Backyard Gazebo Ideas – Best Gazebo & Pergola Designs

Backyard Gazebo Ideas – Many people see gazebo as a vital feature in the outdoor space. If you are one of them and search for inspiration, the luck is yours. We have rounded up some backyard gazebo ideas to motivate you to create an outdoor oasis.

The gazebo does not only add charm and shade to your backyard but also gives a unique style. Moreover, it protects you, your family and friends from inclement outdoor weather.

Before designing a gazebo in your outdoor living space, you must consider the total cost, backyard’s size, electricity, drainage system, and materials. Do not stick to the old look too. Let’s discover the lovely new options below.

Backyard Gazebo Ideas

1. Enclosed Gazebo

Enclosed Gazebo Ideas - hesheandmecom
Enclosed Gazebo Ideas –

This gazebo is the perfect place to meditate and spend the quality time with your loved ones. Since it is completely enclosed by black glass screens, you won’t find any bug for certain.

Speaking of the backyard structure, it inevitably embraces the classic style. The octagonal gazebo recalls happy moments from the past.

To complete the traditional appearance, you can whitewash the gazebo. We promise it will steal everyone’s attention in no time. When you want a private escape, just go to the gazebo.

2. Tropical Gazebo

Tropical Backyard Gazebo - moderngazebocom
Tropical Backyard Gazebo –

As seen in the image, the wooden gazebo employs a thatched roof and sheer white canopy. They exhibit the island atmosphere and cozy feel. There are throw pillows and mattress for taking an afternoon nap.

Furthermore, the outdoor retreat is surrounded by planted trees. They bring a breath of fresh air to the gazebo area. The grass performs the function of landscaping the backyard.

The stone paths offer the rustic appeal as well as keep you and your guests from stepping on the grass. On a hot summer day, do not forget to enjoy the lemonade while sitting in the gazebo. It must be so awesome.

3. Wooden Gazebo

Stunning Wooden Gazebo - nameahuluorg
Stunning Wooden Gazebo –

You don’t need to have a large getaway in your backyard. In this example, the tiny yet terrific gazebo is made out of wood. It produces warmth, elegance and a sense of rustic.

The gazebo also comes with built-in seating, covered roof, and lattice walls. It allows you to be in the outdoors at any time. Do not worry about the excess wind and harsh sun.

White throw pillows and wooden gazebo lead to a nice contrast. Meanwhile, the potted and planted greeneries evoke the organic setting.

4. Gazebo Tent with Curtains

Gazebo Tent with Curtains - furnitureinredseacom
Gazebo Tent with Curtains –

Instead of building a gazebo from scratch, the homeowner chooses to utilize the blackened metal tent from Lowes. Then, she dresses it up with sheer tan curtains. They really soften up the industrial look and provide privacy.

She outfits the backyard gazebo with rattan armless chairs, sofa and coffee table. They inject a touch of nature into the area.

The green grass, pink flowering tree, and potted leafy plant embellish the gazebo. We are sure you don’t mind call this place an outdoor sanctuary.

5. Whimsical Gazebo

Whimsical Backyard Gazebo - decoratoristcom
Whimsical Backyard Gazebo –

Despite its tiny size, this hexagonal gazebo really draws the eye. Look at the wonderland-inspired canopy and white concrete posts. They seem outstanding against the green backdrop.

Add the ornate black metal chair and a couple of armless chairs to your gazebo. So, you can throw a mini tea party in the backyard.

For a shady gazebo, grow tall tree around it. The grass and potted colorful flowers jazz up the backyard, while a little boy garden statue gives the space magical ambiance. You can hardly say no to this backyard haven, right?

6. Bold Chinese-Style Gazebo

Bold Chinese-Style Gazebo - pinterestcom
Bold Chinese-Style Gazebo –

If you can’t get enough of Lunar New Year celebration, apply this idea in your backyard. The curves and patterns are beyond gorgeous. A mix of red, yellow and black invigorate the space. This combination seems astonishing too.

Keep things simple and clean. This helps you feel the serene atmosphere in your backyard. The broken flagstone pieces that surround the gazebo carve the rustic charm.

To make your Oriental gazebo more lively, plant vegetables and herbs in the raised wooden beds. In case you don’t intend to grow them, opt for half grass and half dirt. By doing so, your gazebo will be filled with harmony.

7. Modern Gazebo

Modern Gazebo Design Pictures - lasercutscreens.couk
Modern Gazebo Design Pictures –

Do you work with limited space? No worries. This steel ultra-modern gazebo is great in the pocket-sized backyard. Your outdoor area also looks bigger than it is. The geometric patterns on the roof and walls create visual interest.

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The pastel coral gazebo is outfitted with dark brown sofa, armless chair, and table. We love the fabulous contrast between furniture and white cushions.

Two pendant lights are hung from the ceiling. They match elegantly with the white curtains from IKEA. Meanwhile, the grass and tree fence offer a finished look.

8. Small Gazebo

Small Gazebo Ideas - villazbeatscom
Small Gazebo Ideas –

Here, we have a tall narrow wooden gazebo that is perfect for your pocket-sized backyard. It oozes the warmth, intimacy, and tranquility in an instant. Even though, it only serves as the standing room.

This shaded passageway feels complete with the presences of the reclaimed wooden fence and leafless trees. They contribute to the backyard’s rustic character.

Moreover, the concrete curved pathway leads you to the shaded standing area. So, you do not trample the precious grass and plants. If you want to enjoy the night sky, install the light fixtures to avoid accidents.

9. Gazebo with Bridge

Backyard Gazebo with Bridge - cybballcom
Backyard Gazebo with Bridge –

This gazebo is so popular all over the country and the world. So, why not give it a shot? Just imagine how relaxing it is when you sit in the gazebo with your family.

There is a bridge that connects the backyard garden to the gazebo. The trickling water sound of little streams beneath the bridge calms the mind. It is the right space to some rest after a hard day.

A combination of a giant tree, gazebo, and bridge lend the backyard a mystical ambiance. Grass adds a smooth texture to the outdoor area.

10. One of a Kind Gazebo

One of a Kind Gazebo - amazoncom
One of a Kind Gazebo –

Can’t choose between pergola and gazebo? This idea is for you. As the picture shows, the outdoor retreat feels open like pergola, but still looks like a gazebo, since it is located in the garden.

The butterfly gazebo tent from Amazon really takes the center stage due to its stylish architecture. It successfully breaks the tradition as well.

Dark brown sofa, table, and armchairs paired magnificently with the charcoal tent. The artificial topiary hedge fence separates your gazebo from outside the world. Lastly, grass and red flowers liven up the backyard.

11. Backyard Gazebo Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Gazebo Landscaping Ideas - designingideacom
Backyard Gazebo Landscaping Ideas –

If you wish you could live on a beautiful and quiet island, make your dreams reality then. Here, the gazebo resembles the tiki hut in Miami. However, this one boasts green shingle roof, wooden floor, lattice panels, and open-air windows.

In terms of the furnishings, the homeowner keeps the gazebo space minimal. That’s why you only spot the built-in bench, table, and chairs.

Grass, planted purple flowers and the other plants landscape the garden. Pastel blue container and Victorian lamp post steal the spotlight. Plus, mini wooden bridge and concrete footpath are the rustic additions.

12. Gazebo on Decks

Pictures of Gazebo on Decks - hgtvhomecom
Pictures of Gazebo on Decks –

Who says you must build the gazebo on the ground? Because of the deck’s popularity, a lot of homeowners design a cozy retreat with an attached wooden deck. We urge you to follow the same route.

This gazebo has impressive features like the white posts, dark brown hardwood floor, and built-in floating benches. The striped and colorful throw pillows brighten up the area.

You also take advantage of breezy summertime. Thanks to the roofless pretty overhang. For extra safety and privacy, your guests only can access the gazebo via gates. Lastly, the greeneries bring some life to the deck and gazebo.

13. Simple Rectangular Gazebo

Simple Rectangular Gazebo Plans - safehomefarmcom
Simple Rectangular Gazebo Plans –

If you value simplicity, look no further than a minimalist gazebo. The raw wooden gazebo is inspired by Japanese’s architectures. It adds rustic character and texture to the design.

The straight lines convey cleanliness, clarity, and openness. A set of upholstered green chairs and table blend into the surrounding nature. Pink flowers and two-tone striped throw pillows elevate the backyard’s appearance.

14. Gazebo with Open Air Concept

Gazebo with Open Air Concept - kalimanrawlinscom
Gazebo with Open Air Concept –

Think outdoor space is not as cozy as the indoor one? Think again. In this version, the gazebo is equipped with a black metal table and dining chairs. Tan cushions and floral throw pillows warm up the entire backyard.

There is an outdoor kitchen that doubles as a grill area. The fence is made out of stone bricks and metal. Two pendant lights cast a soft glow during evening hours, while the plants exhibit a natural setting.

15. Gazebo with Leafy Canopy

Backyard Gazebo with Leafy Canopy - thesprucecom
Backyard Gazebo with Leafy Canopy –

This outdoor escape is filled with round wooden table and armchairs. They easily emanate the casual atmosphere. The sunflowers in the vase and planted pink flowers refresh the backyard zone.

Concrete garden statues, river rocks, and rough sand pebbles deliver layers of textures to space. The gazebo itself features the roof and posts that highlight climbing vines. Isn’t the camouflaged canopy divine?

In conclusion, gazebo is a fantastic way to make most of your backyard. Bear in mind that you build it to entice yourself, not everybody else. After reading those backyard gazebo ideas, which one you like the most?

Backyard Gazebo Pictures


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