Bathroom Mirror Ideas – On Budget, Minimalist, and Modern

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – You will need some bathroom mirror ideas since choosing the most suitable one for you can be pretty tricky. A mirror is an important finishing touch for any bathroom, and there are multiple different styles that you can use. Here, you will be given ten of them which are the best ideas. These mirror ideas will surely be useful in making your bathroom look remarkable.


1. Teardrop-shaped Bathroom Mirror

Teardrop-shaped Bathroom Mirror ideas
Teardrop-shaped Bathroom Mirror ideas –

The first idea for the mirror in your bathroom is to use a mirror which shaped like a teardrop. Now, why would a teardrop-shaped mirror make a good use when putting in the bathroom? The answer to the question is that such a mirror has a strong personality in the design and it is a good idea to add a personality to your bathroom by building enough energy through the mixing between the tiled floors and wallpaper. Besides, this kind of mirror somehow makes the owner wants to get in shape even more!    Therefore, it is one of the greatest bathroom mirror ideas to implement!

2. Round-shaped Bathroom Mirror

Round-shaped Bathroom Mirror ideas
Round-shaped Bathroom Mirror ideas –

The next idea for buying the best mirror for your bathroom is to buy one with a round shape. Here is the thing: round is the most versatile shape ever discovered and it never hurts to use that shape, including a mirror which is round shaped. It is always a good idea when using a rounded mirror for your bathroom, but there is always a way to make it even better! Mix it with geometric shapes and you have got the jackpot of bathroom design. By the way, a round mirror is a perfect tool which you can use to test any angles that are perfect to be photographed.

3. Oval-shaped Bathroom Mirror

Oval-shaped Bathroom Mirror
Oval-shaped Bathroom Mirror –

The next one of the best mirror ideas for your bathroom is to use an oval-shaped mirror. Actually, using this kind of mirror shape works similar to the previous one, which is the round mirror. Using an oval-shaped mirror is awesome since you can also use it in any types of bathroom, just like the round one. However, this one actually has a unique twist since it has a slimmer shape; it allows you to have plenty of room available for any geometric accent and wallpaper. Definitely, this unique shape and twist never leave you with a boring expression!

4. Rectangle-shaped Bathroom Mirror

Rectangle-shaped Bathroom Mirror
Rectangle-shaped Bathroom Mirror –

When talking about shape-based bathroom mirror ideas, one does not simply ignore the charm of a rectangular mirror. Why is adding a rectangle-shaped mirror a good idea for your bathroom? It is a good idea to implement this kind of idea is that this mirror is the default kind of mirror style for any room, including the bathroom. Any size can be used for your bathroom according to the size of the room; it can be tiny or large. Oh, by the way, it is also able to make a small bathroom look larger than its actual size. Combining it with shelves is also easier compared to other mirror shapes.

5. Unconventional-shaped Bathroom Mirror

Unconventional-shaped Bathroom Mirror ideas
Unconventional-shaped Bathroom Mirror ideas –

So, are you confident enough to state that standard-shaped mirrors are the best kind of mirrors? Well, of course, those mirrors mentioned earlier are awesome, but they have the same characteristics: they are conventional-shaped and they can be boring. Now, why don’t we use a mirror with a unique shape which is never used by anyone? There are many shapes which you can find, and one of them is the heart-shaped mirror which provides you an intriguing look! Choosing an unconventional shape, by the way, is a way to go for stating your unique style without having to add minor accessories which make your bathroom feel cluttered.

6. Minimalist Bathroom Mirror

Minimalist Bathroom Mirror ideas
Minimalist Bathroom Mirror ideas –

The next mirror idea for the mirror in your bathroom is this one. Actually, using a mirror which has a minimalist style is an awesome way to make your bathroom look simply awesome. Minimalist mirrors work best when they are coupled with a bathroom which uses contemporary design since they make a perfect couple when combined. Make sure you choose the one with the streamlined design or a basic shape.

7. Twin Bathroom Mirrors

Twin Bathroom Mirrors ideas
Twin Bathroom Mirrors ideas –

The next part of bathroom mirror ideas is to use double mirrors with a similar shape. Using double mirrors is a wonderful way for your bathroom in terms of both function and aesthetics. For the function reason, having two mirrors mean that two people can use them at the same time- a perfect option for those who live together. For the aesthetics, double mirrors can launch a strikingly stunning look which has the double of the look created by a single mirror. By the way, this works for any shape of mirrors, but make sure that both mirrors have the same size and shape!

8. Mix and Match Bathroom Mirrors

Mix and Match Bathroom Mirror ideas
Mix and Match Bathroom Mirror ideas –

This one is a bit unique and radical for most people. Alright, instead of sticking around with one shape of the mirror, why don’t we just buy multiple mirrors in shape and size and use them at the same time? Limiting yourself to use one kind of mirror only is not a good thing. Instead, you can try to mix and match different mirrors in one bathroom and hang them like they are in an art gallery. Make sure each mirror complement one another instead of compete for one another.

9. Backlight Bathroom Mirror

Backlight Bathroom Mirror ideas
Backlight Bathroom Mirror ideas –

So, your mirror looks plain and dull? Well, you do not need to be too sad since there is a way to improve it! The best way to make a mirror in the bathroom look better is to add lighting behind it. A mirror with backlighting always succeeds in having a glamorous update. Oh, by the way, there are mirrors with built-in lights in the market too, if you have not purchased any mirror yet.

10. Wall-sized Bathroom Mirror

Wall-sized Bathroom Mirror ideas
Wall-sized Bathroom Mirror ideas –

This last idea is quite simple. Well, since there are too many options to choose when choosing the perfect shape and size for the mirror in your bathroom, let us cover the whole wall with a mirror instead! Either every wall or just one side of the bathroom, this option will make your bathroom look spacious than its actual size. Well, those are the bathroom mirror ideas for you!

Q&A About Bathroom Mirror

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Can decorative mirrors be used in bathrooms?

A local glass informed us “Yes, you can use any mirror you like”. However I saw some online article said to utilize tempered glass and use moisture-resistant frame, and so on. However it looks like there are a lot more options for decorative mirrors than restroom mirrors

What size should a bathroom vanity mirror be?

As a general rule, the mirror must determine numerous inches less than your vanity/sink location. For a medium-size vanity, pick a basic 24-inch mirror which can determine 24×20 inches, for instance.

Can a mirror be wider than a vanity?

Hanging a mirror is a lot like hanging art. The mirror ought to be long enough vertically to permit everyone a good reflection. Normally, the mirror ought to not be wider than the sink or vanity.

How far above a bathroom mirror should the light fixture be?

In those circumstances, a wall-mounted vanity component above the mirror is an alternative. Set up the light above the medication cabinet or mirror at a height of about 75 to 80 inches from the floor. You can also utilize the vanity as a guide. Place the light about 40 inches above the top of your vanity.

What is the standard height for a bathroom mirror?

Restroom cabinets are usually installed at 54 inches above completed floor. That is since you will usually have a 36 inches basic vanity plus 18 inches of clear space in between. Often a combination of mirror/cabinet is chosen so make sure to have it installed at 12 inches on top of the counter top.

Do tilted mirrors make you look thinner?

“A mirror that is slanted even a little forward will tend to make you look much shorter and broader,” she stated. “A mirror that’s tilted towards the back makes you look longer and leaner.”

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