Apartment Kitchen Ideas

Apartment Kitchen Ideas – For people who live in new-build apartments, some apartment kitchen ideas would be necessary. It’s the one that highlights the entire space of the apartment. Most apartment spaces are more compact these days. You will need to find the best ideas to fit the limited space you have.

Right now, you’re probably on a mission to find a suitable kitchen design for your compact apartment. You might need the one that’s not only fit your space but also fit your style. Take a look at these apartment kitchen ideas designed for small spaces.

AWESOME Apartment Kitchen Ideas

1. Inventive Narrow Kitchen

Inventive Narrow Kitchen - hgtvca
Inventive Narrow Kitchen – hgtv.ca

This tiny house’s kitchen can be a great inspiration for your apartment. It’s designed to be fit in such a narrow space. This inventive kitchen would be very helpful to make sure every single space possible inside your small apartment.

This narrow kitchen is a result of going all out in creativity. It consists of countertop shelving, dual-purpose furniture, small dining tables, and secret pantries. Even though it’s narrow, it’s still comfortable to walk around and workaround.

2. Space-Saving Breakfast Nook

Space-Saving Breakfast Nook - pinterestcom
Space-Saving Breakfast Nook – pinterest.com

If you want to have a special area for your breakfast or dinner but your space is just limited. This idea might work well for you. You can just copy this space-saving breakfast nook. That slim dining table is enough for a perfect four-people dinner.

There are shelves above the table to provide more storage space for a more attractive scene to look at. For a more space-friendly feature, you can switch the table with the fold-up version. So, you can just fold the table up when it’s not needed. It provides more space to breathe in your apartment.

3. Angled Peninsula for Apartment Kitchen Ideas

Angled Peninsula for Apartment Kitchen Ideas - tophousedesignscom
Angled Peninsula for Apartment Kitchen Ideas – tophousedesigns.com

This counter concept for a kitchen is called an angled peninsula. It’s quite popular lately because it becomes an attractive solution to a limited-space kitchen. Before applying it, you need to consider the angle. It needs to be symmetrical and comfortable for your kitchen flow.

As you can see, the angled peninsula in this kitchen looks stunning. It becomes a great solution to your small apartment. This kitchen features economical black-colored countertops, which give a chic contrast against the rest of the scheme. This classic black-tie scheme always succeeds to impress.

4. Multi-functional Kitchen Island

Multi-functional Kitchen Island - hgtvca
Multi-functional Kitchen Island – hgtv.ca

A kitchen island that does double duty is a privilege for any kitchen especially the small ones. Your apartment’s kitchen should have this kind of island. It has two functions, as a dining table and a prep area. That mounted sink is just what you need in a prep area.

In this case, the size of the island is pretty big. You can make it smaller if you think it’s too big for your space. The color of clean white on the island complements that textural earthy backsplash. That dark accent gives more warmth to this elegant apartment’s kitchen.

5. Simple Groovy Kitchen Ideas for Apartment

Simple Groovy Kitchen Ideas for Apartment - hgtvca
Simple Groovy Kitchen Ideas for Apartment – hgtv.ca

The fabulous island in the center is like what this kitchen is all about. In designing an interesting kitchen for an apartment, you need to think piecemeal. This groovy kitchen is not going to be fuzz to apply.

If your apartment only has that lower cabinet, the pieces you need to add are a simple shelf, a functional table, and stools. You don’t need to change a lot of things in your rented apartment. A few additions could also give a significant change only when it’s done right.

6. Minimalist Apartment Kitchen

Minimalist Apartment Kitchen - decorazingcom
Minimalist Apartment Kitchen – decorazing.com

For your limited space, a minimalist style would work beautifully for your kitchen. You just need to express your creativity, even more, to learn about what’s best for your kitchen. This minimalist kitchen is just suitable for small apartments.

In this style, you just have to keep everything looking and feeling sleek. Choose slender and minimalist pulls to maximize the style. That high-glossy cabinets and the perfect lighting give an effect to open up the tight space that this kitchen has.

It’s a complete set of kitchen space. This concept is to have a special room for your cooking and dining. Although the room doesn’t feel cramped, it would be quite a challenge to keep this kind of room airy and comfortable for everyone.

7. Whitewashed Small Kitchen Idea

Whitewashed Small Kitchen Idea - pinterestcom
Whitewashed Small Kitchen Idea – pinterest.com

This kitchen looks so special. All elements of this kitchen are in white except the flooring and that stove. The choice of color is very important when dealing with limited space. White is the safest option of light color you could go with.

It’s easy to decide on choosing white as the main color of the kitchen. To avoid the kitchen being too bright, the wood flooring is installed. It becomes the highlight of this kitchen easily. You can add a little bit of accent by using marble tile as the backsplash.

8. Small Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas for Apartment

Small Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas for Apartment – pinimg.icu
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It’s another apartment kitchen idea that inspires many people. To follow the Nordic-style trends, this small Scandinavian kitchen idea will deliver. It’s designed with a cooking zone and a breakfast space altogether.

The combination of light wood and glossy white will look fantastic in your apartment. Adding the proper seating in your kitchen area will save some apartment’s space because you don’t need more furniture for dinner and breakfast.
Much furniture that goes well with your Scandinavian style is available at IKEA store.

9. Statement-Making Kitchen for Apartment

Statement-Making Kitchen for Apartment - worldecorco
Statement-Making Kitchen for Apartment – worldecor.co

Choose a bold color to make your kitchen special. Choosing this beautiful Tosca green color makes a significant impact on your open space. It sets the kitchen space apart from the dining room and living room.

That small station is quite comfortable to let your cooking flow well-managed. Add some interesting stools to serve or enjoy the meal right from the kitchen. This kitchen won’t be a waste of space since it’s efficiently and effectively small in size.

10. Seating Area beside the Kitchen

Seating Area beside the Kitchen - designlisticlecom
Seating Area beside the Kitchen – designlisticle.com

Dealing with limited space apartment, you’ve got to make every single space well-functioned. This kitchen is so cool and stunning. The grey scheme expresses the calmness you need around your kitchen.

The dining room and kitchen in this apartment are standing side by side. It could be an efficient concept because you can enjoy the meal in the dining room right after cooking. The dining room has many seating spaces combined with the modern wooden cabinet set in the kitchen.

11. Minimalist Glossy White Kitchen

Minimalist Glossy White Kitchen - crnmimarlikcom
Minimalist Glossy White Kitchen – crnmimarlik.com

This open plan kitchen looks stylish just by itself. You don’t have to add a kitchen island to provide more space on the floor. It’s a great kitchen design to apply to your small apartment. It will be standing side by side with the living room.

The glossy white cabinet and clean white counter brighten the atmosphere stunningly. The wood grain pattern on the floor adds a sense of nature all around the room. That curvy shape of the cabinet looks pretty cool.

12. Small Contemporary Kitchen

Small Contemporary Kitchen - salamsakhtemancom
Small Contemporary Kitchen – salamsakhteman.com

In small spaces like your apartment, every inch is very important. Such custom cabinetry with built-in appliances would give a nice flow to the entire kitchen design in a clean uninterrupted way. It’s a very nice kitchen that doesn’t need a lot of space to amaze.

In an apartment, you don’t need a large space for your cooking since you spend most of your time in the living room. Just keep the kitchen design functional enough according to your needs.

13. Tiny Kitchen Island Idea

Tiny Kitchen Island idea - pinterestcom
Tiny Kitchen Island idea – pinterest.com

If a kitchen island is something you need to get your cooking flow going well, this one could be a great solution. In such limited space, it would be better to get rid of an island and work on a counter instead.

However, a tiny kitchen island like this one doesn’t waste much space. You can add it to the center of your kitchen area. So, you can still have a complete set of the kitchen in such limited space in your apartment.

14. Apartment Kitchen Ideas with Living Room

Apartment Kitchen Ideas with Living Room - pinterestcom
Apartment Kitchen Ideas with Living Room – pinterest.com

A small open kitchen right beside the living room is the easy solution for your small apartment. Most apartments that have limited spaces apply this concept in the largest room.

As you can see, the kitchen area of this apartment space has a kitchen counter that doubles as a breakfast bar or dining table. So, there’s no need to waste more space for a dining table. Having it combined with kitchen counter is a space-saving solution you can apply easily.

The breakfast bar also works as a separation between the kitchen area and the living room. It doesn’t feel like you’re watching movies in your kitchen.

15. Tiny Royal Blue Kitchen

Tiny Royal Blue Kitchen - impressiveinteriordesigncom
Tiny Royal Blue Kitchen – impressiveinteriordesign.com

This is the kind of small kitchen that brightens the cooking space of your apartment. Compared with the rest of the space, that kitchen looks gorgeous by itself. This tiny minimalist kitchen features cabinets with a flat front in various shades of blue.

The blue shades are impressively applied stylishly. From this view, the kitchen is the only things that strike the eyes. It would be the first thing people would see when they enter the apartment for the first time. Make sure you manage the white color in the right proportion.


Overall, those apartment kitchen ideas are designed to fit in your limited spaces. Make sure you every inch of your apartment space is used properly. Always think about the function when dealing with limited space rooms.

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