Best Backyard Lighting Ideas to Jazz up Your Outdoor Space

Backyard Lighting Ideas – In the summer, backyard is your favorite spot for sure. You can gather with your family and friends while enjoying the foods and cool breeze. If you plan to illuminate your outdoor retreat, have a read at our backyard lighting ideas first.

Moreover, the lighting adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor garden. It provides safety after the sun sets. Installing backyard light fixture also helps you to avoid the accidents.

First thing first, you must consider the size of your backyard. Tiny outdoor space usually needs less powerful lighting. Secondly, if the garden does not have any access to power outlets, you can use battery or solar-powered lights.

Best Backyard Lighting Ideas

1. Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios - inaraycom
Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios –

Here, the multiple string lights mimic sparkling stars in the night sky. They radiate the outdoor patio softly. Not to mention, they deliver the intimate and soothing ambiance to the whole area.

The seating and ultra-comfy cushions make the backyard patio more inviting. Brick floor works as a rustic feature. It is unpretentiously cool and long-lasting.

Green lush grass and tall trees exhibit the organic setting. Meanwhile, the white-painted lattice screens offer privacy. We promise the patio is great for any gathering.

2. Industrial-Style Backyard Lighting

Industrial-Style Backyard Lighting - pinterestcom
Industrial-Style Backyard Lighting –

Can’t get enough of light bulbs? This idea is definitely for you. As seen in the image above, both of metal wire and light fixtures embrace the industrial charm. The candles in black glass mason jars give dim illumination.

The stacked wood is used to burn in the fire pit. So, the space stays warm and welcoming during winter. There is a natural stone square fire pit from Amazon on the patio. It is encircled with black retro armless chairs, multicolored floral cushions, and tables. Lastly, stone floor proudly showcases the rough texture.

3. Solar Lighting Ideas for Backyards

Solar Lighting Ideas for Backyards - carolinaoutdoorlightingcom
Solar Lighting Ideas for Backyards –

In case your backyard garden is situated far away from power outlets, you can install solar light fixtures. According to their names, they store the power during daytime. They radiate the pathway during evening hours.

The thing that makes solar lights awesome is they do not require wiring. But these lights produce a stylish appearance. For certain, they are environmentally-friendly.

Purchase the solar outdoor lights that match your budget and preference. Do not hesitate to opt for paver walkway and rugged natural stone to get a rustic aesthetic.

4. Wrap Tree Trunks with String Lights

Wrap Tree Trunks with String Lights - thenavagepatchcom
Wrap Tree Trunks with String Lights –

This idea proves how much we love string lights. Here, the bare tree trunks are gorgeously decorated with outdoor light strands. They instantly bring the vacation vibes to the backyard.

Despite their simplicity, the strings of lights from Lowes cast a radiating glow. Along with the tree trunks, they create rustic-industrial flair.

These lights are also perfect for any occasion like Halloween. Keep in mind to replace the regular string lights with the orange one. Place unpolished wooden armchairs on the ground. You are set.

5. DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas - kinggeorgehomescom
DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas –

Searching for a DIY project? This idea is the way to go. The backyard is nicely lit by Mason jar lantern lighting. The string lights in the clear glass mason jars look like fireflies. They introduce a stunning subtle light in the dark.

The mason jars beautifully accentuate the string lights. They are strung between two solid metal poles. No doubt, they are funky and mesmerizing at the same time.

Since you craft them from string lights and mason jars, of course, they won’t break your bank. You don’t need to catch the actual fireflies too.

6. Fire Pit-Like Outdoor Lighting

Fire Pit-Like Outdoor Lighting - amazinginteriordesigncom
Fire Pit-Like Outdoor Lighting –

As you can see, the patio space features simulating fireflies instead of the real one. To create the same romantic atmosphere, the firewood is put on the metal stand. And you can use any type of wood.

The fairy lights splendidly sit on the halved wood logs. Both firewood and the lights make for a cozy setting. Best of all, the lighting is completely flameless. So, it is functional and safe.

Planted plants liven up the entire patio area. The paver floor carves a rustic edge. We are sure you still love this patio even though you cannot enjoy s’mores.

7. Magnificent Pathway Lights

Magnificent Pathway Lights - ecsustcom
Magnificent Pathway Lights –

The pathway plays a significant role in any outdoor space. That’s why you have to brighten and decorate it. Like the one pictured here, the light fixtures on either side of pathway keep the area from looking shadowy.

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We believe your guests feel welcome when they step on the illuminated pathway. There are traditional lanterns and string lights too.

Installing pathway lighting prevents you, your family and friends from ruining the grass. The crazy paving pathway itself adds unrefined character to the backyard oasis.

8. Outdoor Decorative Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Decorative Lighting Ideas - pinterestcom
Outdoor Decorative Lighting Ideas –

No power outlets? No problem. This homeowner proves that creativity leads to beauty. The fairy lights in the round glass balls are powered by batteries. They effortlessly give the backyard a magical touch.

Hang the whimsical lights from poles or tree branches because they do not need wiring. Plus, you can install them with ease. The number of round glass lanterns depends on your need.

In this example, the black metal suspensions and lights exhibit the industrial chic in a split second. The lightweight glass orbs gloriously match well with greenery. Don’t you want these crystal balls?

9. Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Decks

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Decks - diodeledcom
Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Decks –

Some of you love cooking over a fire pit. Meanwhile, the others just pass a cool evening sitting around it. Whatever it is, your backyard deck is not complete without good lighting.

Here, the fire pit and LED strip lights keep the area from looking dingy. A fire pit itself takes the center stage. It is more comfortable with the presence of built-in natural stone seating.

Cook the appetizers such as sausage skewers and Mexican street corn on the fire pit. You can also eat the fresh tasty s’mores for sure.

10. Step-By-Step Backyard Lighting

Step-By-Step Backyard Lighting - kimberlyskyrmecastingcom
Step-By-Step Backyard Lighting –

Illuminating the stairs of your backyard deck is absolutely paramount. In this version, the homeowner fills the staircase with spotlights. They produce the right amount of light which transform the area from drab to fab.

The rule is two spotlights for every step. Moreover, the spotlights on the deck line highlight the outdoor living area. Table and dining chairs are placed on the deck. The wooden staircase, decking, handrail, and furniture lend the area natural splendor. We believe you always love spending your free time with loved ones in this backyard.

11. Backyard Lighting Ideas for a Party

Backyard Lighting Ideas for a Party - cmd-ksbiz
Backyard Lighting Ideas for a Party –

As the image shows, this outdoor space employs in-ground pool, small living area, and refreshing garden. You can do a few different activities in this backyard, from talking with your friends to indulging in a wonderful book.

Just in case you want to throw a night dinner party, you must radiate and embellish your backyard space. To begin the job with, place the fairy lights under the trees. They perk up your backyard in no time.

You can also install an outdoor fireplace too. Build the crazy paving walkway to prevent the partygoers from stepping on your pretty flowers and grass.

12. Planters That Glow in the Dark

Planters That Glow in the Dark - homebnccom
Planters That Glow in the Dark –

Do you need planters as well as lights? Give this idea a shot. Here, the round planters produce a soft nighttime glow. They also develop a magical scene and natural drama.

The old terracotta containers promote a shabby chic style. Green grass and colorful blooming flowers in the illuminated planters add a breath of fresh air to the backyard garden.

The stone brick floor gives the garden a sense of rustic. It also completes the outdoor scene. What a dreamy backyard!

13. Outdoor Summer Decorative Ideas

Outdoor Summer Decorative Ideas - top10zillacom
Outdoor Summer Decorative Ideas –

We know that you can’t decide between rustic and minimalist designs. This is the reason we present this idea for you. Here, the simple string of round bulbs nestles above a table.

Furthermore, it is stretched between a pair of tree trunks. The long wooden benches and dining table are undoubtedly rustic. We guarantee you and your spouse have the romantic outdoor dinner like never before.

14. Moroccan Backyard Lighting

Moroccan Backyard Lighting - pinterestcom
Moroccan Backyard Lighting –

Are you a big fan of exotic design? You surely will fall for this kind of lighting. In this image above, a string of Moroccan-inspired ball lights complements the backyard garden. They also cast a yellow glow after the sun goes down.

The ornate details entice all your guests in a flash. Other than that, the ball string lights exude warm and casual atmosphere. The exposed brick wall is not just rustic but also pairs marvelously with the string lights.

15. Overhead Hanging Chinese Lanterns

Overhead Hanging Chinese Lanterns - leiradesigncom
Overhead Hanging Chinese Lanterns –

Are you in need of traditional outdoor lighting? Look no further than Chinese paper lanterns. They give the scene a Zen-like ambiance and festive vibes. Just hang them above the backyard seating area.

Moreover, the oriental paper lanterns come in various colors and geometric shapes. They transform a stark backyard into a playful sanctuary. Lastly, add wooden armchairs and minimalist side tables from eBay to your backyard.

Hopefully, those backyard lighting ideas get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to mix and match the outdoor lights as well as furniture. Are you ready to revamp the backyard?

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