Christmas Wall Decorations: Easy, Cheap, but Magical!

Christmas Wall Decorations – Christmas allows you to be the best version of yourself. You can mix and match the style that can describe the true you, and you can also have the excellent Christmas wall decorations!

Why You Need Christmas Wall Decorations Ideas?

To decorate the wall is necessary. Because it is the center of attention and can give a big impact to the house’s vibe.

The Christmas wall decorations are whimsical. It is not only decoration. More than that, this is such an experience. And you will love to have a great experience on your wall.

Let’s explore how you can make the wall a center of attention.

TOP Christmas Wall Decorations

1. Wooden Word Signs

Wooden Word Signs - kirklandscom
Wooden Word Signs –

Another example of how you can combine something vintage, in this case, bohemian-shabby chic decorations. The word signs are good things on every occasion, including Christmas time. Because Christmas is for everyone.

Put some wooden word signs that describe the beautiful Christmas spirit. Maybe the prays meaningful motivation or pictures. You can put anything that gives you a bunch of happiness in this holy time.

Buy the signs in some furniture stores like IKEA or Wayfair. They also let you shop via the online store.

2. Christmas Wall Sticker

Wall Sticker - diyncraftscom
Wall Sticker –

Do you want to get playful, but still cheap Christmas wall decorations? The thing we talk about in this part might be an option. The wall stickers allow you to explore and to be creative, but without spending too much money. Do you see that embossed wall stickers? It brings a nuance of joyful Christmas.

You can even shop online and find that there is so many wall stickers choice related to Christmas. If the Christmas tree is too banal, we suggest you search for the more magical stickers. Maybe you’ve ever wished for Santa, and now you can present it in the wall.

3. The Socks and The Lamps

The Socks and The Lamps - elledecorcom
The Socks and The Lamps –
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You can turn these two ordinary decorations into a fantastic wall decoration idea. The old socks hang in the wall, with other decorations such as heart and tree made from patchwork.

It is such warmth, and it is so easy to apply the idea to your house. The idea is not expensive, yet it gives enough Instagram vibes.

4. Hanging Greenery

Hanging Greenery - homebnccom
Hanging Greenery –

Want more Scandinavian Christmas? Here we go with the tree branches that hang in the wall. Don’t forget the greeneries to cover them all so that it will look like a real Christmas tree. The homemade Christmas wall decorations are worth Pinterest stuff.

5. Nice Shabby-Chic Wooden Boards

Nice Shabby-Chic Wooden Boards - homebnccom
Nice Shabby-Chic Wooden Boards –

Are you running out of time to prepare beautiful decoration? Make the most of the wall decor using some boards from reclaimed wood. No, you do not need to make it yourself, because you can easily find them in any online store!

One board is not enough, so when you feel the wall is too empty, dare your self to put three, six, or even eight different wooden boards! The idea is right to apply in a shabby-chic or industrial style house.

6. Mr. Snowman

Mr Snowman - futuristarchitecturecom
Mr Snowman –

A wooden board can also be funny and not too mature. You might consider the knitting that forms the colorful Mr. Snowman.

Put it in the wall, and here you have more than a wall: it’s such art. We think that the terms deck the wall is coming to your house.

7. Christmas Indoor Plant

Christmas Indoor Plant - kirklandscom
Christmas Indoor Plant –

Never thought that Christmas would give you a healthier idea? You know that there are many advantages to putting an indoor plant. It provides good air circulation, it helps you to increase a good mood, and it is a lovable decor idea.

You might love to have a flowerpot that sticks to the wall, make a form of Santa’s hat. Put your preferred flower, better if they have a green and red accent.

You can also let your kids take part in making some magical Christmas wall decorations. They will love it, and it is a useful activity to wait for Christmas.

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