Excellent Backyard Pool Ideas You Will Love

Backyard Pool Ideas – You obviously know that swimming is really good for the body’s health. If you love doing this water sport regularly, you must build your own swimming pool in your backyard. And we assembled some of backyard pool ideas to help you.

You can enjoy intimate family time in your backyard getaway. The pool is also great to hold various occasions and chill out after a stressful day. Having a backyard pool increases your home’s value as well.

Bear in mind that there are significant things you need to put into calculation such as the design, water feature, and landscaping. Regardless of the size of your backyard, let’s turn it into a relaxing oasis.

Best Backyard Pool Ideas

1. Contemporary Backyard Pool Ideas

Contemporary Backyard Pool Ideas - compasspoolscom
Contemporary Backyard Pool Ideas – compasspools.com

For sure, this idea calls contemporary design fans. The square-shaped pool is enchantingly enclosed by travertine stone and stained wooden platform. It employs a stunning frameless glass pool fence too.

Black armchair and white cushion give you a cozy experience in the swimming pool space. You can put the drink and food on the black square table next to the chair.

The planted pink flowers add a touch of natural beauty to the pool. Meanwhile, grass and leafy plants landscape the pool area.

2. Backyard above Ground Pool Ideas

Backyard above Ground Pool Ideas - bistrodrecom
Backyard above Ground Pool Ideas – bistrodre.com

Have wanted an oddly shaped pool? Of course, you must try this idea. As you can see, the guitar swimming pool in the yard of the house attracts attention in no time. Not to mention, it embraces your inner musician.

Furthermore, it features two infinity waterfalls that connect different pool levels into one. They do not only provide a calm state of mind but also work as an instant design facelift. A fire pit keeps the pool zone warm on winter’s nights. The greeneries make the whole swimming pool livelier.

3. Minimalist Swiming Pool

Modern Swimming Pool Designs and Plans - compasspoolscomau
Modern Swimming Pool Designs and Plans – compasspools.com.au

If you love the concept of minimalism, you obviously can’t say no to this sleek Scandinavian-style backyard pool. It is made of the fiberglass. So, it can easily adapt to extreme temperature changes.

Move over the floor, the polished natural stone tiles lend a rustic appeal as well as offer comfort underfoot. Along with the swimming pool, they proudly display their straight lines.

You can also spot a pair of bubbler water features. The awkward corners are transformed into lounge and gathering areas. What else could you ask for?

4. Backyard Pool with a Slide

Backyard Pool with a Slide - cookwithalocalnet
Backyard Pool with a Slide – cookwithalocal.net

You don’t have to go to the famous resort as long as you build this luxury swimming pool. The presence of water slide delivers fun atmosphere and vacation vibes to the area.

Descending stairs let you enter as well as exit the backyard pool safely. They add depth and dynamic look to the pool scene.

Wooden fence matches perfectly with the deck. To introduce a visual interest, install lattice deck skirting.
The grass spruces up the swimming pool area. Hang a pendant light from patio’s ceiling and grow tropical plants to get more resort experience.

5. Outdoor Pool with Rocky Waterfalls

Outdoor Pool with Rocky Waterfalls - sculptfusionus
Outdoor Pool with Rocky Waterfalls – sculptfusion.us

Do you like exploring nature? If yes, you should apply this idea. Here, the small and large swimming pools boast rocky structures. They offer a rustic charm for certain.

Then, the water absolutely resembles the natural waterfalls. The trickling water sound exhibits a soothing ambiance. It is interesting to see the water and fire features at once.

The flowers, trees, and shrubs around the backyard pools create an island cove atmosphere. And four outdoor lounge chairs from Amazon set the laid-back setting.

6. Backyard Pool Ideas for Small Yards

Backyard Pool Ideas for Small Yards - jacekpartykacom
Backyard Pool Ideas for Small Yards – jacekpartyka.com

There is nothing better than dipping you in the pool on a hot day. In this picture, the round pool looks like a Japanese onsen tub. It is really a backyard paradise.

Wood and stone are the main elements here as they give the swimming pool a sense of nature. The mini cascading waterfall helps to unwind the anxious mind.

Since the Japanese uphold simplicity and cleanliness, it is important to keep all the things minimalistic. The river rocks, flowers, and plants are used for pool landscaping. This backyard oasis definitely channels your inner Zen.

7. Backyard Pool with Sun Umbrellas

Backyard Pool with Sun Umbrellas - winesettnurserycom
Backyard Pool with Sun Umbrellas – winesettnursery.com

Instead of going on a beach vacation, we suggest you have your own backyard retreat. The curvy pool is equipped with descending stairs that lead into a refreshing pool.

The grey stone brick floor tiles offer rough texture. Wooden fence enhances a sense of rustic instantly. Planted trees and potted flowers spice up the outdoor pool.

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In the gathering area, there are traditional lawn chairs. You can shop them on eBay. Meanwhile, the sun umbrellas come in sand, azure and sapphire blue. They exude the seaside vibes. A stripped throw pillow is the wow factor.

8. Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas - pomgraphicscom
Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas – pomgraphics.com

Landscaping is paramount, especially if you build an in-ground swimming pool. It makes your backyard sanctuary more appealing. You can choose either to go for the manmade or natural landscape.

Banana and palm trees double as the pool fence. They invigorate the entire scene. The rectangle pool is also surrounded by lush green grass.

You will feel like you are on the beach. Thanks to the turquoise beach mattresses, built-in bench’s cushions and throw pillows. Weather wooden log coffee table, bench, and round dining table lend the pool rustic chic.

9. Tranquil Backyard Swimming Pool

Tranquil Backyard Swimming Pool - cookwithalocalnet
Tranquil Backyard Swimming Pool – cookwithalocal.net

The homeowner includes rocky waterfall around her oval backyard pool. It fantastically mimics trickling rain which creates a complete peace of mind. To boost the rustic charm, the floor is covered in natural stone tiles.

Blue painted terracotta containers come in various shapes. They serve as the pool decorations and carve a playful nuance.

The wooden fence adds a nice texture to the swimming pool. It offers shade and privacy from the outside world. Colorful flowers and trees adorn the backyard. And the grass rounds out the area.

10. Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget - childrenofgazainfo
Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget – childrenofgaza.info

If you want a pool backyard pool that is wallet-friendly, easy to install and great for your family, do consider a stock tank. You just need to fill this above-ground pool with water.

Since the metal stock tank is a good thermal conductor, be sure you place it in the shady area. We also recommend you to go swimming at around 2:00 PM.

Moreover, scatter hay on the ground. It will match nicely with the Barnhouse. The fire pit is encircled by wooden armchairs. String lights are strung between two big trees to illuminate the outdoor space when the night falls.

11. Mediterranean-Inspired Backyard Pool

Mediterranean-Inspired Backyard Pool - thesprucecom
Mediterranean-Inspired Backyard Pool – thespruce.com

You may put Mediterranean countries on your bucket list. But if you can’t make your travel dreams come true, at least you have a Mediterranean swimming pool in the backyard of your abode.

First of all, choose a white and blue color scheme. These two colors inject a refreshing feel into your backyard space. Do not forget to build water features and install ornate ceramic tiles.

The concrete platform encloses the pool delightfully. A mix of greenery, resting spot, and casual outdoor living room brings the outdoor pool to completion.

12. Backyard Pool with Fire Pit

Backyard Pool with Fire Pit - cakningco
Backyard Pool with Fire Pit – cakning.co

The homeowner puts the traditional twist on his modern swimming pool. The fire pit near the pool is not just a classic addition but also heats up the whole area after dark.

Aside from that, it makes a statement in the backyard area. It allows the dweller to enjoy freshly grilled skewers. The sun umbrellas give the backyard pool shade during daylight hours. Orange brick stone multilevel benches and floor generate the rustic aesthetic.

13. Tropical Backyard Oasis

Tropical Backyard Oasis - pinterestcom
Tropical Backyard Oasis – pinterest.com

You wish you could go on a tropical vacation, right? No worries. This exquisite haven pool offers you the same atmosphere. It is fabulously surrounded by tall palm trees, planted and potted greeneries. They create a secluded feel.

The reclaimed wooden platform warms up the in-ground pool area. Meanwhile, white beach chaise lounges from Target as well as towels from IKEA evoke resort-like ambiance. We believe you can relax in maximum comfort.

14. Dark Backyard Swimming Pool

Dark Backyard Swimming Pool - pinterestcom
Dark Backyard Swimming Pool – pinterest.com

Black dominates the outdoor pool scene. This neutral color brings natural drama and a touch of elegance to the area. The frameless glass fence sets an open and airy ambiance.

There are also step-by-step floor tiles that lead you into the swimming pool. We fall in love with the contrast between white pebbles and tiles.

The plants in white-painted built-in containers rejuvenate the outdoor space. Lastly, a small wooden deck and slate stone wall accent contribute to the pool’s rustic character.

15. Backyard Pool with Grecian Fountain

Backyard Pool with Grecian Fountain - homedepotcom
Backyard Pool with Grecian Fountain – homedepot.com

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, Grecian fountain is the best addition. This traditional 3-tier fountain from Home Depot creates an outstanding water effect.

Install it in the middle of your backyard pool. Then, just connect it to the nearest return inlet. Place natural rocks around the pool space. Put the armchairs and tables on the concrete floor, so you can see the stunning fountain comfortably.

Designing a backyard pool shouldn’t be a complex and challenging affair. With our backyard pool ideas above, we wholly believe you can accomplish the outdoor project. Besides, the result will amaze you.

Backyard Pool Pictures

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