Apartment Bedroom Ideas

Apartment Bedroom Ideas – If you live in an apartment and you don’t want to have the typical apartment bedroom, these apartment bedroom ideas will do the work for you. You’re going to have the bedroom of your dream in a blink of an eye.

The limited space you have in your apartment doesn’t matter as long as you get the comfort and privacy you need in the bedroom. Even though when you only have just one room with no walls to separate the bedroom, some of these ideas would be very helpful to solve that.

Must-See Apartment Bedroom Ideas

1. Studio Apartment’s Bedroom with Curtain

Studio Apartment’s Bedroom with Curtain - dirtotalcom
Studio Apartment’s Bedroom with Curtain – dirtotal.com

Curtains are the cheapest and easiest solution you can find to make a room divider in your studio apartment. It helps you conceal your queen-sized bed and the entire bedroom area. When you have guests coming around, you can still have your privacy in your bedroom.

In this very small room or apartment, you can still make it as comfortable as the larger apartment would feel. Add some natural touches with those cacti. That wall glass really gives this small apartment more air to breathe in.

2. Bookshelf Room Divider for Apartment Bedroom

Bookshelf Room Divider for Apartment Bedroom - hayneedlecom
Bookshelf Room Divider for Apartment Bedroom – hayneedle.com

It’s another stunning idea for the teeny-tiny apartment room. This idea shows you that you can still have a cozy space to sleep peacefully in the limited-space apartment like this one. You can work a room divider to separate the bedroom with the living room.

That bookshelf makes a great room divider in a cramped studio apartment. The space between books and decor items would let the light stream into the sleeping space. This adjustable bookcase doesn’t cost a lot of money.

3. Bohemian Bedroom Design for Apartment

Bohemian Bedroom Design for Apartment - pinterestcom
Bohemian Bedroom Design for Apartment – pinterest.com

Look at this uniquely stylish bedroom. The concept of this bedroom is perfect for a small bedroom for your apartment. It has a complete set of furniture with some statement-making decor; I’m talking about that antique light fixture on the ceiling’s corner.

Right beside the bed, the designer decided to have plants instead of a nightstand. It’s just a suitable idea for people who sleep alone. Therefore, you don’t need two nightstands and switch one of them with plants.

Plants will be very useful to help you clean the air inside the bedroom. Pairing it with windows in proper size would be even better.

4. Yellow Bedroom with Daybed Style

Yellow Bedroom with Daybed Style - apartmenttherapyinfo
Yellow Bedroom with Daybed Style – apartmenttherapy.info

In this picture, space is designed for taking a nap or it’s well-known as a daybed. Well, it’s still a comfortable space to sleep. Copy this design for your apartment bedroom. This daybed area features a compact bed frame, which is also great for doubling as seating or sofa.

From one unit, you can have a bed and a sofa. There are many daybed frames available on home improvement stores such as IKEA, Wayfair, and more. However, many daybeds are not suitable for bigger or taller people. Therefore, you have to consider that first.

5. Making Use Bed’s Foot Space

Making Use Bed’s Foot Space - apartmenttherapyinfo
Making Use Bed’s Foot Space – apartmenttherapy.info

Even in such a small bedroom’s space, you can still add something very useful like storage for books. Wood crates would make a perfect addition to your small bedroom. Instead of having an ordinary bookcase, this one doesn’t take a lot of space in your bedroom.

You will only lose about a foot of space at the space of your bed. The texture of crates adds a little bit of rustic, natural touch to the bedroom design.

6. Distressed Wood Headboard for the Bed

Distressed Wood Headboard for the Bed - pinterestcom
Distressed Wood Headboard for the Bed – pinterest.com

It’s an unusual way to lighten up your apartment bedroom. A touch of lightness doesn’t have to be always about the bright color and light. You can also lighten up the room with a rustic element light this headboard, which is made of distressed wood.

It really elevates the bed to the next level. This bedroom has the entire space in white, which becomes the privilege for the headboard making a great focal point for the room. It also helps dim the brightness a bit. It’s definitely another kind of “lightening up”.

7. Bedroom Ideas with Pastel Accents

Bedroom Ideas with Pastel Accents - nyde.couk
Bedroom Ideas with Pastel Accents – nyde.co.uk

Many people believe that their bedroom is their safe haven away from the world’s business. Bedrooms are the place where they can find their inner Zen. Therefore, you need to add ambiance that supports the Zen.

You can make it successful by having a pastel color palette to accentuate the whole bedroom space. Layer up the appearance of your bedroom with some pastel colors textures and fabrics. As a result, you can have the room depth and definition you need for your bedroom.

8. Low-slung Bed for Apartment

Low-slung Bed for Apartment - architecturaldigestcom
Low-slung Bed for Apartment – architecturaldigest.com

The small bedroom in your apartment won’t feel cramped anymore with this low-slung bed. This bed style can give the bedroom’s ceilings the appearance of height. Besides the bedroom, the furniture that is low to the ground would also work for the living room.

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The furniture design can make space airier because of the higher gap to the ceilings. Another thing you should do to your small bedroom is the give multiple layers from soft textiles like blankets, rugs, and bedding in order to create a coherent atmosphere.

9. Classic Pop-out Murphy Bed

Classic Pop-out Murphy Bed - katydidandkidcom
Classic Pop-out Murphy Bed – katydidandkid.com

We all agree that this idea is one old solution for a small and cramped space for your apartment. If you don’t want to think harder about the more complicated solutions, a pop-out bed always comes in handy. It’s guaranteed to be effectively saving a lot of space.

You can hide the entire bed inside the closed cabinet. It would be out of sight until the sleeping time. Therefore, you can use the space for yourself to enjoy while the bed is hidden.

10. Decorative Bedroom with Eclectic Patterns

Decorative Bedroom with Eclectic Patterns - shutterflycom
Decorative Bedroom with Eclectic Patterns – shutterfly.com

Having an attractive and decorative bedroom is fun for many people. They want to have a comfortable bedroom that’s also full of life. Look at this boho chic bedroom design. It would make a perfect main bedroom in your apartment.

The bedroom features some eclectic patterns and wall hangings. Those elements define the stylish look that you see from the picture. There are many textures and pops of color come from those elements. Some tropical touches like that indoor plant and pillow covers add life to the ambiance.

11. Window Curtain for Small Bedroom

Window Curtain for Small Bedroom - pinimgicu
Window Curtain for Small Bedroom – pinimg.icu

The bedroom window needs a curtain to provide privacy and style for space. Besides being a great room divider, curtains are meant to be for windows. For your apartment bedroom, curtains can make a great final addition to give the room a polished look.

It’s simple decor for your apartment bedroom. It adds more layers into the mix and makes the cramped bedroom more alive.

The concept of this bedroom is a white scheme with some natural wood grain accent. Instead of adding another brown color, another white would keep the brightness you need inside your small bedroom. The room would still be spacious in a comfortable way.

12. A Small Bed with Eye-catching Headboard

A Small Bed with Eye-catching Headboard - mysocalblogcom
A Small Bed with Eye-catching Headboard – mysocalblog.com

One way to decorate a small bedroom is to install an eye-catching headboard like this one. This upholstered headboard has such an attractive print. It becomes the focal point of the bedroom with a feminine, chic look.
Combine the green-colored headboard print with another pastel and neutral colors to layer up the color.

13. Wall Flowers in Apartment Bedroom

Wall Flowers in Apartment Bedroom - pinterestcom
Wall Flowers in Apartment Bedroom – pinterest.com

The wallflowers are the reason why this bedroom design becomes a part of this list. With a low-slung bed, this bedroom allows the window becomes the stunning headboard. The flowers make everything sweeter and sweeter.

From this point of view, flower decors are everywhere. The flowers also make the wall prettier and it’s like the frame for the window.

14. Neon Signs for Apartment Bedroom

Neon Signs for Apartment Bedroom - pinterestcom
Neon Signs for Apartment Bedroom – pinterest.com

Nowadays, this kind of decor is so popular in a college apartment bedroom. It would look so cool inside the bedroom especially when the lights are off. It’s an incredible way to create a fantastic ambiance during your sleeping time.

In this apartment bedroom, it’s a neon sign with the shape of a crescent moon. The neon lights really lighten up the surroundings. As you can see, it highlights the texture of the brick wall. Having this neon sign is like sleeping with the moon in reach.

If you look for more neon signs, you can explore various shapes according to your personal taste. You can buy the neon signs you like from online stores like Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, and IKEA.

15. Bedroom Decoration with String Lamps

Bedroom Decoration with String Lamps - apartmentlistcom
Bedroom Decoration with String Lamps – apartmentlist.com

Combining the multi-functional pieces inside the bedroom is one way to make the small bedroom of your apartment look larger. As you can see, the structure of this upholstered bed is equipped with storage spaces.

Under the bed, you can keep the floor out of the clutter. Above the headboard, there are some photos well arranged. The string lamps look industrial from this view. It’s a small and simple touch but it gives a big impact on the atmosphere.

16. College Apartment’s Bedroom Ideas with Paintings

College Apartment’s Bedroom Ideas with Paintings - pinterestcom
College Apartment’s Bedroom Ideas with Paintings – pinterest.com

Without a bed structure, you can still have an amazing bedroom for your apartment. It has furniture that is short and low to the ground. The height of the ceiling is higher which is why you have more space to colorize your wall.

It’s a beautiful way to cover up some scuffs and scrapes on the wall. It also adds more character of your small bedroom. The choice of artwork is very important to decide the theme and style of the bedroom.


After exploring all of those apartment bedroom ideas, you are all inspired. It’s time to remodel the bedroom as you want. Choose the idea that complements your way of life. Find out which one suits your style.

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