this kitchen has a useful chalkboard. You can use it to write your shopping list, reminder, or even recipes. With colored chalk, you can apply your creativity to have a fun colorful additional decoration.

19. Country Kitchen with Shabby Chic Chandelier

Country Kitchen with Shabby Chic Chandelier - thesprucecom
Country Kitchen with Shabby Chic Chandelier –

An elegant style of lighting is something you often see in a country kitchen. It’s an essential ingredient for a country style. If you want something new and unique, you can try another style of lighting like that shabby chic chandelier.

The chandelier illuminates this country kitchen beautifully. There’s a kitchen island below it which is accompanied with two rattan chairs. The rattan chairs provide a sense of country style to complete the kitchen design.

The designer uses the wood flooring as the perfect base for country kitchen ideas. As you can see, the rest of the elements have a crisp white color. The black granite countertop is applied in order to give a balance between the brown wood color and white.

Country Kitchen Pictures


All of those country kitchen ideas would definitely make you believe that everyone can achieve a perfect country style cooking space. The ideas are not only designed for a country house. It’s pretty flexible for any style.


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