Bedroom Decorating Ideas [NOW TRENDING!]

Bedroom Decorating Ideas – When you are at home, you spend most of your time in the bedroom. For that reason, you have to make your sleeping quarters cozy and inviting. If you would like to upgrade it, scroll down for a bunch of bedroom decorating ideas.

Decorating a sleepy space is not a daunting task. Choose the ornamental elements that do not cause unnecessary clutter. Moreover, they should never be monotonous.

Do not know where to begin? Fret not. Here are some tips to help you nail a bedroom update. From a jaw-dropping chandelier to DIY hanging hats, there is at least one idea that captivates you.

TOP Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Inspired by the Great Outdoors - thecreativityexchangecom
Inspired by the Great Outdoors –

This is the bedroom for two teenage girls. It employs a neutral space color scheme. White ceiling, light gray walls, and pale cream throw pillows develop a serene atmosphere.

The carpet and bed linens add ultra-comfy textures as well as personality to the bedroom. Two patterned headboards create visual interest, while the table lamp casts a soft glow once the sun sets.

White-painted tree trunk mirror bounces the light throughout the area. Metallic floral sculptures and sea urchin wall decorations complete the look.

2. Feminine Boho Bedroom

Feminine Boho Bedroom - gypsytancom
Feminine Boho Bedroom –

Are you crazy about bohemian design? This idea is surely for you. The bedroom features units from different styles to achieve a sense of eclecticism. There are mid-century sputnik ceiling lights and contemporary pink armchairs.

Teal pleated headboard, knit blanket, and rug lead to a homey ambiance. A red-and-pink patterned throw pillow draws the eye in seconds. Gold accents infuse a bit of sparkle into the scheme.

The fun wall ornament is made out of white jute rope, wooden stick, sun, and Panama hats. Over the bed are plant works of art. Lastly, the indoor plant brings the outside in.

3. Life-Size Painting Doubles as a Headboard

Life-Size Painting Doubles as a Headboard - homebackyardnet
Life-Size Painting Doubles as a Headboard –

As you can see, this sleepy space mostly has a white color palette. It makes the room feel open, airy, and visually spacious. Light-toned wood floor and pastel gray pillows deliver an element of restfulness.

The glass windows become an access of natural light. Wire mesh chair and a couple of black metal side tables introduce industrial aesthetic. Ivory bed sheet, white comforter, and gray blanket generate a lived-in atmosphere.

Potted houseplants refresh the room. A monochrome photograph on the side table personalizes the area. The life-size ombre mountain painting is a focal point. It acts as a headboard too.

4. In the Mood for Christmas

In the Mood for Christmas - michaelelliottactorcom
In the Mood for Christmas –

Pastel gray walls exude a soothing vibe. The comforter, white and pale blue pillows promote a good night’s sleep. Taupe knit rug, white bed skirt and blackout curtains up the snug atmosphere.

White fabric pendant light gives the room a soft touch. Bulb and fairy string lights emit a warm glow during the night. A round mirror on the wall generates the perception of more space.

A Christmas wreath brings out the holiday spirit. Framed monochrome works of art and flowers titivate the scene.

5. The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three - futuristarchitecturecom
The Rule of Three –

White ceiling and walls help expand the bedroom. Cream headboard and lampshade set a relaxing air. Linen bed sheet and off white tassel throw blanket offer maximum comfort.

Black-painted wooden end bench contrasts nicely with white bedding. Two-tone striped pillows keep the space feel modern.

Gold accent makes the sleeping quarters glitz. Instead of using a big artwork, the dweller hung three black-framed wall ornaments above the bed to add visual appeal and balance to the decor. What a dreamy oasis!

6. Ready for the New Adventures

Ready for the New Adventures - pinterestcom
Ready for the New Adventures –

Your kid is so adventurous. Why not decorate his bedroom’s wall with world map wallpaper? It is not just easy to apply but also lends the space a dramatic effect and educational value. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Furthermore, world map wallpaper injects character and fun colors into the sleepy space. It channels his inner traveler as well. Turquoise chair, blue polka dot bed sheet, bull skull wall decor, and patchwork blanket impart a happy vibe.

A British flag throw pillow exudes a sense of patriotism. Plush toys convey playfulness and youngness at once. Taupe carpet and a wooden chest of drawers tone down the vibrant elements, so they don’t overwhelm the room.

7. Bold Accent Wall

Bold Accent Wall - avintagesplendorcom
Bold Accent Wall –

I bet you swoon over this bedroom because it is so ravishing. The blue navy accent wall adds sophistication and depth to the space. It lets round shag wall hanging catch the attention.

Nightstands and wall lamps create the appealing symmetry. Curved rattan bed contributes to the tropical flair of the room. A tufted teal bench at the foot of the bed and the white fluffy stools provide some cozy seating.

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Patterned area rug tops sand wall-to-wall carpet. It makes a boho statement in no time. Potted palm tree in the corner of the room works as a natural air purifier. Gold ceiling light gives the room an air of opulence.

8. Simple Room Decoration

Simple Room Decoration - pinterestcom
Simple Room Decoration –

I really love this contemporary sleeping sanctuary. It boasts pure white wall, table lamp, and bed sheet. They stretch the room and promote an open setting.

The wooden headboard evokes a feeling of airiness. It looks stunning against white backdrop. Blue blanket freshens up the sleepy space. A black rolling trunk infuses vintage charm into the scheme.

Two minimalist works of art elevate the decor. Black-framed transom windows connect the room with the outside world. Wooden floor warms up the area, while indoor plant conveys a sense of renewal.

9. The Glitzy Gold

The Glitzy Gold - barrainformativacom
The Glitzy Gold –

This bedroom is small in size. However, it is brimming with style. The trunk side table and gray window frame headboard demonstrate traditional flair. Namaste throw pillows develop a peaceful sleeping environment.

On the bed are patterned comforter, monochrome and gold throw pillows. There are DIY golden sign and brass flower. They suddenly transform the space from drab to fab.

Black and white art prints balance out the flashy sheen of gold accents. Potted indoor plant on side table breathes life into the room.

10. A Modern Take on Traditional Art Deco

A Modern Take on Traditional Art Deco - onekindesigncom
A Modern Take on Traditional Art Deco –

Prefer something glam? The art deco interior design is the best way to go. Actually it is a mix of luxurious style and frivolous elements.

In this picture above, gold framed mirror, table, and wall hangings exemplify an upscale sleeping oasis. Yellow chair, plate, bolster, and throw pillow brighten up the room. Vased flowers perk up the space.

Tufted headboard, plush, bedding, slip-covered loveseat, and fur blanket carve a cocoon-like atmosphere. Gray walls and off-white curtains make a result of a calming bedroom. The fancy chandelier draws the eye upward.

11. Blooming Red Roses

Blooming Red Roses - michaelandrewcreativeco
Blooming Red Roses –

This guest bedroom boasts white ceiling, shiplap wall and floor. They keep the tiny sleepy space from being cramped and dingy. Meanwhile, clear glass window captures the scenic backyard views and lets in lots of sunlight.

Warm beige headboard, brown and pumpkin blankets bring tranquility of mother earth to the indoor area. The patterned rug pops splendidly on the white floor. Throw pillows steal the show without visually cluttering the room.

A petite table accommodates red blooms in vase. Lastly, yellow framed wall art complements the stark wall, while a wall sconce helps save plenty of space.

12. Neutral Bedroom with Navy Accents

Neutral Bedroom with Navy Accents - walloverinfo
Neutral Bedroom with Navy Accents –

Medium gray upholstered headboard and white wall produce a subtle contrast. Light blue knit blanket generates a restful ambiance.

Textured bed sheet as well as white, chevron gray and light taupe shag throw pillow add dimension to the room. The crystal table lamp sets a lavish setting.

Wooden framed floral paintings are gorgeous master bedroom wall decor. Navy bed runner and throw pillow inject drama.

13. Feel Like a Queen

Feel Like a Queen - robynastoncom
Feel Like a Queen –

Looking for large bedroom decorating ideas? Give this idea a chance. Cream wall panel and white curtains convey restfulness.

Pink canopy and curved end bench evoke senses of femininity as well as elegance. Gold bed and table lamps ooze luxury. Wooden floor instills homey vibes.

Floral comforter, area rug, and table covers embrace French country flair. Lastly, an exquisite chandelier completes the room and carves a royal feel.

14. Go Monochrome and Quirky

Go Monochrome and Quirky - centimetdecorcom
Go Monochrome and Quirky –

Needless to say, this bedroom looks sleek, stylish, and welcoming thanks to monochrome color palette. White foundation imparts a clean environment.

The white chair and desk from Ebay make for a cozy workspace. Patterned and pine tree print throw pillows are the statement pieces.

Black polka dots on white wall generate a fabulous contrast. Pastel colors elicit a youthful ambiance. A pendant light illuminates the room in the night, while white framed quirky dog art completes the scene.

15. A Unique Gallery Wall

A Unique Gallery Wall - littlepinkarmycom
A Unique Gallery Wall –

This bedroom is sure to make you fall asleep faster. Cushy throw pillows and layers of bed linens provide comfort. The wooden floor radiates a warm energy throughout the space. Headboard and LED lip table lamp emanate a feminine feel.

Over the bed is a one-of-a-kind gallery wall. Some artworks have black frames, while others are frameless. They look superb in monochrome color ways. Gold accents infuse a touch of glamour into the scheme.

Those bedroom decorating ideas are worth trying. They also reveal that awesome ornamental pieces don’t always consume your time and cost you a fortune. So, what is your favorite decor?


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