Backyard Deck Ideas – Outstanding Backyard Patio Deck List

Backyard Deck Ideas – Finding the perfect backyard deck ideas is a little bit tricky. You have to make sure that the deck doesn’t have a problem with zoning, aesthetic, and of course, budget.

People love to have a backyard deck because they can enjoy the great view of outdoors without leaving the house. With the upcoming spring season, it’s about time to have the best time at the deck with friends and family.

There are so many options you can go within making the area of backyard deck or patio for your house. One thing for sure, you have to make the area as special and personal as the home’s interior.

Whether it’s a simple deck or one that includes several additional elements, the choice needs to be based on your budget. Here are some inspirational backyard deck ideas you can explore.

Best Backyard Deck Ideas

1. Elevated by the Pool

Elevated Backyard Deck Ideas by the Pool - icicainfo
Elevated Backyard Deck Ideas by the Pool –

If you have a set of raised masonry planters that you don’t use next to the swimming pool, this is what you should do. You can turn the planters into DIY deck ideas for your backyard. It’s not just the ordinary deck; it’s the one that gives the feeling of four-star hotel design.

2. Sun-Blocking Pergolas

Backyard Deck Ideas Sun-Blocking Pergolas - wctdistributorscom
Backyard Deck Ideas Sun-Blocking Pergolas –

Adding an architectural dimension to the backyard deck is the key to add a dramatic effect to the area. This deck has a full-width pergola which characterizes the space. The pergola becomes the special feature of this backyard deck.

You can have good dinner time with your family in the semi-outdoor area of the house. Some people don’t want to use pergola because of its functionality. It’s got no roof; it won’t protect your activity from the rainy weather. Though so, the pergola does block the sunlight dramatically.

3. Traditional Deck with Simple Wood

Traditional Backyard Deck Ideas with Simple Wood - karanganhousecom
Traditional Backyard Deck Ideas with Simple Wood –

Previously, it was a brick patio. Then, it’s turned to be an inviting backyard area that’s safe for your little kids. The sprawling deck of this backyard area provides ample room to be a comfortable seating area to enjoy the beautiful view of greenery.

The natural plants all over the space set the theme as natural for this backyard deck. A brick walkway under the deck increases the natural value of the area.

4. Luxury Deck with a Hot Tub

Luxury Backyard Deck Ideas with a Hot Tub - pinterestcom
Luxury Backyard Deck Ideas with a Hot Tub –

Having a hot tub in the backyard deck area would ignite the luxury lifestyle in your soul. You can enjoy the cool view around you with your eyes while you’re enjoying the perfect warm around your body.

The dark wood flooring is used to balance the clean atmosphere of nature. The panoramic view is the main attraction of this house. That’s why this stylish spa-like deck would be a perfect design for the house.

5. Well-Used Corner Space

Backyard Deck Ideas with Well-Used Corner Space - freshomecom
Backyard Deck Ideas with Well-Used Corner Space –

In designing a backyard deck, you need to focus on the functional areas. The use of space should be well-planned. You need to have at least two or three different designs to be used in the deck. The space on the corner can be filled with an L shape sofa for space efficiency.

Then, a coffee table in the middle would be a good company to complete the set. Another two minimalist chairs to fill up the remaining space accommodating more people.

6. Backyard Deck Ideas by the Indoor Kitchen

Backyard Deck Ideas by the Indoor Kitchen - sqshicom
Backyard Deck Ideas by the Indoor Kitchen –

If you think backyard deck should be a focus on the flow, why don’t you connect the flow of indoor to outdoor? We all know that a kitchen is the heart of a house. The hearth can actually be extended to the outside world.

The food preparation would be very efficient and effective. People can enjoy the meal both inside and outside of the house. You can have dinner with your friends and family under the stars during the night while the cook prepares the food on the indoor kitchen island by the cook.

7. Surrounded by Greenery

Cozy Backyard Deck Ideas with Surrounded by Greenery - studiofmpcom
Cozy Backyard Deck Ideas with Surrounded by Greenery –

The backyard deck area is like a second living room of the house. That’s why you have to set the deck as cozy as possible. The couch set has a similar color with the wood flooring in order to keep the area harmonious in color.

The lavender plant looks like making a big impact to accentuate the backyard deck. Some kinds of pot pillars stand in front of the couch to balance the other side of the area.

8. Near the Pool

Backyard Deck Ideas near the Pool - hips.hearstappscom
Backyard Deck Ideas near the Pool –
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If you invest a swimming pool in the backyard of your house, you should install the deck near the pool. Having a deck installed beside the swimming pool is the most recommended thing for your backyard.

If you don’t have a backyard in your house, the house might still have a space called roof. You can use the roof deck area of your house to install the small swimming pool of your own. You can also have a deck for relaxing your body by the pool.

Pops of color in the middle of the deck area is a good way to get the look more interesting. The sun-bathing activity might become the most favorite one in this deck area.

9. With an Outdoor Fire Pit

Backyard Deck Ideas with an Outdoor Fire Pit - hips.hearstappscom
Backyard Deck Ideas with an Outdoor Fire Pit –

A fire pit is the most recommended additional elements you should have on your backyard deck. It becomes a great thing you can enjoy during the cold night. You can have a casual camp with your friends or siblings and enjoy the marshmallow with the fire from the pit.

This comfortable deck is a part of Malibu hotel. It’s quite obvious that this space becomes the most favorite space to enjoy the warmth conditionally and emotionally. You could experience the modern coastal aesthetic to enjoy the magnificent view.

10. Blue-Painted Floor

Blue-Painted Floor in Backyard Deck Ideas - pinterestcom
Blue-Painted Floor in Backyard Deck Ideas –

The wooden floor seems to be the main material of any backyard deck. Mostly, it has a color of natural wood of brown shades. Paint it with a bold color like blue could change the atmosphere of the deck. It’s not something that backyard deck is supposed to be.

Even though the floor looks weird as a deck, but it must be one of the most interesting things that could happen to your deck. It’s a perfect idea for a beach house. The blue and white striped won’t be looking so weird.

11. Colorful Country Style

Colorful Backyard Deck Ideas with Country Style - apartmenttherapyinfo
Colorful Backyard Deck Ideas with Country Style –

It’s one inspiring way to perk up the backyard area of your house. You don’t need to add a lot of items to decorate the area. You just need a variety of colors you can add on the stair steps. As you can see from the view, each of the steps has its own color.

That creates such fun feeling that you should also have in this backyard deck area. It’s just being supportive of you to enjoy having a good time with others. You can buy the paint from the store like Wayfair or Amazon.

12. Backyard Deck for Dining Space

Backyard Deck Ideas for Dining Space - thesprucecom
Backyard Deck Ideas for Dining Space –

Having a family dinner will never by this warm and comfortable. Comparing to the indoor dining room, the semi-outdoor space of the backyard would change the feeling and atmosphere of your dining. You should try it sometimes and you’ll have a good time.

This dining deck uses a rustic style to impress the people. Above the table, you can hang a traditional light fixture with an interesting design. This area is completed with a grill, bar, food-prep space, and counter. So, anything is already prepared to support your dinner.

13. Over the Garage

Backyard Deck Ideas over the Garage - thesprucecom
Backyard Deck Ideas over the Garage –

For a house with limited space, you have to be smart to decide where the best space to build a deck is. One space you could consider is the space over the garage. You would have your own rooftop deck but you need to consider the matters of engineering or structural.

You will love this rooftop deck because it provides better views, it offers more privacy, it takes up breezes, and it’s a great solution to an urban dwelling.

14. The Combination of Patio and Deck

The Combination of Patio and Backyard Deck Ideas - mypashioncom
The Combination of Patio and Backyard Deck Ideas –

Are you confused about choosing the perfect treatment of your backyard, patio or deck? This is a solution you need: just combine both of them. You will have both patio and deck in your backyard which will be effective as one.

The material of flooring and the plants really separates both of area. The patio is more like a garden to this backyard. Then, you can enjoy the patio garden right from the deck.

15. Detached Peninsula Style

Detached Backyard Deck Ideas with Peninsula Style - isglmasjidorg
Detached Backyard Deck Ideas with Peninsula Style –

This unique type of deck is something you should try on the lad of your backyard. Detached is the opposite of attached. So, you can position the deck anywhere you want. Make sure it’s available with path or steps.

This kind of deck would so much adaptable. It can cover the poor drainage, rocky, and bumpy areas. Some people called this kind of deck as a peninsula-style deck. It’s an element that you can connect to the house with wood decking walkway.

Backyard Deck Pictures


A deck in the backyard is one thing you should consider having. It’s a perfect spot to welcome the guests and let them enjoy the beautiful view in the most comfortable way possible. Choose any backyard deck ideas you like according to your outdoor space.


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