Bohemian Style Decor Ideas

Bohemian Style Decor – If you’ve known about the trend in bohemian style decor, you might be wondering how to get it in your own house. These boho decor ideas will help you out. Bohemian style of interior decor has the cozy atmospheres, the lived-in feel, and layered eclecticism to offer.

To style boho to your room, you can go ALL In by mixing every color, texture, and pattern that’s in your mind. It would be amazing. On the other hand, you can also go for more subtle results by adding just a few eclectic touches to the room. Let’s explore more boho decor ideas.

Latest Bohemian Style Decor

1. Low Furniture for Bohemian Living Room

Low Furniture for Bohemian Living Room - pinterestcom
Low Furniture for Bohemian Living Room –

All legit designers might agree about the statement that says the closer the furniture to the floor the closer you are to having an authentic style of bohemian to your interior. As you can see, low-backed sofas complete this boho living room.

On top of the sofas, there are many pillows scattered to make the seating more comfortable. The pattern on the pillow connects to the rug to create harmonization among the elements. The rug is quite comfortable for extra seating if some of you feel okay about sitting on the floor.

2. Antique Headboard in Boho Bedroom

Antique Headboard in Boho Bedroom - allstorygroupru
Antique Headboard in Boho Bedroom –

As we know, the headboard is like the main attraction of a bedroom. Therefore, the design has to be bold and impactful. This antique headboard offers a unique design with bold texture but still having a minimalist style.

This is the headboard design that you won’t find in any bedroom. It seems like this bedroom design needs any more boho items to balance the headboard. Just fill the rest of the space with some boho items with lighter charm.

3. Artistic Wall and Artworks in Full Color

Artistic Wall and Artworks in Full Color - homesscopecom
Artistic Wall and Artworks in Full Color –

Adding accessories to the wall could give it a character that relates to the style. Usually, designers like to add accessories just a little bit to spice up the plain wall. In this case, it’s a different story. The wall is already full of pattern and the designer decided to add more and more artworks on it.

It can only mean that the designer goes all in for a bohemian style in this living room. Look at the well-patterned sofa. It has a pattern that’s typical boho style and it matches perfectly with the wall. The boho sofa is like joining into the wall.

4. Boho Mudroom with Big Round Mirror

Boho Mudroom with Big Round Mirror - thelovelydrawercom
Boho Mudroom with Big Round Mirror –

This is probably the largest round mirror you have ever seen in a mudroom. Metallic and Mirrored surfaces are known as the bohemian’s hallmarks. It gives your modern interior to appear larger and brighter.

Choosing a big round mirror for this mudroom is only the matter of focal point. The mirror frame is an attention stealer in this space. It adds a sense of glamour to space. Anyone who enters the house through this mudroom would be easily impressed.

5. Unique Boho Bedroom Full of Natural Wood

Unique Boho Bedroom Full of Natural Wood - algedraae
Unique Boho Bedroom Full of Natural Wood –

The charm of bohemian is quite similar to Scandinavian. What makes bohemian more special is its eclecticism and it deals with many colors. This bedroom is not only filled with decorative wooden items. It has an exposed wardrobe to show off the decorative textiles.

In this bedroom, everything is white open. It allows you to display any items inside the room. There’s no need to hide when you show it. The white wall plays as a great canvas for the entire decorative items inside the bedroom.

6. Colorful Macramé for Boho Bedroom

Colorful Macramé for Boho Bedroom - fourcheekymonkeyscom
Colorful Macramé for Boho Bedroom –

For you who want more about what is bohemian style decor, maybe this idea could give you satisfaction. Macramé is a big part of Bohemian style decor. It would look good on the wall of any room. Macramé is like the leader for the rest of the boho elements in this bedroom.

You can find many kinds of Macramé decors out there. They come in many attractive designs and colors. You can purchase the Macramé you want easily from online stores like IKEA, Wayfair, Amazon, and many others.

7. Boho Nursery with Floor-Sweeping Linens

Boho Nursery with Floor-Sweeping Linens - pinterestcom
Boho Nursery with Floor-Sweeping Linens –

Don’t try too hard in designing a bohemian room. If you want the keep the wall minimalist and bright, you can focus on dressing up the floor. In fact, you can start your boho designing from the floor.

This room has a rug on the floor, which becomes the focal point of bohemian items of the entire space. There are some woven items like that plush on the floor used as a coffee table, the basket pot with its plant, and a couple of basket under the crib for extra storage.

8. Great Freedom and Rich Approach for Bohemian

Great Freedom and Rich Approach for Bohemian - bottestingco
Great Freedom and Rich Approach for Bohemian –
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This bohemian room is quite orthodox. Just look at the position of the bed. That exact spot is an unusual space for a bed. It’s right under the stairs. However, judging by its look, it’s very interesting to have a space to sleep or take a nap in an extraordinary space.

The pattern on the fabrics is what makes this space so boho. As said before, the orthodox means you great freedom in designing a space anyway you want it. The rich approach on the decoration would also support that.

9. Elegant Canopy with Boho Charm

Elegant Canopy with Boho Charm - pinterestcom
Elegant Canopy with Boho Charm –

In this bedroom, the elegant canopy has a chance to dominate the style. The woven items nearby the bed and bold-patterned items right on the bed, bohemian has the bigger chance to stay in the room. The clean white scene allows other colors in the room shines brighter.

Take a closer look at the canopy. It looks so fresh and elegant. It will protect you from insects while you’re sleeping. You will have a peaceful night sleep every day. When you’re not using it, it’s still going to be purely decorative. The decoration may also be your first goal of having this canopy.

10. Airsick Wooden Lattice Headboard

Airsick Wooden Lattice Headboard - pinterestcom
Airsick Wooden Lattice Headboard –

It’s a type of strong focal accent you can have to achieve a bohemian style in your bedroom. The undulated and curved lines of this headboard are so special for any bedroom. It’s an intriguing addition to your ordinary bed.

With this beautiful lattice headboard, you can have an artistic inspiration fresh accent of natural wood to the bedroom decor. With such amazing furniture inside the room, you don’t need any more decor items to dress up the wall.

11. Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid-Century Modern Living Room - oneonroomcom
Mid-Century Modern Living Room –

The boho charm in this mid-century modern living room comes from the Moroccan rug. It successfully brings the classic bohemian look to the entire atmosphere of this living room. It looks cozy.

It’s got some mid-century chairs, fresh white paint with a little bit of rust, and home plants. If you care enough about adding your personal touch to the decor, you may add it right beside the fireplace just like that guitar.

12. Rattan Baskets and Greenery in Bedroom

Rattan Baskets and Greenery in Bedroom - homeawakeningcom
Rattan Baskets and Greenery in Bedroom –

Woven rattan baskets and greenery are some of the final changes you can add to complete your bohemian room. Those natural items color this white bedroom. You can grab some of your old baskets and some home plants from the garden.

In this bohemian style bedroom decor, the final additions are all beautifully incorporated. The macramé blanket and patterned pillows connect the bed with the whole decor.

13. Chic Bohemian Decor for Entryway

Chic Bohemian Decor for Entryway - ezgifcom
Chic Bohemian Decor for Entryway –

Check out this bohemian style home decor. If you have a quite long entryway, there will be a long space on the floor that can’t be left empty. You can add a long vintage runner to give the floor more character and depth.

A bench is a must-have furniture you can add for entryway. A streamlined antique bench will make the space more functional. Remember, this furniture should only be added when the floor space is wide enough. Add a wall hanging and a plant for final additions.

14. Playing with Patterns in Living Room

Playing with Patterns in Living Room - pinterestcom
Playing with Patterns in Living Room –

Living rooms are the perfect place for you to mix and match some colorful patterns. You can go wild with textiles to any significant spot of the room. Keep the furniture and rugs in neutral to maintain the boho style.

You don’t need to add a lot of artworks and patterns on the wall. Just keep it neutral with the furniture and flooring area. That simple patterned curtain is enough to dress up the wall entirely. It’s a nice idea for you who doesn’t like to have plants inside the house.

15. Bohemian Room with Furry Arm Chairs

Bohemian Room with Furry Arm Chairs - ezgifcom
Bohemian Room with Furry Arm Chairs –

Look at the armchairs of this bright living room. It’s been spiced up with the soft furry blanket. It’s also used as the cushion for seating. It gives such valuable bohemian touch to the entire atmosphere.

The furry blanket goes in line with the super bright white scheme. The geometric rug is in grey color, which maintains the soothing atmosphere of the living room.


Dealing with bohemian style decor could be a challenging job. It’s guaranteed to be festive and colorful. However, you still can maintain the minimalism for its interior design.


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